Ambushed for Love

Will physical therapy be like Twister for my hubby?
Will physical therapy be like Twister for my hubby?

Today my husband is beginning a round of physical therapy that will ultimately led him to becoming a member of the wellness center that I exercise at.  His appointment was made two weeks ago, right after his yearly physical. I’ll fully admit that our daughters and I completely ambushed him into both the yearly physical and the physical therapy.  Surprise forcing someone into something that they don’t want to do isn’t very nice, but sometimes it’s necessary.

You see, my daughters and I really, really love him, so before the physical (that we also forced him into going to), the three of us had a little family meeting that involved the plan of me going to his appointment with him.  We knew he wouldn’t mention the fact that at 58 he has yet to have a colonoscopy, or his debilitating back pain caused by a past accident.  So right after blood pressure checking, and before a dreaded prostate exam (which I was nice enough to leave the room for) I told the doctor all of his dirty little health secrets.  This led to a colonoscopy being scheduled along with exercise and physical therapy being prescribed for his back.

I wasn’t sure whether it was the finger up the butt thing from the prostate exam, or the impending colonoscopy and physical therapy, but all during our drive home, my husband looked like a man violated.  His sour expression changed only mildly as I attempted to snuggle up to him as he drove.  “You sort of ambushed me,” he finally blurted out. “Yes, I did. Actually WE did,” I explained.  His sour expression turned to one of love when he realized the sentiment behind it.

So today he’ll endure a therapy which he has equated to an “unwanted game of Twister”, and I’ll be right there making sure he follows doctors orders. As a mom, I’ve held down enough kids during shots and other medical procedures to know that sometimes what hurts us initially, is the best thing for us in the end.

Oh, by the way, my lovely male readers, are you taking care of yourself?  Have you had all of the poking, prodding and testing required at your age–like a colonoscopy?  Remember, there are people, big and little, who count on you to stay healthy and who would be devastated without your love in their lives.  🙂

Have you ever, for their own good, forced someone to do something they didn’t want to?

PS–I know you’re reading this during your lunch break, G!  I love you!

20 thoughts on “Ambushed for Love”

      1. I wrote this right before I left to get my hair cut this morning and didn’t edit it at all! I just noticed several errors. Thanks for not mentioning them, if you noticed!
        My daughter loves Family Guy, she watched it, too. My husband said that he blurted out, “Sweet Jesus on the cross!” when she poked her finger in. I told him, “Way to pave your path to Hell with that blasphemy!” and then we laughed really hard!

      2. LOL! I just read your other post and commented! Luckily, I think her hands are pretty normal in size. Did your wife make prison shower jokes on the way to your appointment like I did?

      3. No, she knew that I was too stressed out. I may have jumped from a moving car if I was any more amped. However, when the exam was over, there was definitely a suppressed smile on her face. She didn’t have to say a word. 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. Intervention only seems to work when the person is willing to help themselves. I sure hope she seeks the help she needs soon, I’m sure it really worries you and I’m sorry for that. Hugs to you!!!

  1. You know, I was just…. what I want to say is that…….

    Sorry–it’s too soon to talk about any of this.

    1. LOL! You are just fine! Never complain about having a finger up your butt to a woman who’s given birth twice and is still spotting from a six week period.

      You did so well tonight at physical therapy and everyone, including me, thought you were so very cute! I love you!

  2. Good reminder for men, and all of us. I like what you said about remembering that even if it’s painful (or uncomfortable) it’s good for us. We need to take care of ourselves this way too, not just eating healthy and exercising.

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