Weight Loss Check-in

Monday, was my second weigh-in.  With my comprehensive maintenance plan, I’m weighing in every two weeks.  I’m excited to report that I’m down by eight more pounds for a total of 12.5 pounds lost.  Now, I only have 22.5 more pounds to go to be back to my old fighting weight (not that I’ve ever fought, mind you)!  These past few weeks have certainly had their challenges.  My grandson has pretty much spent the last two months sick with every new virus that daycare has to offer.  As a result, I’ve had to be back to my old babysitting routine (the thing that I used to blame gaining weight on).  I had to miss my weigh-in last week and several gym appointments.  I decided to not give in to my eating desires because I was saddled at home with a fussy toddler.  My new mantra is to turn challenges into opportunities.  Twenty-five pound, Baby C. wanted nothing more than to be held 12 hours a day. I happily obliged and walked him round and round the house until my Fitbit buzzed congratulations at achieving my daily 10,000 step goal–early in the day.  My hands were so tied up caring for him that I only found time to grab a quick Optifast shake and I adamantly shunned any tempting treat beyond my meal plan. On the days that I didn’t have to watch him, I drove promptly to the gym.

I’m really trying to change my way of thinking when it comes to personal responsibility for my own weight loss and maintenance. I don’t need optimal conditions to make progress.  No one but me is in charge of what I eat or how much I exercise—No excuses!!

How has everyone else been doing?



6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Check-in”

  1. “No one but me is in charge of what I eat or how much I exercise—No excuses!!” This is really the heart of the matter. Finding excuses is easy, following through can be tough.

    1. You’re so right! I really fell into making excuses when I was watching my grandson long hours each day. I’d so often say, “I deserve this or that because my day had been so tough.” Next thing I knew, I was in the McDonald’s drive through. Now, I’m really trying to avoid old patterns and excuses. So far it’s working!

      How have you been? It’s great to hear from you!

      1. A garden is a lot of work. My flowers are going crazy with all of the rain we’ve had this year. I sure wish I had a pool! I feel like our yard isn’t private enough for one. Our neighborhood is new and there aren’t enough mature trees to hide me! :)-

  2. No one but me is in charge of what I eat or how much I exercise—No excuses!! Wise words.. I was not active for most part of the two years that went by, but I am so glad that you are still on your journey to losing weight and eating healthy. Kudos to you. Please it going.

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