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Monday’s Musical Musings

I love music and can’t go through the day without taking the time to listen to it.  In spite of my affection for a wide range of genres, musically, I have no clear-cut talent, other than making a decent workout playlist, or dance mix for a party.

I had four, long, years of piano lessons, but can now only play the first few measures of Fur Elise and another song called Swans on a Lake, from my old John Thompson music primer.  My singing voice is mediocre after eight years of voice lessons from high school throughout college. Even though I managed to snag several handfuls of roles in my school’s musicals, the songs I performed were mostly campy numbers that were sung with more affectation than vocal prowess.

Oddly, I’ve always had excellent musicians around me.  My brother is a gifted pianist and vocalist.  My husband is an amazing guitar player and singer.  My eldest daughter plays several instruments with mastery, and both of my daughters have angelic singing voices and perfect pitch. Time and again, I’ve come to the realization that if our family suddenly had the chance to audition for American Idol, that I would be the one left without a “golden ticket” to Hollywood.  But, hey, that’s alright with me.  I still have a great time singing slightly off-key with my iPod and belting out tunes in my car with nearly as much enthusiasm and emotion as any Grammy winner.

Here are a few tunes that have been stuck in my head lately:


How about all of you?  What songs are stuck in your head lately?  Please, feel free to share them and have a great day! 🙂




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Friday Fun and other Ramblings

An awesomely fun game!  (Photo from Amazon)
An awesomely fun game! (Photo from Amazon)

Hooray!  It’s Friday; the most deliciously awesome day of the week!  Almost all of my immediate family will be here for this three-day weekend and I’m super excited.  Tonight, friends are coming over for a game night and we’ll most likely laugh ourselves silly playing Cards Against Humanity, The Game of Things, and Quelf.  (These are quite possibly the three best games ever invented if you’re looking for some game night fun for the adult crowd).

We’re ordering pizza for tonight (now a rarity in our home) and I’ve saved up calories to get a child-sized pizza, with very little cheese, just for me. (Woo Hoo!)  We’ll have other healthy snacks; veggies, fruit, popcorn, and plenty of flavored seltzer water.  It’s going to be a great evening!

In other rambling news, a huge tree fell on my husband’s car while he was driving home from work yesterday.  Thankfully, he was thinking fast and was able to gun the gas pedal and get out from under it before it made full impact.  Unfortunately, it made enough impact to dent the frame by the driver’s side and scratch things up here and there.  I could absolutely care less about the car and was just so thankful that my husband arrived home safely.  I couldn’t stop hugging him last night and can’t wait for him to get home this evening safely.

Speaking of last night… I was exhausted from my week of exercise, so I spent the evening resting

The Gypsy Sisters looking good!  (Photo from TLC-Click on Photo for show info.)
The Gypsy Sisters looking good! (Photo from TLC-Click on Photo for show info.)

my screamingly tight muscles and catching up on my trash television.  I’m not as much of a TV watcher as I used to be, but when I watch I like to fill my brain with the worst garbage out there.  (Better than filling my stomach with garbage like I used to!)  Right now, my number one guilty trash TV pleasure is TLC’s Gypsy Sisters.  This show has it all; a family of wild, Romanichal (Rumney [sic]) Gypsy women who sometimes drink, have crazy fights, and get into all kinds of mischief that I’d never dream of getting into.  The most appealing part of this show is that it’s filmed all around the area that I live in.  It’s pretty wild to turn on a major cable network and see all of your own familiar places.  We occasionally see these women when we’re out shopping. I even got to witness them going off on the manager at our local Michael’s Arts and Crafts store, because he wouldn’t give them cash for a “return (?)” that they brought in without a receipt. I’ve never approached them.  Remember that girl in school who would kick your ass if you looked at her funny?  I’m pretty sure these women were that girl!  I don’t know what it is about my own personal make up that makes trash television so appealing to me.  Perhaps it’s watching people do things that I’d never do, but I sure do love it, and Gypsy Sisters totally meets all of my trash TV needs!

That’s what’s been going on in my world; what are your weekend plans?  I hope you have a great one! 🙂


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Monthly Weigh-In and Other Monthly Things

This is what my hunger feels like, but I DON'T have to listen to this nasty green guy!
This is what my hunger feels like, but I DON’T have to listen to this nasty green guy!

I had my monthly weigh-in with the bariatric doctor yesterday.  This month I’ve lost a total of 5.5 pounds.  I’m getting very close to my original goal; so close that I’m actually only one pound away!  However, I’d like to lose a total of six pounds to be at 140.  These last pounds are dissolving pretty slowly, but the good news is that I have all the time in the world to get rid of them.

In other news, I’m really struggling with hunger this week.  It’s right before my period (sorry for the TMI, guys)  and I feel like I want to devour everything in sight. I had to grocery shop today, and I almost began crying in the car on the way home, knowing that I had to make dinner for my family.  Sometimes I feel like an alcoholic sentenced to a life of bartending when it comes to being around and preparing food.  Luckily, my oldest daughter pitched in and helped me by doing the side dishes while I grilled chicken.  On days like today, I feel like the only way I can control my desire for copious amounts of food is to have only the blandest items in my house, and to only cook for myself–not the most realistic of solutions.

