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Starting at Square Two


Being a stay-at-home Nana has been a joy 99.999% of the time.  I wasn’t able to stay home with my daughters when they were little, so it’s been amazing watching Baby C unfold from a tiny preemie to a big boy.  However, as triumphant as watching each milestone was, there was part of me that had to hugely adjust to being home with a baby all day.  After all, my daughter’s schedule as a resident physician can only be described as grueling.  Her 16 hour a day shifts, coupled with my son-in-law’s odd work hours, often left me watching him for much longer than a traditional work day. Things happened that I didn’t imagine.  Any sort of routine or self-care schedule that I’d established basically became non-existent. I became a greasy haired, yoga pants wearing woman, in an oversized spit up covered tee-shirt.  My food plan of five small high protein meals per day dissolved to grabbing whatever seemed semi-edible from my fridge or pantry  Exercise, beyond walking and bouncing a wailing baby, went out the window, as did, reading, blogging, hanging out with friends, crafting and most things that I’d used as a substitute for overeating.  I began speaking fluent Sesame Street  (not a bad thing) and forgot how to have an interesting conversation. Though my snuggle and love ratio increased, my weight management plan rolled out the door like a trashcan full of dirty diapers and I gained weight; 35 pounds to be exact.

I’d committed to watching Baby C his first year of life, however finding just the right daycare didn’t happen until he turned 18 months old.  As soon as he began his first week there, I scanned my closet for something non-grubby to wear and went directly to my weight management physician and to the weight management trainers at the wellness center. Last week, I entered a comprehensive weight maintenance program and yesterday my weigh-in revealed a 4.5 pound weight loss! I’m proud of making progress and even prouder that I’m catching myself before my weight spirals too out of control.  Having to lose 30.5 pounds sure seems more doable than my previous goal of nearly 100 pounds.  Fortunately, instead of starting at square one, I’ve glided on to square two!

Life is a constant recalibration to find the perfect balance. I’m still spending plenty of time with my awesome grandson, but it’s more quality than quantity.  I’m back to making glass art that’s more intricate than before. I’m back to having time to nurture my relationship with my husband and friends.  I’m also back to posting on WordPress and, oh-so-hopefully reconnecting with the wonderful friends I’ve made on here over the years!

So, friends, how have you been? 🙂 



blogging, Finding old friends, weight loss journal

Day 31: Reconnecting

Nothing feels better than a hug from an old friend! (Photo from Microsoft photo art)
Nothing feels better than a hug from an old friend! (Photo from Microsoft photo art)

Yesterday, I received an invitation to a 50th birthday party being given for one of my closest childhood friends, by her mother.  The phone number on the RSVP line was like a wormhole, whooshing me back in time to kindergarten.  At five years of age, it was the first friend’s number I’d ever memorized, and nearly forty-five years later it’s still the same.

Lately, reconnecting with old friends has become a big priority.  Now that free time has been granted to me, since my children are more independent, that forever yearning in my heart for lengthy phone conversations to catch up, hear old stories, and share giddy girlfriend laughter, begs to be answered.  Perhaps it’s my own impending half-century mark arriving in April, but I’ve been picking up the phone more, sending emails and snail mail, and letting more people back into my life.  I’ve been tossing aside my worries about what others will think of what I look like, or how they might judge my successes and failures, because none of that matters. We all get a little  more wrinkled and wiser and accepting as time goes by–and thank goodness for that!

Do you have old friends that you’d like to catch up with?  What’s keeping you from making the call?