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Friday Fun and other Ramblings

An awesomely fun game!  (Photo from Amazon)
An awesomely fun game! (Photo from Amazon)

Hooray!  It’s Friday; the most deliciously awesome day of the week!  Almost all of my immediate family will be here for this three-day weekend and I’m super excited.  Tonight, friends are coming over for a game night and we’ll most likely laugh ourselves silly playing Cards Against Humanity, The Game of Things, and Quelf.  (These are quite possibly the three best games ever invented if you’re looking for some game night fun for the adult crowd).

We’re ordering pizza for tonight (now a rarity in our home) and I’ve saved up calories to get a child-sized pizza, with very little cheese, just for me. (Woo Hoo!)  We’ll have other healthy snacks; veggies, fruit, popcorn, and plenty of flavored seltzer water.  It’s going to be a great evening!

In other rambling news, a huge tree fell on my husband’s car while he was driving home from work yesterday.  Thankfully, he was thinking fast and was able to gun the gas pedal and get out from under it before it made full impact.  Unfortunately, it made enough impact to dent the frame by the driver’s side and scratch things up here and there.  I could absolutely care less about the car and was just so thankful that my husband arrived home safely.  I couldn’t stop hugging him last night and can’t wait for him to get home this evening safely.

Speaking of last night… I was exhausted from my week of exercise, so I spent the evening resting

The Gypsy Sisters looking good!  (Photo from TLC-Click on Photo for show info.)
The Gypsy Sisters looking good! (Photo from TLC-Click on Photo for show info.)

my screamingly tight muscles and catching up on my trash television.  I’m not as much of a TV watcher as I used to be, but when I watch I like to fill my brain with the worst garbage out there.  (Better than filling my stomach with garbage like I used to!)  Right now, my number one guilty trash TV pleasure is TLC’s Gypsy Sisters.  This show has it all; a family of wild, Romanichal (Rumney [sic]) Gypsy women who sometimes drink, have crazy fights, and get into all kinds of mischief that I’d never dream of getting into.  The most appealing part of this show is that it’s filmed all around the area that I live in.  It’s pretty wild to turn on a major cable network and see all of your own familiar places.  We occasionally see these women when we’re out shopping. I even got to witness them going off on the manager at our local Michael’s Arts and Crafts store, because he wouldn’t give them cash for a “return (?)” that they brought in without a receipt. I’ve never approached them.  Remember that girl in school who would kick your ass if you looked at her funny?  I’m pretty sure these women were that girl!  I don’t know what it is about my own personal make up that makes trash television so appealing to me.  Perhaps it’s watching people do things that I’d never do, but I sure do love it, and Gypsy Sisters totally meets all of my trash TV needs!

That’s what’s been going on in my world; what are your weekend plans?  I hope you have a great one! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Friday Fun and other Ramblings”

    1. Sounds like you have a very relaxing weekend planned. The sleeping part sounds awesome!
      I’m so thankful that my husband came out unscathed, too! Just having him tell me scared me to death!!
      Enjoy your peaceful weekend! 🙂 xx

  1. Good morning! I’m so glad your husband is ok and you’re right, who gives a hoot about the car. I’ve never heard of the games you mentioned; but, they do sound like fun. Great choice on snacks. If you don’t mind me asking, what makes cheese bad for you? I do hope your great family weekend went as planned!

    Today is Tuesday here and our weekend was packed with activity. I had so wanted to relax and do nothing. In fact I had declared Sunday a pajama day. Pajama day didn’t quite work out; but, it did turn out to be a great day. Unfortunately for our kids and myself, we had school on Saturday to make up for the extra day off of school.

    Yesterday, I took a fabulous and artistic couple with their young child to Shanghai to visit a couple of my favorite spots. Many goodies can be found on an art supply street and I do believe Tobi and her family enjoyed herself. Great people and fun!

    Since pajama day didn’t work out on Sunday, it is my greatest hope that today will be our pajama day. I plan to curl up on the couch and read. I love a good book! I have 3 great books to chose from. In case you’re interested I’m currently reading: As Good As It Get’s by Isabel Sharpe. Then I have 2 more books by Jack Kerouac that I would like to get started on, Big Sur & On the Road.

    1. Pajama Day sounds awesome–like it should be an official holiday. 🙂 I certainly hope you got to enjoy and very comfy pajama day today!
      Cheese and dairy (other than yogurt) are big problems for my digestive system. Think of any horrific diarrhea scene that you’ve ever seen in a silly movie and place me in it if I’ve eaten dairy! My brother and I both are unable to tolerate it, yet every once in a while we’ll have something we’re not supposed to just because it tastes good–like ice cream!
      The art sector of Shanghai sounds wonderful. I’ll bet I’d find all sorts of fun things there!
      Your book selections sound wonderful. Is As Good as it Gets the same book that the Jack Nicholson movie was based on? I enjoy reading, too, and have a long list of things I plan to read. Since the weather is warm, I’ve been spending lots of time outdoors, but once cooler weather hits I’ll have more time for reading.
      It was really great to hear from you! I’m spending tomorrow with my best friend–helping her to run errands and do some cleaning. I also can’t wait to give her her birthday gifts. Her B-day is on Saturday, but she’ll be out of town. Take care! 🙂

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