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Birth of a Diva

In my last post, I mentioned that my eldest daughter and her husband found a lovely home of their own.  This allowed my younger daughter to finally procure the coveted “bigger” bedroom–or at least one large enough for her to graduate from a twin-sized bed into a queen-sized one.  I, in turn, took her old room.  This past Friday, I tore out her old bed that was lovingly built into the wall by my hubby.  Then, in our normal, fumbling approach to home-improvement, my husband and I, (ok, mostly my husband) framed where needed, drywalled, and extended the laminate flooring.  On Monday, I made a valiant attempt to sand the drywall in preparation for painting, but my old nemesis asthma struck me down, in spite of using proper protective gear.  I spent the rest of the day wheezing and sucking on my inhaler.  Fortunately, my two lovely daughters swooped in yesterday to finish the sanding and the majority of the paining. My eldest was also sweet enough to get every speck of remaining drywall dust out of the room.  Now, today, I’m left only with painting the trim; which is a really small job.  Tonight my husband will install the quarter round against the existing trim (it matches the flooring), put together my work table and my new shelf, put up my new curtain rod, and mount my TV on the wall.

So far here’s what I’ve done in terms of décor. The room was painted with Behr’s “Window Pane” paint last year by my daughter. Since I like the color and it’s still very fresh, I’m leaving it.  It looks like this:

Behr's Window Pane
Behr’s Window Pane (Photo from

The “cove” area where the bed used to be has become an accent space and is painted with Behr’s “Sea Life.”  It looks like this:

Behr's Sea Life (photo from
Behr’s Sea Life (photo from

I found this fun rug from Kohl’s for only $12! This rug is made from recycled garments and each version of it is slightly different in coloration. It measures 5’3″X 3’6″ and will be nice for the center of my small room.  Mine has a bit more teal, yellow and lime in it than this one from the Kohl’s website:

Eco Chic Rug from recycled garments (from
Eco Chic Rug from recycled garments (from


Today, after painting the trim and hitting the gym, I plan to find the perfect valance for the window and a few other teal, lime,  yellow, and pink accessories to deck out the room. (Oh how I love bright, cheery, colors!) Then, once it’s all fixed up, I’ll post pictures of the finished product. My new space has jokingly been dubbed “The Diva Den” by my future son-in-law.  It’s his take on the female version of a “Man Cave.”  I’ll happily use my new den for crafting, exercising, TV watching and music listening.  I think my husband is fairly excited for me to have my own space, as it means that that family room remote to the big TV, just became his while I’m back there.  I’m sure he’s already plotted many hours of Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Alien Encounter shows for viewing!

Do you have a special space in your home that you love to hang out in?  Tell me about it!  🙂

20 thoughts on “Birth of a Diva”

  1. My recording studio is almost the same color as the first color that you posted. It’s a very calming color for me. (especially when people in my family are too critical of my compositions). 🙂

  2. Hmm no not really. I do like your colour scheme though. I’m more of a plain Jane, sticking to neutral colours and then brighten it up with throws, cushions etc. I’m still painting and have so much more to do, skirting boards, window frames, door frames. I have been spending full days and another one today…and frankly I’m over it! 😉

    1. It’s funny, the rest of my home is in neutrals. I figured I’d get a bit crazy with the paint colors and accents this time around! I think it must be a mid-life crisis thing! 🙂 I feel for you with all of the work you’re doing. I’m actually not a big fan of painting. I always get a crick in my neck from doing the ceilings! Hope your work is done soon! 🙂

  3. Okay… Diva Den done….check. Bookcase moved in….check. Table assembled…check. Television remote moved to my side of the….to my….hey, wait a minute–is this a Doctor Phil rerun?! And the remote is still out of reach?!

    1. Don’t even try to act like you don’t love Dr. Phil! I know you love your Sci-fi, but I also know that trashy television is your guilty pleasure. I watched you watch 3 or 4 seasons of The Real Housewives of NJ.

  4. Love the colours. I laugh though because they are quite similar to a biffy I beatified a few years ago along with a padded toilet seat for the tushie. I also strategically placed magical figurines and whimsical items around just for something to look at and for while one does their business. One of the best projects I ever did! (Do you know what a biffy is now? Lol)

    1. LOL! Your biffy sounds biff-tastic! It makes me want to do some remodeling in my bathroom. 🙂 Magical figurines and whimsical items sure sound better than reading the back of the shampoo bottle whilst business doing! On a side note, my oldest daughter had the silly idea of having me write stories to print on the backs of shampoo and toiletry bottles. Unfortunately, she dubbed them “Sh*t Stories” a name which probably wouldn’t cut it in the family market! (My daughter is very silly!) It’s so wonderful to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well! 🙂

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