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Sometimes Life Changes your Plans

Six weeks without beloved swimming?  Say it isn't so!!!
Six weeks without beloved swimming? Say it isn’t so!!!

Though I’ve been eating properly, it’s officially been a full week since I’ve been to the gym by doctor’s orders.  Yesterday, I had the thrill of having an endometrial biopsy, along with some lovely blood work.  On Monday, I get to have a pelvic ultrasound–oh goody! The good news is that I should get all of my test results back by the beginning of next week.  The not-so-good news is, due to the bleeding and uterine prolapse that I’ve dealt with for years, my gynecologist thinks that I should have a hysterectomy.  Though I’ll be overjoyed to eliminate all of the problems associated with being the proud owner of a dysfunctional uterus, I’m not excited about the six-week recovery time needed after this surgery.  I’m not going to be able to get the amount, or level, of exercise that I’ve grown accustomed to.  I’m also not going to be on-the-go, like usual, which keeps me from wanting extra food.

After returning home from the stress of the  doctor, I took a giant nap and then formulated my plan for surgery.  On Wednesday, I’ll find out what my bariatric doctor says about food and calorie intake during my recovery.  I’m also going to make an appointment with my trainer for light exercise that I can do as I get well.  I’m relieved to have a whole slew of crafting and art projects lined up that I can work on while I’m resting; they should, hopefully, keep my mind off of food. I still have 20 something pounds to lose, and I certainly don’t want to gain weight or lose muscle mass during this ordeal, although a bit of chance might be inevitable.

As much as I’d love to keep my weight loss schedule as it’s always been, sometimes life intervenes.  I’m just going to have to roll with it.  Luckily, my family doctor gave me the go-ahead for exercise for the day after my biopsy. So today, weather permitting, I’m going to spent some fun, relaxing time swimming at my friend’s house, and then head to the gym on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m going to do my best to get all of the exercise I can, without overdoing it, until my surgery is scheduled.

What do you do when life events thwart your fitness plans?  Have any of you had a similar procedure?


28 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Changes your Plans”

  1. Oh, you poor thing! I’m sure it seems really daunting to go 6 weeks without exercise, but you’ve got the right attitude, and you’ll bounce back like nobody’s business.

    Not that it’s any comparison, but I just got hit with the Norovirus this week, so exercise setbacks have been on my mind, big-time! I think remembering that it’s all temporary is huge, and that even when it doesn’t feel like it, we’re still in control – if only over our attitude!

    1. Oh, no! I hope you feel better soon. One of my gym friends dealt with that while on vacation. Yuck! You poor thing! Get plenty of fluids and rest. 🙂
      I’m sure I will bounce right back. I usually recover much more quickly from things than predicted. I asked my gyno if she could do a quick tummy tuck and boob lift while I was under–sadly that’s not her area of expertise! I’ll make the best of it though and I’m certain that there will be plenty of trash TV On Demand that I’ve missed these past few months–that will be a bonus!
      Thanks for your words of encouragement, and take care of yourself! 🙂

  2. Yup, hysterectomy here. Had the C-section, so full 6 weeks and then some to recover. Since I’m was not normally as active as you are, the sitting still didn’t bother me, but the sitting did. If that makes sense. I was completely smitten with a computer game at the time and there I was, given carte blanche to do nothing but fill my hours in any passive way I could. I paid the price and wrecked some of the stitches in my incision by trying to remain upright – tensely so, since, you know, I had to slay demons and such.

    1. Thanks for your info Maggie. Those darn computer games! Luckily, I spoke with a friend just a few minutes ago who had one last year. She said she only missed a few days of work, but was really exhausted for about six weeks. I think the thing that will be hard for me is that I know there’s no swimming for 6 weeks. I’m in the pool at least four days a week. I hope I don’t get addicted to another game. I’ve finally broken my Candy Crush addiction. If my Zoo Tycoon game worked on this computer, I’d be a total goner though! 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear the news. Do whatever it takes to be healthy. That is number 1. You know that your plan works, so once you’re post-surgical, just get back on plan. Sometimes fate takes a hand in the game and we have to roll with it. No worries, we’re here with you each step of the way!

  4. Pregnancy was what thwarted mine, but I was still able to walk. The good news about being barred from some of my other movement loves was that they felt even better to come back to. I wish you the best in the weeks ahead!

  5. Oh, no! Glad you’re getting it taken care of. I love your attitude of seeing the bright side. I hope you’re given the ok to do some light exercising to help you not get too out of whack. Hopefully the time will fly!

  6. I wish you well and know with your determination that you will bounce back into the exercise regime. Take care of yourself, this is a priority,if you happen to gain a few from not exercising, this will make you even stronger when you have recouped to get them off again. Hugs.

  7. Aw crikey! Sending as many good sentiments and feelings your way as the broadband can send!! You have a great outlook and that terrific collection of craft projects will be a winner for you. Hope you are having a restful weekend and enjoying the Summer weather. Cheering you on in every way the internet allows! Hope you have an interesting selection of fruit teas to make the time more fragrant!

    1. I can feel all of those good wishes right through my screen! Thank you! Lita, you would laugh with glee at the tea collection that I have! My youngest is a tea lover, too, and we’re always trying a new flavor or brand. 🙂

  8. Oh honey! I feel your frustration!! Great that your surgical needs are being sorted but such a shame it’s coming when you’re on such an exercise high!! I think just do the movement that you can, stick to your eating plan and stay as busy as possible with your craft projects and the time will pass xx good luck xx

    1. Thanks Elaine! I’m slowly, but surely becoming more accepting of my fate and I’m certain that I’ll be alright. In the long run, I’m gong to feel so, so much better without dealing with the continual problems that I’ve been having. I’m hearing from others that I’ll at least be able to take walks and do light exercise after the first week. The only thing I’ll have to fully give up for 6 weeks is swimming and abdominal exercises (but who really enjoys abdominal exercise anyway?)!
      I’m really excited to start my glass and resin projects. I found some really pretty older, colored glass to cut at a thrift shop yesterday. That should keep me busy! I’m off to the pool in a few minutes to get in as much swimming as possible before all of this! Hope your weekend is fabulous! 🙂

      1. I’m sure that the level of fitness that you’ve built up will help with your recovery too 🙂 and swimming pools are so full of germs, you have to be safe!!
        Your glass projects sound so interesting xx hope you’ve had a good weekend xx

  9. Sounds like you’re having it pretty rough. You’ll be glad when it’s all behind you. I’m learning more about modern diets and have gone the other way pretty much entirely (still stripping out a few leftovers from the cupboard). I’m not going to preach – too much of that around and so many different ideas. I just do what works for me. I’ve gone back to the way great-grandma uses to eat – if you have to peel it, wash it or chop it, it works. All convenience foods, packets, wheat and oil are out (background: I got really ill on the modern diet last Christmas, not quite to the point of hospitalization, but touch-and-go at calling an ambulance when I could hardly breathe).

    Good luck with all you are going through. Don’t overstrain the exercise, but build back up gradually. You’ve got a wonderful set of well-wishers here – and I’ve seen for myself that you still have your sense of humor, a most important thing.

    Cheers to you! 🙂

    1. You’re so right about healthy, whole eating without preservatives. This is how we eat at my house, too. Even when I was overweight, I made everything from scratch–I just ate way too much of it! 🙂
      I’m very fortunate to have met so many nice people on here. Thank you for your kinds words and advice! 🙂

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