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Can’t Turn Down this Prompt For What

Today’s Daily Prompt made me smile: We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

A certain song has been in my head for months.  This chronic ear worm is the first song on my workout playlist, and a song that even my husband can’t deny shaking his cute little booty to.  This wondrous little ditty is none other than DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon’s Turn Down for What. Here’s the music video, though knowing VEVO you’ll probably be redirected to YouTube to view it.

The lyrics are especially enlightening and must have taken literally minutes to come up with:

Fire up your loud
Another round of shots

Turn down for what
Turn down for what
Turn down for what
Turn down for what
Turn down for what

Fire up your loud
Another round of shots

Turn down for what
Turn down for what
Turn down for what
Turn down for what
Turn down for what

Fire up your loud
‘nother round of shots
Fire up your loud
‘nother round of shots
Fire up your loud
‘nother round of shots
Fire up your loud
‘nother round of shots

Turn down for what
Turn down for what
Turn down for what

(Lyrics courtesy of Metro Lyrics)

My attraction to this song is definitely its mad beat that’s perfect for firing me up during a workout.  In fact, I feel like I owe DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon a debt of gratitude for at least 10% of the weight I’ve lost over these past seven months.

The biggest mystery to me was the meaning of this delightful tune, so I conducted a Google search and was pleasantly surprised that uncovering this mystery was as simple as clicking on an Urban Dictionary link. I’d like to thank the formerly unknown Blair Waldourf for volunteering this riveting definition of the phrase Turn Down for What:

“rhetorical question used by teenagers. “turn up” is the act of getting drunk and high and being reckless so “turn down” would mean sobering up. turn down for what is really saying i am fucked up and will continue to be all night no matter what. the only appropriate answer to this question would be “nothing”

Johnny: turn down for what ?!
Ben: The cops and my dad.
Johnny: You’re a pussy! TURN DOWN FOR NOTHING
by Blair Waldourf October 14, 2013

Since I’m fairly straight-edged and have maybe a few glasses of wine per year and do zero drugs (other than my prescribed asthma meds) the meaning behind the song is rather lost on me.  However, this song wins as my Summer 2014 anthem and the song I’ll most remember during my weight loss. Because of this, I’ve given Turn Down for What  my own meaning.  When I’m listening to it during a workout, its beat tells me to keep going, to not give up–no matter how loudly my muscles are screaming for a break. So come on blogging buddies “Fire up your loud, ‘nother round of shots!” Let’s get moving!!

What song gets you pumped up and ready to work out?


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Whatcha eating?… I mean who’s playing?


What's at your concession stand?  (Logo taken from Wikipedia)
What’s at your concession stand? (Logo taken from Wikipedia)

Sports have never been a big part of my life. However, in my youth there were two things that would make me say yes to a well-timed invitation to a game.  The first was the social aspect of it.  As a true extrovert, I loved being immersed in a crowd and reveled in the electric connection of it.  It was inevitable that there would be others near me in the group happy to chat about anything  other than the action on the field. There would also be people happily engaging in my other sports associated love, and an indicator of my future food addiction,  the concession stand.  Though, I didn’t even tip the scales at 100 pounds as a teen, I probably enjoyed a defensive lineman’s portion of concessions and still equate ANY sporting event with the food served there.

Raised in a nearly sugar-free, organic household, the opportunity to indulge, and over-indulge, in field-side treats like hot

Don't hate me because I'm such a sweet fashion statement. (Photo courtesy of
Don’t hate me because I’m such a sweet fashion statement. (Photo courtesy of

dogs, burgers, nachos, and pizza, filled me with giddy glee. All of this fatty delights were washed down with a healthy, or perhaps not so healthy, bottle of strawberry, orange, grape, or cream soda, from the local bottling company right in my town.  After a super-sized entrée, it was time for dessert.  Jumbo Pixie Stix in grape, cherry, or lime filled me with just enough sugar to bound back to the line for more.  Reese’s Cups, Mallow Cups, banana taffy, cinnamon lollipops, and fireballs would be my next  I’d also adorn myself in the occasional candy necklace.  For those of you who have never indulged in such a decoration, as an adult I’d tell you you’re really not missing out on much, but as a teen this creation that featured sugar beads on an elastic string, was candy and fashion nirvana.

