“Balloons, Tied To Wrists, Filled With Hot Air”

I can’t believe that I didn’t see this post earlier! Steven is an awesome writer! Check him out! 🙂

Steven Salvatore

Last week I published a piece called “I Am., Part II,” and one of my faithful readers, disappearingwoman (whose awesome blog, The Ravenously Disappearing Woman, you can check out here!) commented with something that struck a chord with me, so much so that I wrote a short little poem inspired by what she said. She wrote: “Tenuous dreams laced with pending, life realities seem unreachable. My advice, from experience, would be to not let your dreams slip away. Even if you have to tie the string of your writing goals around your wrist, like an amusement park balloon, to keep them from drifting –do it!” This not only inspired me, but it made me think about the tangibility of my dreams and goals and really made me think about the present and what is currently in front of me, what’s really tangible.

This is what I wrote:


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