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Diving in the Deep End of Life

Howdy, blogging buddies!!  I’ve clearly been MIA  for quite a while now.  I’m certain that it’s because I’m still struggling to create that imperfectly perfect life balance of family, career, school, fitness, etc.!  Way, way back in December I mentioned  two of my New Years’ resolutions; connect on a deeper level with friends and find a fulfilling career.  My weight loss experience definitely taught me the power of being a doer as well as a dreamer.  Imagining and visualizing your success is extremely important, but at some point the imagination can only go so far before the body has to dive in, head and heart first, to make things happen.  I’ve been quite busy diving in the deep end of life, because that tends to be where all the good stuff happens.  (Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be allowed to swim in that mystical area beyond the ropes?)

My dive began in January when my husband and I began making an effort to become more social.  Instead  of casually talking about places and events that we might go to and do in the future, we just started going and doing.  In addition to making new friends, I’ve recommitted to getting together more with dear, old friends. There’s a richness in friendship that I’d forgotten just how much I’d needed.

I haven’t been letting my career goals flounder in the shallow end either. Knowing that I need to brush up on my Excel skills, I’m taking a class at a local college. The assignments are lengthy, but it feels great to exercise my brain (and yes, I do have homework that I should be doing instead of blogging).  I’ve also been making some great connections in the world of PR and marketing, as well as doing some volunteer work in that area that can offer me some credible references. I’m confident that when I’m ready, the right position will come my way.

My fitness level and weight are doing well. I’m continuing to hover around 132 pounds and am still following the basic high protein, lower carb eating plan that my dietician recommends. I’m making it to the gym about twice a week, but I’ve found a plethora of activities to do on my own that are keeping me fit; hiking, treadmill, yard work, swimming, etc.   I mostly visit the gym to make sure I do a thorough weight routine twice a week. I feel like I’ve found a healthy balance.

My family is continuing to thrive! My oldest daughter graduates from med school at the end of this month and she and her hubby are expecting their first child. (I’m going to be a Nana!!) My youngest is finding ongoing success at her job, and her fiancé just landed a wonderful position as a documentarian, editor, etc. in his field (perhaps wedding bells are in their future).   We’re all heading to the beach after my daughter’s graduation. So, basically, it’s all cool in our pool!

I need to swim on over to my study area and get to work and then head to the gym. I hope everyone is doing well. I plan to peruse some much missed blogs soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Diving in the Deep End of Life”

  1. It is wonderful to see you posting again. I’m so happy to see that life is really going well, and more importantly, the message that our happiness has a lot to do with our participation in life. Doing instead of dreaming. I like it! Thanks for visiting my blog today, it sincerely made my day.
    Have a wonderful day and I hope to read you again soon.


    1. Awe! Thank you, Rob! Your comment just made my day! I’m glad I finally took the time to post. Like I said, I’m still working out a balance with my time. Have a wonderful weekend!

      1. That’s good news, I hope you’re feeling a lot better now then 🙂
        I’m good thank you, just sitting here with the morning sun shining through the window…and Bob hassling me to take him out!!! 😉

  2. I am so encouraged to see that you made it with your weightloss and transformed your life so that exercise happens regularly. It’s the exercise part that I have been missing- I’m starting to swim again today- no more excuses or Winter illness- Spring is here!!! Sorry I haven’t visited your blog in a long while- I am slowly getting back into blogging again- my posts were sporadic for a while and I didn’t have a lot of time to do it. So glad things are looking up for you!

    1. Thank you, Merryn. It’s so nice to hear from you. I need to get back into blogging. It seems that now that the weight is off that I’m so busy with new activities that some of my old ones have fallen by the wayside. I’m confident that you’ll get back into exercising. I’m heading to the gym this afternoon after a two-week hiatus. I’ve set up a little exercise area in my daughter’s old bedroom and have been exercising at home. I need to use the weight machines at the gym because nothing at home takes the place of that. Take care and have a lovely Sunday!

      1. It’s hard juggling everything, but I’m glad you prioritised exercise because it paid off. I am going to try to exercise daily for at least 30 mins and do a couple of longer sessions if possible. I love walking so I will make that my main thing. I find my days go better if I am up and organised before my son wakes, so I will try to pull myself out of bed before hubby goes to work. That’s a great idea setting up an exercise area so it is easy to get into and ready for use. Hope you had a great weekend. My parents took me to a 10th anniversary of Celtic Woman show. Spectacular and such a treat!

      2. It is hard to juggle everything. I always think that if I do things right with eating and exercise 80% of the time that I’ll be fine. It seems to be working.
        I hope you enjoyed your concert. The Celtic Women are amazing! I have some of their Christmas music on iTunes. Their voices are angelic!

      3. The concert was amazing. So much more than singing. Beautiful dancing, a bagpiper, bodhran, Uillean Pipes and extra singers who added a beautiful later of harmonies on top of the already amazing main singers. The fiddle player was the All Ireland Champion- incredible. And she could twirl and play at the same time- insane but awesome ! I will check out their Christmas CD- I love beautiful Christmas music. I had back to back musical treats- yesterday I heard Monash University Orchestra and singers do Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Having studied it in year 12 music half my life ago, it was wonderful to hear it again. The fourth movement always brings tears of joy to my eyes- so moving!

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