The majority of my refreshment stand escapades were completed at my local high school’s football field or baseball diamond. However, once a season my father would load my brother and I in his truck and travel to nearby Baltimore to watch his beloved Orioles play.  My brother would don his black and orange cap and jersey and empty his piggy bank to purchase pennants and t-shirts.  I’d empty my own porcine money keeper and put on my loose-waisted eating shorts. Once there my brother would concentrate on catching foul balls with his well-worn Little League mitt. I, as usual, had little concern over the

Smells like pizza!  I guess he is sort of cute, too. (Photo courtesy of Topps)
Smells like pizza! I guess he is sort of cute, too. (Photo courtesy of Topps)

playing skills of Brooks Robinson or Boog Powell. My eye was on a different aspect of the game. With our diet not being a major concern of my father’s, I hit up the concessions for cheesy pizza slices bigger than my head and gigantic Coca-colas, disproving my mother’s theory that Coke’s only use was medicinal.

As I grew into still svelte womanhood, I still associated sports with food.  One college weekend when I participated in an event that required my spending time with Cal Ripken, Jr., back when he still had hair. My friends enviously wanted every detail of what he was like.  I remember him as being very engaging and nice, however, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to craving cheese pizza and a super-sized Coke the entire weekend.

Though I’m not much of a sports watcher, I’m delighted to see so much coverage of the World Cup on American television.  My husband and I both have friends and coworkers who have immigrated from countries where soccer/football is their most popular sport.  While I smile at our country becoming more inclusionary in its athletic coverage, I also must admit to finding delight in the pondering of what all of those mighty soccer fans may be ordering at the concession stand!

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Longer Days Mean More Fun

Today’s Summer Solstice marks the advent of my favorite season, and I greedily bask in the extra hours of daylight offered by Mother Nature this time of year.  I assure you it’s not just my sixteen year stint as a teacher, with glorious plans for three months off, that makes me love this time of year. It’s a complex plethora of sun-glassed, Coppertone scented, watermelon stained, wet-bathing suited, grill smoked, play-till-you’re- exhausted reasons that summer is my favorite season.

In childhood longer summer days meant:

  • Bare feet or sandals:  As soon as winter withdrew its hideous head, I would begin my long stretch of annoying my mother for the supreme privilege of releasing my confined piggies from their prison of Stride Rites.  Nothing, and I really truly mean nothing felt better than that first moment of cool grass tickling my winter worn feet.
  • Babysitter torture: My brother and I are both blessed with ADHD, which makes us energetic, intelligent, creative, and slightly noisy.  We were your typical babysitter’s nightmare.  However, after going through quite a few summer sitters, my working mom, finally hired Cindy.  She taught us every card game known to man and seemed to find us equally entertaining.
  • Best friends: Summer was the time of weekend sleepovers, day trips to museums, zoos, and other attractions.  Most often, my brother and I were allow to bring a friend or two.
  • Swimming: I spent hours upon hours in the deep end, until the purple dusk enveloped me and mosquitos swarmed.

When my children were young the longer days were:

  • Sleeping in until at least 8 am: No 5:45 am alarm,  No little girls fighting to sleep a little longer.  No force hair brushings or messy ponytails.  No “take one more bite of oatmeal.”  Just sweet, sweet, wonderful uninterrupted morning slumber.
  • Daily visits to the park: With no yard at our apartment complex part of our summer day routine was the park.  Friends to play with; monkey bars to climb; swings inviting us to reach the treetops; other moms to chat with; these were all found within the wrought iron gates of our tree-lined park.
  • Crafting: Money was tight, but we were creative.  Fabric paint and buttons made old t-shirts new fashion statements.  Everything from embroidery, to painting, to making bouncy rubber band balls filled rainy summer afternoons, or days too hot for little girls.
  • Reading:  My fondest memories are those of two freshly washed, sleepy faces beside of mine as we read together Heidi, Pippi Longstocking, Harry Potter, Mrs. Pigglewiggle and so many more beloved stories.  There was no set bedtime, but by sunset, I always  carried two sleepy, worn-out girls to their own beds.

Now, longer summer days:

  • Never seem long enough: Perhaps I over plan, but I seem to be happily busy with something from dawn to dusk. I always settle into my bed at night wishing for a few more hours to enjoy the glory of being awake and alive.
  • Are filled with extra love: From the morning snuggles to the goodbye kiss from my husband, to the time spent with my daughters, and friends.  I feel so completely encapsulated in the good people around me that it’s hard not to be joyful.
  • Still mean crafting: I always seem to find something new to get into; needle felting, painting, jewelry making, glass cutting and resin projects fill my time.  Today I plan to cut some glass rings (from bottles) for my window hanging projects.
  • Healthy living and more exercise: From fresh summer fruit and vegetables , to long swims and walks.  My summer days keep me healthy and active.
  • Mean more fun, happiness, and splendor: Because I’m pretty sure that’s what summer was designed for! 🙂

Does my love of summer days make me dread the inevitable setting sun?   Nope, who could ever be disappointed in this:

Sunset over Currituck Sound (Photo by me)
Sunset over Currituck Sound (Photo by me)



What’s your favorite season?  What’s your favorite summer activity?

