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Cheap Candy

Oh, yeah!  This is the good stuff!
Oh, yeah! This is the good stuff!

My husband has an interesting relationship with Halloween.  The junk-food-junkie part of him dearly loves the hoard of candy that we bring into the house to give out to little trick-or-treaters.  The dude-who-has-a-back-injury-from-the-Army side of him, hates the thought having to get up and down every few minutes to answer the door to pass out candy. Although I don’t know why he hates that part so much when I’m always the one who does it!

Usually, two weeks before Halloween, the hubby begins insisting on the importance of early candy acquisition. This is  due to one year that we waited until the day of Trick-or-Treat and could only get what our local grocery had left; the cheap, crappy candy that no one likes.  That year we handed out vile Good-n-Plenty and off-brand lollipops. Candy so bad that it caused us to  watched fervently out our front window for tricksters who might egg our cars or TP our trees as punishment. Nothing sucks more than a cheap lollipop, or the bitter joke of pretty pink and white Good-n-Plenties that taste like rat poison!

Since then, we’ve gotten our candy early, and it’s always the good stuff:  Snickers, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Reese’s, Pay Day, Hershey Bars, and other delicious chocolate treats. You can probably guess the repercussions of getting so much candy so early.  I could simply state that we eat it, but the word “gluttony” actually comes to mind.  The husband is the worst.  Picture a grown man with a huge, black, plastic, witches cauldron resting on his lap, mouth covered in sloppy chocolate, sifting obsessively for the last Almond Joy. That’s an image that doesn’t leave you.

It’s not just my husband.  I’ve been just as guilty, secretly digging through the hoard for all of the mini peanut M&Ms packs.

Now that I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle, I’ve had to seriously rethink Trick-or-Treat this year.  Since chocolate is a huge temptation for me, and my family, it’s not on the Halloween menu.  Sorry kids, you’ll be getting what I consider inedible candy: Skittles, Starbursts, Smarties, Now-n-Laters– candies that my own daughters have deemed acceptable to bring a smile to the neighborhood kids, whilst warding off pranksters!  Unfortunately, my husband loves these candies, too.  However, the plan is that no candy bag is opened until Trick-or-Treat begins and that all leftover candy will be taken to our youngest daughter’s workplace on Monday.  I’m sure over the weekend, I’ll catch the hubby with his head in the cauldron, but at least the madness will only last three days!

Do you celebrate Halloween?  What are you giving out for Trick-or-Treat?  What candy tempts you the most?

Like Ghost Stories??  I’ve got a really spooky one scheduled for tomorrow!  It’s real and it happened to me!   Yikes!

6 thoughts on “Cheap Candy”

  1. My wife did the unthinkable last year – she gave out pretzels instead of candy! I thought that our house would get egged. This year, we’re going back to standard candy and I won’t live out the night in mortal fear. 😉

    1. We actually have the pretzel packs in case we run out of candy. I figure that it’d be better to be stuck with them as leftovers than sugary things. At least my husband can take them in his lunch.
      One year we had a neighbor that gave out religious pamphlets to all of the kids–now that was an egging waiting to happen! 🙂

  2. We don’t celebrate. In fact I turn the lights off and pretend no one is home if they call, only because I have forgotten to buy sweets. We call them sweets or lollies, you call them candy. My favourite…um any, I have too much of a sweet tooth. Jubes..must be hard not soft, boiled lollies, licorice, sour..I love sour, dark chocolate with nuts..oh heck anything really 😃

    1. 🙂 My adult kids and husband ate the leftovers before the weekend was over! My daughter didn’t even get to take any to work. At least this year’s selection of candy wasn’t a temptation to me! 🙂

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