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Too Much Caffeine; Confessions of a Coffee Addict

She's large and in charge!!  She will wake you up!!
She’s large and in charge!! She will wake you up!! Fuzzy early morning iPhone shot!

I was up too early  yesterday morning.  To keep the cat from darting out the front door, my daughter usually lets the her into our room before she leaves for the hospital.  Said cat normally settles peacefully in beside of me and sleeps until the normal hour of 7 a.m., but not yesterday.  Yesterday, she decided that hoisting her 23 pound frame upon my sleeping body, and walking up and down me, like the human bridge that leads to her food dish, would be a good thing to do.  So like any faithful minion, I hopped out of bed and proceeded to satisfy her bidding.

The view from my front window revealed coat-clad high-schoolers, begrudgingly trudging to the bus stop at the end of our development.  Dawn’s early light still hadn’t broken and it was two hours from my normal feeding time, so to pacify my growling tummy, I made a huge cup of coffee, and settled in on the sofa to read blogs.  When 8:00 rolled around, I made my usual breakfast of 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal, 1/4 cup of blueberries, and a cup of almond milk.  Since my normal routine is to enjoy a cup of coffee with my cereal,  I indulged in another one.

Still, I felt sleepy, so I attempted to rouse myself by completing my housework and laundry as vigorously as possible; sprinting

I'm not much of a painter, but when my friend with celiac's disease asked me to paint her a cupcake for her birthday, I couldn't refuse!
I’m not much of a painter, but when my friend with celiac’s disease asked me to paint her a cupcake for her birthday, I couldn’t refuse!

down the hallway to deliver laundry and scrubbing the bathrooms at triple speed.  With the house spotless, I began finishing up the art projects that were cluttering my kitchen table.  I added a layer of glaze to a mixed media painting of a cupcake for my friend who requested that I “paint her one” for her birthday.  I then began nipping at some glass tiles for a framed mosaic.  In spite of my two gigantic mugs of java (probably equal to 5-6 cups total), I found my eyes growing heavy.  Sharp glass and fumbling fingers rarely mix without an accident, so for good measure,  I had yet another mug of the brown stuff and it wasn’t even 10 am.

Art projects managed,  I had some tuna with carrots, and a yogurt with quinoa and chia seed granola for lunch, served with yet another coffee. ( I did make sure that I was also drinking plenty of water, as well, to counteract the dehydrating effects of the caffeine. ) One might think that I would be bouncing through the roof with so much Joe in my system, but oddly, it seemed for most of the day that I was chasing the caffeine dragon.  I even had another huge “cup” after dinner with no real effect; until about 9 p.m.  Then, it seemed that I was finally fully awake; bouncing off the ceiling and walls awake.  This was just about the time that the rest of my family was settling in for the evening. So, while everyone else was fighting sleep, I did an hour of exercise, wrapped my friend’s birthday gifts, and organized my closet.  Around 12, I settled into bed with my iPad and watched several of the short Weight of a Nation documentaries on HBO.  I think I drifted off around 2 a.m.

This morning, I was also up early, but today I’m allowing myself only one cup of coffee in the morning (I’m finishing it now) and one cup of tea this afternoon. I have a busy day ahead of me, but  I really need to reel in my caffeine addiction and get my sleep schedule back to normal.  It’s not good for me and I’m sure it’s annoying to my family.  I’m certain I’ll be dragging today, but I’ll fight through it.

What keeps you going during the day that you should probably cut back on?  Do you drink too many caffeinated beverages?



14 thoughts on “Too Much Caffeine; Confessions of a Coffee Addict”

  1. I typically have two cups a day. I used to have a 3rd, late afternoon cup, but I found that it really interrupted my sleep. However, I really do need one cup in the morning to get going. 🙂

  2. I MUST have a fairly large glass of LavAzza every morning, 2 coke zero’s throughout the day, and water in between. I constantly have a drink of some sort in my hand. Have a fabulous day!

      1. LavAzza is the most delicious coffee ever made in the history of coffee making. 🙂 I’m quite in love with the stuff. A friend recently brought us some good smelling German coffee; however, that stuff smelled good just didn’t taste as good. It’s 4:32 AM, the day is just starting… ::yawn:: have a great evening.

  3. I can’t even handle one cup of black coffee with out bouncing off the walls, ceiling and any other object I come across. I do have a really bad addiction to diet Coke, which I know is bad for me and I am trying to cut down on and replace with water or no sugar fruit squash to not much success.

    1. I’ve taken it really easy today on the caffeine! You’re better off staying away from it! I know several other people with Diet Coke addictions who are trying to break them. One day at a time! 🙂 Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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