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Diving in the Deep End of Life

Howdy, blogging buddies!!  I’ve clearly been MIA  for quite a while now.  I’m certain that it’s because I’m still struggling to create that imperfectly perfect life balance of family, career, school, fitness, etc.!  Way, way back in December I mentioned  two of my New Years’ resolutions; connect on a deeper level with friends and find a fulfilling career.  My weight loss experience definitely taught me the power of being a doer as well as a dreamer.  Imagining and visualizing your success is extremely important, but at some point the imagination can only go so far before the body has to dive in, head and heart first, to make things happen.  I’ve been quite busy diving in the deep end of life, because that tends to be where all the good stuff happens.  (Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be allowed to swim in that mystical area beyond the ropes?)

My dive began in January when my husband and I began making an effort to become more social.  Instead  of casually talking about places and events that we might go to and do in the future, we just started going and doing.  In addition to making new friends, I’ve recommitted to getting together more with dear, old friends. There’s a richness in friendship that I’d forgotten just how much I’d needed.

I haven’t been letting my career goals flounder in the shallow end either. Knowing that I need to brush up on my Excel skills, I’m taking a class at a local college. The assignments are lengthy, but it feels great to exercise my brain (and yes, I do have homework that I should be doing instead of blogging).  I’ve also been making some great connections in the world of PR and marketing, as well as doing some volunteer work in that area that can offer me some credible references. I’m confident that when I’m ready, the right position will come my way.

My fitness level and weight are doing well. I’m continuing to hover around 132 pounds and am still following the basic high protein, lower carb eating plan that my dietician recommends. I’m making it to the gym about twice a week, but I’ve found a plethora of activities to do on my own that are keeping me fit; hiking, treadmill, yard work, swimming, etc.   I mostly visit the gym to make sure I do a thorough weight routine twice a week. I feel like I’ve found a healthy balance.

My family is continuing to thrive! My oldest daughter graduates from med school at the end of this month and she and her hubby are expecting their first child. (I’m going to be a Nana!!) My youngest is finding ongoing success at her job, and her fiancé just landed a wonderful position as a documentarian, editor, etc. in his field (perhaps wedding bells are in their future).   We’re all heading to the beach after my daughter’s graduation. So, basically, it’s all cool in our pool!

I need to swim on over to my study area and get to work and then head to the gym. I hope everyone is doing well. I plan to peruse some much missed blogs soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I’d Fight a Zombie for You


Last year, on December 16th, I attended an informational meeting about Optifast at our hospital’s bariatric center.  I was nearly 230 pounds and physically miserable.  My health was on a downward spiral of pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, and limited mobility.   My spirit was in even worse shape.  In fact, shortly before my first bariatric visit, a silly family conversation about the Zombie Apocalypse* turned pretty serious as each family member was discussing their special skill in defeating the undead.  My husband’s years in the Army have given him amazing survival skills, coupled with a sniper-like aim with any weapon available.  My younger daughter is super fast, fearless, and strong. Her fiancé is resourceful and also an expert in survival and weaponry.  My oldest daughter is cunning, has expert medical skills, and extremely resilient, and her husband is wily, quick and strong.  After talking out a few scenarios that slayed more than a slew of zombies, my family turned to me,

“What would you do Mom?” my oldest asked.

“I’m fat,”  I replied, “I’d be your diversion.”

With that, their happy conversation ceased and I spent the next hour, promising them that I would get healthy.

Fast forward to yesterday.  My oldest I were happily dancing around the kitchen to holiday music with a few twerking songs thrown in, when she reminded me of last year’s Zombie Apocalypse conversation.

“What would you do now, Mom?” she questioned **

I answered with a high, karate-style kick that finished just inches from her head.

“I’d kick their asses!,” I replied with a smile.

With just one year of extremely hard work, I’ve gone from a Zombie’s holiday meal, to the undead’s worst enemy.  I’m nearly 100 pounds lighter, am no longer pre-diabetic, no longer have sleep apnea, depression, or high blood pressure.  My asthma medication has been cut in half, and I’m physically fit. I’ve met new, wonderful people through my gym and this blog.  I don’t fear life anymore, and I’m certainly not afraid of a few zombies!

