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My Sacrifice

I love my husband so much that I'd endure Khan's wrath for him!
I love my husband so much that I’d endure Khan’s wrath for him!

Today, I actually talked my husband into going to the gym with me!  This was not an easy task as he really, really dislikes most exercise.  The problem is, he has high cholesterol that’s not being controlled by the healthy diet that I feed him. (His sneaking Bacon Habanero Burgers from McDonald’s every once in a while doesn’t help, either!)  Our family doctor suggested trying exercise before resorting to statins.  Our med student daughter has been really urging him to get with a workout regime because of the uncomfortable side-effects that statins can have.

Since just asking him nicely to come to the gym doesn’t work, I had to use my feminine wiles to convince him. My approach to cajoling him to go was two-fold. “Step One” involved guilt. I used the sad story that “I had to clean ALL DAY yesterday, because you invited our extremely tidy neighbors to drop by. Woe is me!”  Then when he looked like the guilt was melting away his defenses, I introduced “Step Two” and pulled out the big guns.  I awarded him control of the television remote for this entire evening.  I boldly went where most women don’t like to go and opened myself up for the potential of viewing, for the thousandth, time:  the Star Trek, or Star Wars movies, films about real wars, aliens, and other things that I’m either tired of, or just dislike, watching.

Fortunately, the ol' hubster doesn't recognize traps as well as Admiral Ackbar!!
Fortunately, the ol’ hubster doesn’t recognize traps as well as Admiral Ackbar!!

I have to commend my better half.  He worked out like a (storm) trooper and did the weight machines, treadmill, and pool with me.  When we arrived home, I willingly watched two episodes of Game of Thrones with him.  You may remember me writing previously that I’m not a big fan of movies or TV that contain too much sex or violence.  Yep, Game of Thrones has a lion’s share of that!  However, my dear husband is one workout closer to lowering his cholesterol!




Can anyone think of a good technique to get him to go to the gym tomorrow, too?  I’m in need of a few more

traps! 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Sacrifice”

    1. See, we women know how to read you guys like a first grade reading book! (Just kidding!) This was for his own good! He’s eight years older than me, and I want to keep him around for a really long time!
      Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

      1. I really should exercise more than just my fingers as I have high cholesterol too but my dr put me on medication right away and I hope your weekend is goin’ fantastically 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Coming from an English professor that’s a high honor! Though it may not seem like it some days, there really are people who place their English professors on a god-like pedestal.

      My Jedi mind-tricks come effortlessly after watching the Star Wars films literally dozens of times. My oldest daughter and husband are obsessed with crazy Star Wars trivia that I’m exposed to each day. Lucky me!

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