Though I’m fantastically happy with my healthier body and lifestyle, yesterday was just one of those days that I wanted to sit on the sofa with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a bag of chips while watching trash television.  Today, I’m proud that I didn’t give in to yesterday’s desires.  I worked out at for 90 minutes and made healthy food choices.  I’m slowly learning that I don’t have to give in to my cravings and desires, but I also don’t have to stifle them. Feelings are there for a reason and slathering them with poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle won’t make them go away.  I’m equally proud of myself for asking for help yesterday, and proud of my daughter and son-in-law for happily giving it to me.  At 50, I think it’s time that I learn to ask for help when I need it, rather than always attempting to be general manager of the universe!  The one craving that I did succumb to yesterday was the trash TV.  However, I drank plain mint tea as I watched the inane antics of the girls on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. At least my love of television garbage is a calorie-free vice!

How do you deal with cravings?  Do you feel accomplished at asking for what you need?  Tell me about it. 🙂

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My Long, Tenuous Break-up with True Blood

For those who still care, this post may contain a few  Twilight and True Blood spoilers.


Is it time to bury the coffins and say goodbye to the Bon Temps gang? (Photo from
Is it time to bury the coffins and say goodbye to the Bon Temps gang? (Photo from


I have to confess that fell victim to the vampire craze.  Despite having more middle-aged knowledge of Ann Taylor than Anne Rice, I plunged right into the deep end when my late-teen daughters insisted that I read Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight Series. I, too, became mildly captivated with Bella and Edward’s unconventional love affair.  From their first meeting in biology (or whatever class that was) to their marriage, parenthood, and Bella’s journey into humane blood sucking, I was there. After all, who doesn’t like to contemplate the slippery slope of loving something that could accidentally kill you?  Who could resist a creature that captivates every essence of what’s awesome about having senses?  They smell good, sound good, look good, and apparently, some sparkle.  Can Frankenstein’s monster do that for you?  How about a rotting zombie?   Let’s face it, in spite of cute little Taylor Lautner’s decent performance as Jacob, you know he’s going to smell something like a wet dog in the sack.  Vampires rule in the supernatural romance realm–they just do.

A few years later, during a mother-daughter beach week, my adult daughter introduced me to Charlaine Harris’Southern Vampire Series, True Blood.  These short novels were perfect for under-the-umbrella, feet-in-the-sand, light reading.  I likened them to a supernatural Harlequin Romance Series–not that I’d ever actually admit (out loud) to stooping to the low readability level of a Harlequin Romance to know.

After the beach week, I continued to indulge in Harris’ series.  The love/lust story between Bill and Sookie and, eventually, Eric and Sookie, captivated me–so much so, that after reading the sixth book in the series, and having to wait an entire year for the seventh to be finished, I wrote my own in the interim.  Two hundred twelve pages of plot twists and love scenes featuring Eric and Sookie; after all, once you’ve enter the super-sized nerdom of writing fan fiction, it’s your world, squirrel. My few friends that I shared it with, admitted that not only had I captured Harris’ style, but I’d penned the love story that they, too, were hoping for.

My fascination of vampire/human relationships was heightened when our cable company offered a free promotional week of premium channels.  With the world of HBO being my oyster, I quickly used our On Demand feature to seek out the True Blood series.  There they were, big as life on my 47 inch; Bill, Sookie, Eric, and the gang, doing all of the things I’d read about, and more. Producer, Allen Ball, had been given the rights to the plot and characters  and created his own version of life in Bon Temps that veered from the books. Viking-like actor, Alexander Skarsgard, brought Eric to life, and cute little Anna Paquin proved to be the perfect Sookie.  By the end of the week, I’d caught up on three seasons and signed up for HBO to enjoy a fourth.

Unfortunately, that fourth season is where True Blood and I began to realize that the licking flames of our whirlwind romance were tempering to a slow burn–much like a charcoal grill a few hours after the marshmallows have been roasted. and the graham crackers and chocolate have been put away.  Once the witch’s spell was broken, and Eric regained his memory, his relationship with Sookie plunged downhill and I lost interest.

Though I’ve continued to watch, I can’t recall many plot details of seasons five or six.  Things began to get beyond ridiculous with the birth of “Bill-lith” and when Eric burst into flames in the season six finale, I hardly rolled my eyes.

Yet, last night, I tuned in to the first episode of True Blood’s seventh and final season.  Completely un-captivated by the cold open, that usually hooks most viewers, I had to ask my husband for a recap because I was picking at a mosquito bite. The rest of the hour was spent texting my best friend and glancing at the screen periodically.  I’ve discovered that True Blood has become a tired, old hooker who should have hung up her heels and hopped a city bus to the nearest clinic for VD testing, STAT. 

Though True Blood’s vamps no longer hold a place of esteem, or possibly even respect, in my fantasies, I’ll be sticking it out for season seven.  I’m a finisher, a hoper, a dreamer and a believer that all things are possible.  Perhaps, I’m conscious in the dimension where Eric is found, and he and Sookie find a way to make a go of their unconventional pairing.  If not, I’ll be there to offer that spent, old hooker a ride to the clinic.

Are you watching True Blood this season?  Are you loving it, or feeling “meh?”