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Rest for the Rested? Yuck!

Friday evening, I ended up at our local hospital’s emergency room. Low blood pressure combined with dehydration, and borderline low iron (from a premenopausal issue that I’ve been dealing with for the past six weeks), had me very light-headed and weak.  After many tests, I was given fluids and allowed to come home. Thankfully, the doctor didn’t feel that my diet or exercise plan was the cause of my problem; it is the lovely six week-long period that I’ve been having 😦 .  His instructions were to call my regular doctor to be seen as soon as possible, get plenty of fluids, eat foods high in iron, take an iron supplement, and rest.

I’ve put the call in to my doctor and am now waiting for her reply.  Fluids? Check.  Foods high in iron? Check. Iron supplement?  Taken.  Rest?  Reluctantly.  Very reluctantly. Since Saturday I’ve been mostly sitting around and it doesn’t bode well with me.  I like being busy.  On Saturday, my daughters cooked my husband’s birthday dinner, while I hung out with him in the family room and made shell ornaments.  By Sunday, I was in dire need of crafting supplies, and my husband offered to take me on a quick run to Michael’s Arts and Crafts store.  I was excited to find beads and frames on sale for 40% off. Woo Hoo!!!  (It really is those little things in life that make me happy!) I also decided to pick up some Envirotex Lite Pour-on High Gloss Finish ( a clear polymer resin) and some, clear colored glass tiles and rounds to make faux stained glass window hangings.  My husband decide that it was time for me to have my own drill for installing eye hooks, so we swung by Home Depot and he got me a small Dremmel drill and some bits.  Even though I’ve built stage sets and used real power tools in my younger years, he doesn’t seem to trust me with his tools. Yet, years ago, it was him that I drove to the ER after he almost  amputated his finger with a circular saw.  Go figure! 🙂

So today, I’ll be waiting for the doctor’s callback, drinking tons of water, and arranging pretty pieces of glass in very nifty, weathered, “beachy” frames.  The weather conditions here are too humid for working with resin, but I can make my plans. The resin and glass window hanging in the background of this picture uses the same technique as I’ll be using.  It was purchased at one of my very favorite places, the Seagreen Gallery in Nag’s Head, NC.

I didn't make the lovely resin and cut glass window  hanging that's in the background of this pic, but the ones I plan to make will be using a similar technique. (Photo by me)
I didn’t make the lovely resin and cut glass window hanging that’s in the background of this pic, but the ones I plan to make will be using a similar technique. (Photo by me)

If you drop by, say hello; I’m not going anywhere! 🙂 

23 thoughts on “Rest for the Rested? Yuck!”

    1. Thank you! I’m still waiting on her office to call for my appointment time. She’s out delivering babies today! 🙂 I think this is just one of those yucky premenopausal things that I’m having to deal with. According to my daughter, I do have some options to stop it–and I’m more than willing to try them! 🙂
      Have a great day! Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

  1. I hope that they figure out what’s going on and you get better soon. I love my dremmel. I build 1/6 scale figure models and they’re great for removing seams and burrs. Sure beats using a piece of sand paper. 🙂

    1. I’m eager to try it out. It’ll be a bit before I need to drill with this project. Glad to know it’s not a girly drill!! 🙂 I teased my husband yesterday that he was trying to get me a “girl’s only” drill when he was telling me how light it would be to work with. I had to remind him about the massive strength I have in my biceps, with a little Home Depot “gun show!”

      1. Nice! I love flexing in the small tool department, too! I was able to score a knock-off dremel bit set for 18 bucks at Lowe’s last year. The dremel brand can be expensive for the replacement bits.

  2. This is where I scold you! TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF. And I love my Dremel, some of the sanding bits are great for a home pedicure. 😉

    1. I know! I’m kind of terrible about keeping still and slowing down.
      Good to know about the drill! I’m not big on salon pedicures, so you just never know–I might give that a try!! 🙂

    1. Yes, seriously! Things have slowed down a bit today–after three days of sitting around. I’m eager for the go ahead to get back to the gym from the doctor. I’m still waiting for my appointment. At least I have some fun things to do while I wait for the phone to ring! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You had me at “husband’s birthday dinner”….but then you lost me at “circular saw.”

    Enjoy your crafty adventures, Hon. And I love you!

  4. A six week period?? OMG! I’m not surprised you ended up feeling so awful!! I can totally empathise, I’m not good at sitting still either but sometimes your body is trying to tell you something…I hope you feel better and get some answers very soon xx

    1. Things luckily seem to be slowing down today. I guess because I’ve just been sitting around. I’m able to get in with our family doctor tomorrow morning, but am still waiting for a call back from the gynecologist’s office. (Hopefully they’ll call this morning.) The doctors in my area are so overloaded with patients that there’s a 1-2 month wait for an appointment with a gyno. They are trying to wedge me in sooner though. Thank you for your well wishes. After I hear from the doc’s office, I’m at least going to do some house cleaning and grocery shopping. This sitting around has me stir crazy. 🙂 xxxx

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