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Anniversary Adventuring

A lovely view of Seneca Rocks.  (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)
A lovely view of Seneca Rocks. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

This coming Sunday will be our 13th wedding anniversary.  I know they say that marriage takes work, but I can honestly say that it sure hasn’t felt like a chore being married to my sweet, loving, easy-going husband.  It also hasn’t felt like we’ve been together nearly 15 years!  Time has a way of zooming by when you’re truly happy, and I’m certainly that. 🙂

We’ve decided to do a little adventuring to celebrate our special day. Last night, my husband booked a cabin, near Seneca Rocks,  for next weekend.  As a native West Virginian, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by the natural beauty of my state, and the area that we’re travelling, has a lion’s share of gorgeousness. (I’m providing links to each place so you can see why they say West Virginia is “Almost Heaven!”)  In addition to the beautiful mountain trails and rock formations of Seneca Rocks, there are several other attractions that are within a reasonable driving distance of where we’re staying. Spruce Nob, the highest peak in WV is in the Seneca Rocks area, as are the Smokehole Caverns, a natural hideaway for moonshiners.  Nearby Tucker county boasts the Canaan Valley, with its lovely Canaan Valley State Park and  Blackwater Falls State Park,  destinations with surreal landscapes tons of hiking potential.  Though it’s a rugged drive, Dolly Sods Wilderness area, part of the Monongahela National Forrest, not only offers awesome views, but features landscape and plant life that is common in southern Canada.

I’m sure we won’t make it to all of these spots in one short weekend, but I am determined to climb the mountain trail at Seneca Rocks.  The last time we were there, I was carrying a considerable amount of weight on my body (and I’m not talking about the weight in my backpack!). I was far too out of shape to complete the hike. This time, I know I’ll be able to make it to the top.

This area is truly like Disneyland for the outdoorsman/woman.  I plan to get lots of outdoor exercise in and to make healthy meal choices (luckily, I have a kitchen and outdoor grill at the cabin).  I’ll also make sure to take tons of pictures, too!

What unique or special attractions does your area boast?  Tell me about them; I’m always looking for a new place to visit! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Anniversary Adventuring”

  1. Have a wonderful time.
    I am a life long Vermonter so also live where nature and outdoor activities abound. My reaction to that– I love getting away to cities with museums, concerts, and so on.

    1. LOL! I really like those things, too! Luckily, I’m in the eastern panhandle of the state and have easy access to Washington DC (50 min.) and even Manhattan–if I want to drive four hours.
      I’ve not been to Vermont, but I’ve heard that it’s very beautiful there! 🙂

      1. Yes, you do! I understand though, wedding planning can keep you VERY busy. My daughter got married last summer and I did a bunch of her planning because she was so busy with med school and testing. It’s lots of fun though, so enjoy yourself! 🙂

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