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Goodbye, Sweet Sugar and Thoughts on a New Year

The clock is ticking!  What are your New Year's goals? (Photo by me "The Hugo Clock" @ MOMA)
The clock is ticking! What are your New Year’s goals? (Photo by me “The Hugo Clock” @ MOMA

Stevia-laced coffee and a healthy bowl of Fiber One cereal; this is my usual morning.  However for the past three wake-ups, holiday elves (let’s blame it on them) have been treating me to slices of pie or Christmas cookies and a lovely coffee topped with whipped cream.  Those silly “elves” have also been sabotaging my other meals, too, and “forcing” me to eat Christmas dinner leftovers.  Yesterday, I called their bluff and took the leftovers to my daughter’s house.

The good news is, that three days of feasting hasn’t taken much of a toll on my progress or success.  I decided to not give myself any restrictions this holiday.  Restrictions make you feel like you’ve failed when a sugar cookie “accidentally falls into your mouth.  Truth be told, given carte blanche in the kitchen actually helped me this season.  I can’t pack it in like I used to, and didn’t really end up eating the copious amounts of food that I thought I would.  It takes the consumption of 3,500 calories to gain a pound.  Fortunately, a health metabolism burns those calories, and as of this morning, I only weigh 133 lbs.  Holiday victory is still mine!

Today, it’s back to the gym and “so long” to sugar!  Will I indulge on New Year’s Eve?  Of course!

Speaking of New Year’s, I began working on my new list of goals for 2015 last night.  2014 was such an amazing year that I expect 2015 to be even better!  So far, I hope to:

  • Find an awesome job
  • Rid myself of debt
  • Get  physically stronger
  • Create my crafting business

So what about you, dear readers?  Did you thoroughly enjoy your holiday treats?  Have you made any goals for 2015?  Tell me about it! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Sugar and Thoughts on a New Year”

  1. You have found balance now, knowing what is required. Half the battle is realising the amount of output versus input. I got a Fitbit off Santa, it shows me daily how many steps I do, how many calories I burn, how many kilometres I’ve walked. You can also enter your food intake and it tells you what cals you have left for the day. Where it around your wrist, it also has a watch display. I’m on a mission to rid 5kgs that snuck up on me..we’ll sort of ☺️ Go you for all your hard work !!

    1. Thank you so much for your always kind words! How exciting that Santa brought a Fitbit. They’re all the rage over here, too. It’s honestly something I should get instead of always keeping my calorie, fat and carb intake numbers in my head! Perhaps the birthday fairy will bring me one! 🙂
      I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your holidays!

  2. I think that aliens drugged me and force fed me some chocolate covered cheesecake this week. I don’t really remember doing that willingly. Anyway, I’d like to work off any remaining debt in 2015, although reducing it would be just fine. My eternal goal is to be skinny again. 😀

    1. Those pesky aliens, riding around in their flying saucer dropping treats in the mouths of unsuspecting, un willing recipients–how dare they?! They’re as bad as elves!! 🙂
      Getting rid of debt is good, but hard when you have a family. Perhaps we can give each other some good suggestions. 🙂

      1. One thing my hubby and I are going to attempt to do is a few spending fasts this year. Going a week here and there without spending any money whatsoever. We’re even contemplating a month-long fast on spending. My latte factor is pretty high– I think I could really do some good saving if I stopped excess shopping and dining out with friends. If that doesn’t work there’s always working the late shift at the strip club! 😉

  3. I never had to hassle about my weight before this year. Suddenly I’m 47 and my metabolism has just slowed to a grinding halt. I’m kind of freaked out a bout it, but I’m definite,y starting my efforts at cutting out sweets and increasing my activity today. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. You’re welcome, Renee! You’re built much like my youngest daughter, who has always been very tiny. Make sure you’re eating regularly, and moving, to get that pesky metabolism back in action. The holiday season definitely makes it difficult! 🙂

      1. Hi Val: If you can believe it, my weight is up by about 20 pounds. I’d like to get back to around 125, which is where I’m at my most comfortable. It’s at that weight where I feel at home, and I can allow myself to enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the day. Thanks for looking out for me.

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