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I’ll See Ya Tomorrow!

I haven’t written much lately about my weight maintenance.  I have a bariatric doctor visit this afternoon, so I figure that now is the perfect time to share how things are going.  I weighed in at the gym yesterday for a “Turkey Burn” contest that they’re having the entire month of November.  For every five gym visits you receive entry into a drawing for a $100 gift card.  On your tenth visit, you get a nifty tee-shirt, and if you lose any weight during the month you get additional prizes.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ll do just about anything for a prize, so I’m super stoked about my gym’s event this month!

Yesterday’s weigh-in showed that I’m still slowly losing weight even though I’ve significantly increased my calories.  With clothes and shoes on I’m at 134 lbs., so that most likely means that I’m around 130-132 sans apparel.  Today, I’m having my metabolism measured to get a clearer picture of just how many calories I’m burning at rest. This should aid in creating a plan of how much I should be eating and working out.  It seems to be a fine balancing act, but I guess I should be happy that my metabolism has substantially increased.  I remember when it was nonexistent!

Right now, I’m eating about 1600 calories per day.  As far as exercise is concerned,  I continue to do 30 minutes of cardio per day for heart and lung health, but the bulk of my workouts have centered around strength training.  My focus has mostly been on my core and legs. After having a rather substantial pectoral pull about a month ago, I’ve done only arm work that won’t agitate my nearly-healed left pec.  I need to meet with my trainer again soon for an updated plan.

So far, I’ve found maintenance be relatively easy.  I owe this ease to the habits created through following the advice of my doctor and weight loss counselor at the bariatric center.  I’ve been at this for eleven months now, and my way of eating and exercising has become second nature.  I do remember months ago wondering if it would ever feel easy, and happily, I know that it eventually does.  Of course, as human nature dictates, I still have days, here and there, when I feel lazy and unmotivated, but I forgive my indiscretions and move on.  Here are a few things that help to keep me in check as I maintain my weight loss:

  1. My wardrobe–  I’ve donated ALL of my “fat clothes.”  If I regain weight I literally won’t have anything to wear (not even underwear!).
  2. My fridge and pantry– These two holders of nutrients shelter absolutely nothing but healthy foods and I feel no guilt for this.  My kids are grown, my husband has high cholesterol, and I don’t need the temptation of snack foods. You live with me and you want to eat junk, then do it elsewhere! 🙂  I actually crave healthy foods now.
  3. My husband and kids– Nearly everyday they tell me how proud they are of me and I think that’s the most awesome compliment ever.  I can’t let them down.  I strive to stay healthy for the people I love!
  4. The nice lady who checks me in at the gym– As I leave the gym, I always tell Sandra, “I’ll see you tomorrow!”  Just knowing that she’ll be expecting to check me in “tomorrow” makes me want to keep my word and go.  So far, I haven’t let her, or myself, down lately!
  5. Our three requested waitresses at Carrabba’s– My husband and I eat out about once a week and we always go to Carrabba’s Italian Grill.  Their food is made fresh to order. There are healthy grilled items and steamed vegetables on the menu that are delicious.  They honestly have the best grilled chicken that I’ve ever eaten. Darling Mandy, Racheal, and Denise have watched me shrink over these past eleven months, and they’ve carefully consulted the kitchen staff to make certain that my food has no added oil.  Just knowing that they expect that I’ll be eating healthily holds me accountable.
  6. This picture
    Who stuffed an extra person under my sweater?
    Who stuffed an extra person under my sweater?

    I’ve shared this shot in the past.  It’s me at the bariatric center, on the day that I first began Optifast.  I thought I was rockin’ that animal print sweater, but now I see that I looked like a baked potato with legs.  I felt even worse than I looked; tired, short of breath, anxious, and sick.  I never want to look, or feel, like that again.

I’ll post my results from today soon.  What motivates you to change or maintain?  Hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday! 🙂


14 thoughts on “I’ll See Ya Tomorrow!”

  1. Yes, you are rockin’ it! Will you keep any of your ‘fat clothes’ as a reminder? I know that I will. It’s terrific that you have such support around you as that really matters. I love Carrabba’s too. I love the food and the atmosphere.

    1. Thank you! I certainly try my best to rock it! LOL! Hooray for Carrabba’s!! The only outfit I’ve kept is that horrible outfit in the picture! The “lovely” animal print sweater was a size 3XL and the jeans were a size 24! I’m now wearing a medium to large top (depending on the style) and a 6 or 8 in pants. What a change in how I feel!

  2. Congrats on so many counts! I’m on day 32 of my Whole30. Weight loss is a side effect more than my core intention; regardless of core intention, I definitely feel like I need more time to let these habits marinate. I want to know that when I do finally offroad, it’s for a bite … note a month-long buffet that leaves me feeling miserable and sensitive to virtually everything in my environment! I’m glad for your words pushing me gently further the right direction.

  3. I could not be more proud of you! And with today’s visit, you have completely arrived. Bask in it, own it, and sign at the top of your lungs about it. Fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Elaine! I am proud of myself, but hearing my daughters say that they’re proud of me, is the ultimate!
      Thank you for all of your kind words and support. I really appreciate them! 🙂 xx

  4. We have been away so only just saw that you are now on maintenance of your weight… which means you reached your goal??!! Congratulations! And to read, that maintenance is easy… how wonderful to hear! Good for you and what an achievement. We thought after walking 500 miles, we would’ve lost some weight… but no! We just toned mainly….

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