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New Opportunities

Sometimes you’ve just gotta have red meat! This isn’t the meal I had yesterday, but it was a lovely meal nonetheless. (Photo by me)

This week has started with some new “opportunities.”  You’ll remember in my last post that I’m trying my best to approach any stumbling block in my weight control/management as an opportunity.  My lifelong friend asthma decided to make a sneak visit  three days ago.  I did my best to use albuterol to stave it off, but ended up at urgent care yesterday and am on a five-day burst of my arch-enemy, prednisone.  Old Pred, as I call it, does a lovely job of helping me to breathe, but does a horrible number on my appetite.  In other words, I’m starving!

I’ll admit that yesterday required something that I very rarely eat; a steak–a 6 once filet to be exact.  Once, or twice, a year I get hankering for a medium, grilled and well-seasoned filet.  Usually, when I’m particularly run down. So, for lunch I indulged on 3 ounces of steak along with a plain tossed salad and a few tablespoons of plain baked sweet potato.  I boxed the other 3 ounces, along with a small serving of sweet potato and had it for dinner with some raw cucumbers.  Today, I’ve managed to stay on track with my regular Optifast plan, though it has been tough!

The asthma has also left me unable to exercise for the past three days; yet another opportunity.  I’m not really great at sitting still or at staying indoors (the humidity and pollen count in my area are horrible), but I’ve managed to entertain myself with awesome Netflix and Amazon prime entertainment.  I finished up Ken Burn’s 2014 documentary on the Roosevelt’s; which was quite good.  Then I moved on to my guilty pleasure Ru Paul’s Drag race—I love me some Queens!

My next opportunity will be this Saturday when our neighborhood hosts an awesome block party with tons of food and treats.  We’ve been in our new neighborhood a year and so many new people have moved in.  It truly will be a great opportunity to meet everyone.  My plan is to eat before the event, keep a non-calorie beverage in my hand at all times to sip on, and concentrate on social connections rather than the food.  Did I mention that I’m slated to make cupcakes for this event?  I’m so tempted to get them from the bakery so I don’t have to smell them baking!

Tomorrow, I’m back for a check-up and hopefully, I can hit the gym afterwards since it’s a stone’s throw from my doctor’s office.  I’ll be the one in the waiting room in workout clothes!

How’s everyone doing?  Any “opportunities” in your upcoming week?



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Starting at Square Two


Being a stay-at-home Nana has been a joy 99.999% of the time.  I wasn’t able to stay home with my daughters when they were little, so it’s been amazing watching Baby C unfold from a tiny preemie to a big boy.  However, as triumphant as watching each milestone was, there was part of me that had to hugely adjust to being home with a baby all day.  After all, my daughter’s schedule as a resident physician can only be described as grueling.  Her 16 hour a day shifts, coupled with my son-in-law’s odd work hours, often left me watching him for much longer than a traditional work day. Things happened that I didn’t imagine.  Any sort of routine or self-care schedule that I’d established basically became non-existent. I became a greasy haired, yoga pants wearing woman, in an oversized spit up covered tee-shirt.  My food plan of five small high protein meals per day dissolved to grabbing whatever seemed semi-edible from my fridge or pantry  Exercise, beyond walking and bouncing a wailing baby, went out the window, as did, reading, blogging, hanging out with friends, crafting and most things that I’d used as a substitute for overeating.  I began speaking fluent Sesame Street  (not a bad thing) and forgot how to have an interesting conversation. Though my snuggle and love ratio increased, my weight management plan rolled out the door like a trashcan full of dirty diapers and I gained weight; 35 pounds to be exact.

I’d committed to watching Baby C his first year of life, however finding just the right daycare didn’t happen until he turned 18 months old.  As soon as he began his first week there, I scanned my closet for something non-grubby to wear and went directly to my weight management physician and to the weight management trainers at the wellness center. Last week, I entered a comprehensive weight maintenance program and yesterday my weigh-in revealed a 4.5 pound weight loss! I’m proud of making progress and even prouder that I’m catching myself before my weight spirals too out of control.  Having to lose 30.5 pounds sure seems more doable than my previous goal of nearly 100 pounds.  Fortunately, instead of starting at square one, I’ve glided on to square two!

Life is a constant recalibration to find the perfect balance. I’m still spending plenty of time with my awesome grandson, but it’s more quality than quantity.  I’m back to making glass art that’s more intricate than before. I’m back to having time to nurture my relationship with my husband and friends.  I’m also back to posting on WordPress and, oh-so-hopefully reconnecting with the wonderful friends I’ve made on here over the years!

So, friends, how have you been? 🙂 



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Girl’s Night Out; Optifast Style!


Not us, but close!  I haven't loaded my pics yet!  (Photo by Alamy)
Not us, but close! I haven’t loaded my pics yet! (Photo by Alamy)

One thing I’ve been avoiding during my stint on Optifast has been going out.  This has been especially difficult considering the fact that my best friend and her partner own an event house that hosts many wonderful monthly activities.  Friday night was their first “Girls Night Out,” an occasion featuring summer cocktail and hors d’ oeuvres tutorials from their Iron Chef, a photo booth with props, and a slammin’ DJ playing all the latest hits. Since this was the brainchild of my bestie, she was really worried about it being a success.

My oldest and I got there early and were honored to be her guests for the night. As the doors opened at 6:30 my friend’s fears were quickly dispelled.  The house was at full capacity in no time. Normally, the thought of crispy, sweet and savory appetizers and fruity drinks would be the main focus of my evening, however, I’d prepared myself. Before arriving, I’d had a lovely salad and a veggie burger to fill me up, but I’d also reserved the calories of one shake and a fruit and vegetable serving for my evening out.  This worked out perfectly, and allowed me to sample a few healthy, bite-sized fruit, vegetable, and protein hors d’ oeuvres without feeling guilty. Though there were some amazing cocktails served, my friend made sure that there were plenty of frosty carafes of ice water available to me and other non-drinking guests.

Besides several hours of incredibly awesome, calorie-burning dancing, a very special part of the evening was the connections that we made with other women.  Even we extroverts often have difficulty in meeting new people and making new friends due to our particular stations in life.  It was lovely to meet other women my age, younger, and older who were eager to get out for a bit and make connections.

My daughter and I met a wonderfully interesting woman who has spent her life as an international healthcare provider.  Though most of her career has been spent in African countries, she’s now helping children in the US.  She was the awesomely energetic, fit type who could tear up the dance floor at 70 years of age with moves just as savvy as any 20 something hottie.  I truly want to be like her when I’m 70!  We’ve already made plans to sit together at the next event.

Aside from seeing that I can easily attend a social function that includes creatively fun finger foods and seasonal cocktails, without going calorically wild, I also realized how much we girls need to get out of the house every once in a while and let our hair down.


Tell me girls, and guys, do you get out enough?  Do you feel like you make enough meaningful connections with people of your own gender?  Do you have any great girls, or guys, night out activity ideas?