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Odds Are, or A Dream for Your Dollar


Today’s post is inspired by the daily prompt:

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?


My family is very small, and I’ve done a pretty good job of tracing my ancestry as far back as the 1870s, so I’m pretty certain that no dead aunt is going to suddenly pop into my life. I do have another investment strategy, with even less likely odds, and it’s name is Powerball.

Every once in a great while,when the jackpot is super high, my husband and I will break down and buy one solitary Powerball lottery ticket.  I’ve witnessed people buying $100 worth, or more, foolishly unaware that their odds haven’t increased and that they’ve just wasted $99 that could have been spent on their electric bill, or new shoes for their kids. In fact, according to an article on The Daily Beast, odds are much greater that I could get struck by lightning, die of a flesh-eating bacteria, or get hit by a meteor during the asteroid apocalypse, than win the lottery.

I enter into my one dollar investment with full disclosure that my portfolio is likely to yield a big, old, goose egg of a return.  However, secure in the fact that someone will likely win, there’s a small, dim glimmer of hope that it could be us.  So, from the time that I hand over my buck to the cashier at my local 7-11 to the hour that I check the winning numbers, my mind will drift to the possibility of hitting the big one for hundreds of millions of dollars. My husband and I agree that we’re buying ourselves a little chunk of daydreaming time for our dollar.

The best part of hitting the jackpot would be paying of all of our various debts.  Then with a clean slate, we’d pay off my daughter’s medical school loans and set up all three of our kids in their dream homes and put plenty of money in their bank accounts, so they would only work if they wanted to.

Next, I would hook up my best friend; pay off her house and debts and hire a cook and driver for her–because she is unable to use a stove or drive with her head injury.  I’d also set up a trust and a financial manager for her.

There are three ladies who were a tremendous help to me, long ago, when my first husband left me and took our only car.  These three friends drove me back and forth to work (we worked at the same school) and refused my gas money offerings. One even anonymously gave me a gift card for winter coats for my daughters and me that year (she denies it, but I know it was her).  These ladies would get brand new cars with unlimited gas cards, and would never have to work again.

In terms of charitable work, I’d love to set up a compassionate care foundation to help those unable to pay for medical, or other needs. This would especially include the mentally ill, single parents, and the elderly.

Lastly, my husband and I would give our current house to a needy family, and then move to a luxury beach house with a gym and a heated indoor/outdoor pool.  I’d also hire a personal trainer to visit our home five times per week, and a chef to cook healthy us meals–in between our world travels!

It’s funny, writing about my dreams of having millions is almost as satisfying as actually purchasing a lottery ticket.  Maybe I’ll just post this and save myself a dollar, after all, the odds really aren’t in my favor!

Speaking of odds, I LOVE this song by The Barenaked Ladies!!








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Persuing Perfection

My husband has so eloquently inspired me to participate in the daily prompt with his wonderful post, that I just couldn’t resist!  Today’s magical Daily Prompt, is “Express Yourself:  Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

Until my husband’s urging, I ignored this prompt.  This is mostly because I’ve always felt much like the “jack of all trades, master of none,” kind of girl.

  • I love to write, but other than an article in a tourism magazine (that no one reads) during my stint in public relations, I’ve never been published.
  • I’ve been told I’m naturally funny and quick-witted by friends, but my humor has never stretched further than my inner circle, and maybe a few blog posts.
  • I’m an excellent cook, but can’t chop onions with lightning fast speed like a Cordon Bleu chef or make creations that grace foodie magazine covers.
  • I dabble in crafting and painting, and can get lost in pretty colors and designs, but I’ve seen better work in the home décor section of Target.
  • I was involved in theatre for many years, and was even in a PBS film as an extra, but I seriously doubt that I’ll ever be handed a Tony or Oscar for any of my performances.

I find it both humorous, and frustrating, that with every creative endeavor that I undertake, I’ve had an unrealistic expectation to be perfect at it; to prove that I have a gift. Perhaps, this has much to do with my upbringing.  My younger brother was a true child prodigy.  He was the kid you might see on Oprah, or YouTube.  At the age of four, he could play classical piano beautifully, with absolutely no lessons. Gifted with perfect pitch, and the ability to mimic any song he heard, he received quite a lot of notoriety.  Just three years older than him, I usually felt like most of my creative outlets were just that; outlets, hobbies, ways to relax or blow off steam.  As I’ve gotten older, and much closer with my brother, I’ve realized that not being perfect in my creative expression is perfectly fine, and that being creative has more to do with the enjoyment of the process, rather than the flawlessness of the skill.

