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Bringing Sexy Back

I’m going to share a few thoughts on maintenance, but, first, I want  to thank everyone who voted on Monday’s polls.  The results show that I shouldn’t change my blog’s name, but that switching up my subjects from solely weight loss related posts would be perfectly acceptable.  After some thought, I’m rather happy to be keeping my name, as I’ve grown rather attached to it!  I do plan to change my tagline and to switch up the look of the blog just a bit.  Long ago, my future son-in-law (the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop wiz) offered to make me a custom header.  My husband also offered to do some cartoon work for it. (He draws a really cute cartoon version of me). I need to re-ask them both if their offer still stands for when they have the time. So stay tuned for a few changes! 🙂


Now, onward to maintenance.  I read a fantastic quote the other day from Optifast Blogger about maintenance. In her wonderful post about the things that keep her working hard to maintain her weight loss, Optifast Blogger admits that “losing weight is ‘sexier’ than maintenance.”  I read those words shortly after tallying up my last calories of the day, and they hit me like an anvil in a Roadrunner cartoon.  Maintenance is why some of the air has leaked out of my excitement balloon.  Its distinct lack of va va voom-iness is exactly why I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to write about lately.

In fact, the exhilaration of actively losing weight is much like the giddiness of being in a new relationship.  The beauty of it, is the person that you fall in love with, or re-fall in love with, is you.  It’s magical to work hard and see results.  Peering into the mirror and seeing the person that you’ve imagined yourself to be is awe-inspiring.  The feeling of completing physical challenges that you never before thought were possible is breathtaking. You run into people that you haven’t seen for a while and they notice how trim you’re looking.  You go shopping for new jeans, because all of your old ones are too big, and you find yourself slipping easily into a size 8.  You’re on top of the world!   Then one day, you step on the scales at your doctors office and she tells you that you’ve arrived.  You’ve reached your goal weight.  She slaps you a quick high-five and hands you the diet plan to maintain what you’ve lost.  Then she says. “This is the hard part; keeping it off.”  You leave the office happy and determined.  You have a formula that works for you, and you work your formula.  Then one day, after your 100th cup of yogurt at exactly 11:00 am, the same day that no one has asked, “Did you lose weight?”  you realize that the honeymoon of weight loss is over and that maintenance is the marriage.  It’s a good solid marriage, but it takes lots of effort. It needs the infusion of a few fluttering butterflies in the stomach and a few sparks to zap it back into the exciting status that it once had.  Luckily,  it doesn’t take a gastro-etymologist (I made that one up) or a generator to get the butterflies and sparks that we need.  We can do it ourselves with a few happy reminders.  This is my list of things that bring the “sexy” back to maintenance for me:

  • I don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.  How hot is that?
  • I can run–fast.  This means I’m no longer brain-bait during the zombie apocalypse, and that my legs are really toned and flexible.
  • I’m strong–In addition to knowing that I could fight off the undead, I have more poise and confidence because of my physical strength, and nothing is sexier than a little bit of swagger!
  • I have a nice fitting butt.  I’m not talking about how cute it looks in my size 8 non-mom jeans, I’m referring to the fact that it actually, truly fits in the places that I need it to; bus, train, theater, and restaurant seats needn’t shudder when I squat!
  • I’ve found positive replacements for  compulsive overeating.  I can craft, write, hang out with friends and family, or I can ask my husband to distract me–and actually not care if the lights are on!
  • I’m potentially adding additional years to my life by continuing to eat right and exercise–Knowing that I’ll be here longer for those I love puts the very biggest spark into my maintenance program.
Yo Roadrunner, I've got this!
Hey, Roadrunner, I’ve got this!

So what do you all think?  Is losing or maintaining your weight more difficult?  What are some things that you do to keep “the sexy” in maintenance?


8 thoughts on “Bringing Sexy Back”

  1. Shortly after my second child was born, I lost 30 pounds by eating sensibly and working out at the gym – a lot! I wasn’t under a doctor’s care but it eventually became obvious that I didn’t need to lose anymore weight. I *loved* how I looked and felt – just like you do now. But you are right, maintaining was hard. I had cut out a lot of things that I didn’t want to cut out permanently. When I tried to add them back in “in moderation”, I started gaining weight. Then I got pregnant with #3 and I’ve never been able to get back there. But during that year or two where I tried to maintain… I don’t think I did a very good job. You described it perfectly. Where was the positive feedback to keep going? Not there! *sigh*

    Good luck! It sounds like you have a good attitude toward it. If I ever get back to maintenance mode, I’ll have to make my version of your list.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Cutting out those things that you don’t want to cut out permanently is hard. Introducing them back in moderation is the sensible thing, but for me, I know that I just can’t stick to the suggested serving on a bag of chips or some other treat. I have to altogether avoid some of the things that I used to eat to keep from being tempted to binge. Being healthier is a fair trade though!
      I’m certain that you’ll make it to maintenance mode in no time! 🙂

  2. I’ll be honored to draw some cartoons of my favorite subject! I think this is a great move, and you are in for a new adventure (I’m so glad I’m alongside you for it). You are totally amazing.

  3. I am still losing (trying to lose) and with being on a plateau for weeks and months now…heck maybe my body has decided I am maintaining. lol. That scares me, if losing is such hard work, maintaining is bound to be way harder!

    1. I was lucky to not plateau with the program that I was on. I had a very slow metabolism when I first began losing and now it’s relatively normal. Once I was off of Optifast I was really afraid of gaining, but I actually continued to lose at the same rate. When I was in the losing mode using solely food and not Optifast, I would eat 5, 200 calorie meals per day, at the same time each day. I tried to make my meals high protein (about 15-20 grams of protein per meal.) I also ate no more than 75 grams of carbs per day. Additionally, I eat no sugar and use Stevia for a sweetener. Along with exercise, that weight loss formula really worked for me. I still eat 5 x per day. Now my portion sizes have been slightly increased and I’ve added one more carb serving to halt my weight loss. I’m having about 1350 calories per day and continuing to strive for 100 grams of protein per day. So far my weight is holding steady.

      Check with your doctor and see if 5 small meals with an increase in protein and a lowered carb amount will help with your plateau. Losing is hard, but it’s easier once you figure out a formula that your body responds to. I hope this helps and you kick that plateau to the curb! 🙂

  4. OMG–how far you have come while I’ve been gone!

    SO—–yeah, I’ve been gone a long time. I know! But we moved. It’s Ecuador. And we just got our internet TWO days ago! LONGGGGGGGG story!

    I’ve missed you, my friend! Thanks for these reminders about bringing sexy back!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    1. Oh! Yay!! Hi Kathy! I’d wondered where you were! I missed you, too. I’m so glad that you’re back online! I’m interested in reading your longggg story when you have the time to write it. I’m sure you’re quite busy with a new move. Thank you for your kind words! Hugs right back to you! Glad you’re back.

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