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From Clean to Cluttered in 70 Pounds (And Back to Clean Again!)

What!?  You think I should help clean up my extra fur?  Perhaps you're forgetting who's in chargein this family!
What!? You think I should help clean up my extra fur? Perhaps you’re forgetting who’s in charge in this family!

A year ago, our house was probably one of the cleanest in our neighborhood.  I had a daily routine that caused it to be picked up, scrubbed, swept, scoured, and dusted to perfection by 10:00 am, without fail.  This left me with the rest of the day to do as I pleased. Unfortunately, the thing that I pleased the most was sitting on my butt, eating, watching television, and playing on the internet.  My house was pristine, but I was a total mess.

Last night, during our evening walk, my husband and I happily met some new neighbors.  Like us, they were pleased to meet another couple in their same age range and we soon fell into very pleasant conversation that led to a tour of their newly renovated home, and gorgeously landscaped yard.  After we said our good-byes and finished our walk, I began to feel sort of mortified at the prospect of giving a reciprocal tour of our home and yard.  In the past seven months I’ve changed pretty drastically.  I no longer sit around eating, watching TV, and playing computer games for hours, and my daily scrubbing, sweeping, scouring routine has dwindled to, maybe, once a week. It’s not like our home looks like a pig sty, but it definitely looks more lived in and cluttered, especially with the new crafting hobbies that I’ve picked up.

A shift in my priorities and activities during my weight loss caused me to place a lot of focus on my own health and appearance. My cleaning, and siting on my rump routine, was replaced with daily workouts, spending time with friends, swimming, crafting, and generally, being on the go.  While keeping busy is a good way to keep away from the temptation of my fridge and pantry, I need to find a way to be more balanced in my activities.

So today, I decided to take a break from myself and give my home some much-needed attention.  I did lots of picking up and putting away, and an abundance of sweeping, scouring, dusting, and scrubbing.  My house is sparkling from top to bottom, and I even have dinner planned and started.  I can’t promise that my home will stay like this for much more than a few days, but for right now, I’m going to enjoy it and not worry if the neighbors come calling.

Do you have a cleaning routine?  How do you balance your time?  Any suggestions would be great! 🙂

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “From Clean to Cluttered in 70 Pounds (And Back to Clean Again!)”

  1. My “cleaning” routine consists of constantly pickin’ up after my 4 year old, who incidentally has the nickname “Little Tornado” and of course the bottomless pit that is called laundry. I do have a bad habit of sittin’ in front of my computer wayyyy too much though. Great job on changin’ up your routine though 😀

    1. Whew! I remember when my kids were little! I’d clean one room and then while cleaning another, the kids would mess up the first room I cleaned. It was never ending. I’m convinced the only way my house will ever stay perfect is for it to just be my hubby and I. Then, I’d miss everyone though!

  2. Interesting…I have always had a belief that people with pristine homes are missing something elsewhere in their lives..I like my house to be clean and tidy but also lived in and welcoming ☺️ At the moment we are living in the midst of upheaval and a constant battle with dust in the midst of building work and I think it’s negatively affecting all of us 😕

    1. I know from experience that you’re right. When my house was pristine, I was missing out on quite a lot-especially my health!!

      I’m sure sending good thoughts your for your renovation to finish. I’ve been through that, too, and it’s rough!

      Have a nice weekend! 🙂

    1. I so understand. I’m convince that kids are messy until they hit about 26. My oldest who’s living with us during her med rotations is FINALLY neat after two years of living in her own place while she was away at school.
      I’ll never forget the day that we were visiting her, and she told my husband to put a coaster under his drink. We just laughed!

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