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Happy Fourth of July to my American friends and Happy Friday to my friends in other places!  (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)
Happy Fourth of July to my American friends and Happy Friday to my friends in other places! (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

We celebrated the 4th yesterday because the majority of my family will be at work or the beach tonight. Plus, as of yesterday afternoon, today’s weather forecast looked pretty grim (though it’s turned out to be gorgeous).

I created our first official cookout of the season, and made the best of plans to not go too food crazy. I made a veggie tray, a huge bowl of watermelon and cantaloupe, baked beans, low-fat hamburgers and hot dogs, and my daughter made guacamole that was served with reduced fat tortilla chips.  We had water or naturally flavored seltzers to drink.  I even splurged and got my family a box of their favorite ice cream bars for dessert.  Our old celebration, before my weight loss, would have had many of the same foods with the added bonus of homemade macaroni and cheese, bacon-laden green beans, and my famous homemade potato salad, plus potato chips, and homemade cream cheese brownies and a cake of some sort.  Of course, there would have been soda and plenty of sugary iced tea or lemonade to drink.  The good news is, I didn’t miss any of those old dishes, at all!

I’ve had a very busy week of exercise, and have even had more than one workout session per day several times this week.  In addition to the gym, I’ve been exercising with my best friend, and with my youngest daughter.  After so much activity, I felt like I’d be just fine eating what I wanted, in moderation, last night.  I had a burger with just the bottom part of the bun, a small serving of beans, plenty of veggies and fruit, and for the first time in six months, I had a serving of tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa.  I even joined my family in having an ice cream bar.  Yes, I went way over my 200 calorie per meal/snack allotment, but I don’t feel a bit guilty.  The last time I overindulged was during my vacation over a month ago.  I’m learning that I’m in control of myself; that one day of not following my plan, doesn’t mean I’m going to shun it the next day.

Today, on our country’s birthday, I feel very free and independent of the guilt that I used to associate with food.  I’m happily back on track and excited that the rain has stayed out of our forecast, so I can hit the hiking trail and burn off last night’s extra calories!

How are you celebrating this wonderful day?



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