And maybe artistic creativity isn’t meant to be my true gift…

Last week, my best girlfriend who has been struggling with a brain injury, sent me this text “Every time I’m with you, It’s like you breathe life back into me.  I’m so pumped up, excited, and looking forward to life after we hang out.”   That compliment was better than ANY Tony award!

For your viewing (or maybe eye-rolling) pleasure, here’s some of my “art” :

Every artwork looks "real" in a frame!
Every artwork looks “real” in a frame!









Look out, Target Home Décor section!
Look out, Target home decor section!



My needle-felted turtle
My needle-felted turtle




**What are your creative outlets? Do you strive for perfection, or just to enjoy yourself in the process?**





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An Uncomplicated Code

There are several codes that have made an impression on me.

  • There’s Dexter’s code of killing only those who deserve it.zombieland-rule-4
  • In the movie Zombieland, Columbus had a code for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Hammurabi created a code that covered everything from food to religion.
  • The Samurais had the Seven Virtues of Bushido to follow as their code.
  • Dan Brown made us ponder the traditional version of the Bible in The Da Vinci  Code.
  • Dr. Phil McGraw has a plethora of acronyms and tips for avoiding bad people in his book Life Code.
  • Even good old Samuel Morse created a useful code for us.

My code for living isn’t quite as complicated as all of these.  I don’t have the stomach for killing, the agility for Samurai-ing, the Texas witticisms of Dr. Phil,  or the memory to decipher dots and dashes. (Heck, I can barely remember my gym locker combination!)

Part of my code looks like the rule chart in my old classroom:

a class

  • Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Respect yourself, the people, and things around you
  • Always try your best
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Keep your work area clean and neat

Another section resembles the rules at an amusement park:

  • Have fun!
  • Go easy on the cotton candy

    Hang on!
    Hang on!
  • Keep arms legs and objects inside of the car at all times
  • Hold onto the safety bar when the ride gets bumpy

The final section of my code could be right out of a self-help book:

  • Discover your bliss
  • Feed your soul
  • Appreciate the little things
  • Stay connected to the power of positivity
  • Accept yourself and others as they are
  • Let go of the past
  • Forgive with all of your heart



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Here’s my very intelligent husband’s response.

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Every Fiber of my Being

a soul mateMy high school days were those of being dateless and dance-less, with a generous sprinkling of bedroom crying and wondering why “he” didn’t like me.  When “he,” the boy I’d obsessed over from my eighth grade year through my 12th grade graduation, came out to me our freshman year of college it explained a great, massive lot.  I now knew why all of our trips to the movies never involved hand holding, and why, in spite of my rocking teenaged body, skinny dipping in the river never led to more than swimming. During all of those years of hoping, my mother had gently assured me time and again that he wasn’t the one. ” Be patient. You’ll know in every fiber of your being when the right one comes along,” she’d promise.  I held her to that promise, even after she was no longer with me.

My college years were much better in the dating department.  Many times, I consulted with the “fibers of my being” just to inquire, but none of them turned out to be the elusive “one” that I was so searching for.  When my mother died during my junior year of college, my loneliness and grief made my quest for Mr. Right rather sloppy. I dated pretty boys and players ripe to take advantage of my vulnerability.   In no time, I found myself pregnant and wed to Mr. Wrong.  Not that Mr. Wrong was a horrible person, we just weren’t ready for all that life had to throw us in the seven years that we attempted to play house.

Two children and one divorce later, I cautiously resumed my search after some proper healing.  This time, I was armed with past experience.  I knew myself and what I wanted and needed.  When my soul-mate entered my life I was 36 years old.  I hadn’t heeded my mother’s advice of being patient, but her words of knowing he was the right one with “every fiber of my being” rang true.

My husband is hands down, balls to the walls, the best man I’ve ever known. We have our differences. He’s steak, I’m broccoli.  He’s serious, I’m silly.  He loves the music of the 70s and I’m a top 40s kind of girl. He’s History Channel and I’m MTV. Despite our variances,  we fit together in every aspect of life that’s important. We share responsibility and fun, joy and sadness, beliefs and dreams.  Each of life’s chapters that we enter, we endure and prosper hand in hand.  The fibers of our beings have long ago intertwined, and he is my forever soul-mate.

This is in response to the Daily Prompt.  Have you found your soul-mate, or are you still on your quest?  (Don’t worry, there’s someone for everyone.)

This is what my soul-mate had to say about me!