I feel so immensely blessed this wonderful holiday season. I’m thankful for the love of my friends and family, for my health, and for all of the caring, sweet people that I’ve met here on WordPress.  I feel like I know all of you as friends and wish you all the happiest and healthiest of holidays! ❤ ❤ ❤


*Something that people who have years of advanced education tend to do, along with lengthy discussions of Star Wars, Star Trek, and other various super cool subjects!

**Once again, her extreme coolness coming out.


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Zen and the Art of Octane Acquisition

Oh, glorious Octane, coveted above all other machines, I praise and glorify your calorie burning abilities!
Oh, glorious Octane, coveted above all other machines, I praise and glorify your calorie burning abilities!

I’ve written previously of my love for the Octane machine at the gym. (Who wouldn’t love a machine that can burn a day’s worth of calories in an hour?)  I’ve also mentioned a time, or two, that it is the most coveted machine in all of

the Wellness Center kingdom. I’ve, additionally, written about “Grumpy Guy,” who likens himself Prince Joffrey* from the realm of Octane.  Every, single, freakin’ time I hit the gym “Joffrey” and his band of merry Octane hogs seem to be occupying my favorite machine.

Yesterday, I tried a brand new technique.  Instead of worrying and having a dumpy, yet aggressive, disposition about getting “my” Octane, I tried to concentrate on the other machines and exercises that I could do if they were occupied.  I could use the treadmill, the elliptical, or I could simply run the track.

When I walked past the floor to the locker room,  all of the Octanes were being used,

The Octane that you seek will forever be mine!!
The Octane that you seek will forever be mine!!

as I’d imagined.  However, I kept my chill attitude.  It was no big deal, there were other things I could do.  I changed into my workout gear, strapped on my iPod and found my favorite play list.  I took my time putting my gym bag and street clothes away, and then sauntered out to the floor.  Low and behold, there was an empty Octane just waiting for me

Keeping my cool worked for acquiring my favorite machine.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier!

We don't acquire the Octane.  The Octane acquires us.
We don’t acquire the Octane. The Octane acquires us.


*This is a Game of Thrones reference.  I watched two episodes with my husband yesterday.  I seem to be the only person on the planet who doesn’t love it.

Happiest of Sundays, everyone! 🙂

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Just Keep Moving and Smiling

See how they're all bending left?  I'd most likely be the one bending right!
See how they’re all bending left? I’d most likely be the one bending right!

In spite of the craziness of Daylight Saving Time, I woke up stoked, pumped, ready for action, and on a mission.  I was told by my trainer that the early morning pool cardio class gets filled up quickly, so I knew I had to be there early.  I saw the husband and kids off to work and then I did my five-minute beauty routine, which consists of brushing my teeth, washing my face, and combing my hair briefly with my fingers.  I grabbed my gym bag, that I’d prepared the night before, and headed down the road to the wellness center.

The parking lot was a madhouse of feisty little old ladies and high stepping  gentlemen beating feet to the front doors.  I politely let them through and then power walked to the front desk.  Victory was mine!  There was still space in the class!

I hit the locker room and found the most secluded place I could, a shower stall, to don my bathing suit. There’s still something about showing my goods in the locker room that brings back horrid memories of  middle school gym class.

Suit on, I made my way to the luxuriously  warm therapy pool with the rest of my classmates. ( I liken the therapy pool to a Jacuzzi about the size of my house.) It’s soon obvious that I’m the youngest in the class.  I introduce myself to the lady beside of me.  Her name is Kim and she assures me that the class isn’t too hard. She’s also nice enough to  warn me to watch out for a few of the older gentlemen in the class, because, according to her, they’re mostly  there to watch the bouncing breasts as we all jog.   I pull up the top of my bathing suit even further, as our instructor pumps up the music, ready to start the class.

For a girl who’s sometimes stumped by figuring out left and right, I didn’t do too badly–in the beginning, but then, the tempo of the music increased, and the little old ladies were sort of  kicking my butt!  I went forward when I should have gone back, left when I should have moved right, and I always seemed to be a beat behind the lovely white-haired lady in front of me.  The good news is, I kept moving, and smiling.  The pool water felt great and it was wonderful to be among people all trying to keep their bodies healthy. I soon realized that comparing myself to others was a fruitless venture. I’m probably always going to be a little clumsy and may possibly never turn left completely on beat, but that doesn’t mean I can’t one day be as physically fit as that cute white-haired lady that was kicking up waves front of me!

What’s something that you’d like to become better at?