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Odds Are, or A Dream for Your Dollar


Today’s post is inspired by the daily prompt:

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?


My family is very small, and I’ve done a pretty good job of tracing my ancestry as far back as the 1870s, so I’m pretty certain that no dead aunt is going to suddenly pop into my life. I do have another investment strategy, with even less likely odds, and it’s name is Powerball.

Every once in a great while,when the jackpot is super high, my husband and I will break down and buy one solitary Powerball lottery ticket.  I’ve witnessed people buying $100 worth, or more, foolishly unaware that their odds haven’t increased and that they’ve just wasted $99 that could have been spent on their electric bill, or new shoes for their kids. In fact, according to an article on The Daily Beast, odds are much greater that I could get struck by lightning, die of a flesh-eating bacteria, or get hit by a meteor during the asteroid apocalypse, than win the lottery.

I enter into my one dollar investment with full disclosure that my portfolio is likely to yield a big, old, goose egg of a return.  However, secure in the fact that someone will likely win, there’s a small, dim glimmer of hope that it could be us.  So, from the time that I hand over my buck to the cashier at my local 7-11 to the hour that I check the winning numbers, my mind will drift to the possibility of hitting the big one for hundreds of millions of dollars. My husband and I agree that we’re buying ourselves a little chunk of daydreaming time for our dollar.

The best part of hitting the jackpot would be paying of all of our various debts.  Then with a clean slate, we’d pay off my daughter’s medical school loans and set up all three of our kids in their dream homes and put plenty of money in their bank accounts, so they would only work if they wanted to.

Next, I would hook up my best friend; pay off her house and debts and hire a cook and driver for her–because she is unable to use a stove or drive with her head injury.  I’d also set up a trust and a financial manager for her.

There are three ladies who were a tremendous help to me, long ago, when my first husband left me and took our only car.  These three friends drove me back and forth to work (we worked at the same school) and refused my gas money offerings. One even anonymously gave me a gift card for winter coats for my daughters and me that year (she denies it, but I know it was her).  These ladies would get brand new cars with unlimited gas cards, and would never have to work again.

In terms of charitable work, I’d love to set up a compassionate care foundation to help those unable to pay for medical, or other needs. This would especially include the mentally ill, single parents, and the elderly.

Lastly, my husband and I would give our current house to a needy family, and then move to a luxury beach house with a gym and a heated indoor/outdoor pool.  I’d also hire a personal trainer to visit our home five times per week, and a chef to cook healthy us meals–in between our world travels!

It’s funny, writing about my dreams of having millions is almost as satisfying as actually purchasing a lottery ticket.  Maybe I’ll just post this and save myself a dollar, after all, the odds really aren’t in my favor!

Speaking of odds, I LOVE this song by The Barenaked Ladies!!








25 thoughts on “Odds Are, or A Dream for Your Dollar”

  1. Yet…on the off chance that actual purchase MAY be required, I would very much appreciate your thinking good thoughts about the following numbers: 1, 4, 16, 21, 47 … and the Powerball: 25.

    This has not been a public service announcement….thank you.

  2. And I adore you and love you. Also, I always thought 1 percent of the total for each of those three wonderful ladies who helped you would be a more appropriate amount. It is a story that has always touched my heart so much.

  3. You have terrific friends. The ladies who helped with the gift card sound incredible. There can be such contrasts in human behaviour – it’s a blast to know kindness. Hope you are well. I will check out some more blogs to see what I have missed. We have blissful sunshine here today. Sipping on my Rooibos tea today and wishing you a great weekend.

    1. Yay, Lita!! It’s good to hear from you! It’s gorgeous here, too! I have been very lucky to have some good friends in my life. It’s wonderful how when you look back on your life you tend to remember all of the good people in it, rather than the negative ones.
      I’m doing well (except for this horrid peri-menopausal stuff I’m going through). I’m actually drinking coffee this morning–my husband’s smelled so good that I decided to join him. I haven’t given up my tea though; yesterday I must have had five cups of Tazo Zen–I love that stuff!! Hope your weekend is equally as lovely! Enjoy the sunshine!

      1. blimey that’s a brilliant insight and so encouraging and true – we only remember the GOOD pals! Hurrah. I do have to strain my memory now to remember people who annoyed me way back when! You are a wise lady. I love love love coffee so I’m sure it’s a lovely cup. Starbucks here do tazo jasmine and orange I had that today. Not being cheesy though but I have to remember to go for the largest size next time as you get two tea bags in your cup!! Extra value!! I’m sitting out in me garden enjoying the sun as I type. Happy days to you too!

      2. You’re right about that large size and at my Starbucks they do hot water refills. My friend and I usually go to Starbucks every Tuesday afternoon. I usually refill my cup three times. I fully admit to being a caffeine–aholic. I don’t put sweetener or milk in my tea, so I’m not gaining pounds from it. Coffee is another story; I limit myself to one cup because I love it with non-dairy creamer. Enjoy your garden–sounds lovely!

      3. I will be bold next time in Starbucks and ask. I think it will depend on who is at the counter!! I have read somewhere caffeine has health benefits I guess a little bit of what you enjoy is good! cheers 🙂

  4. Enjoyed the song. It was new to me.
    The scary thing is $1,000,000 would not go nearly far as you would wish it to — and the IRS gets a good chunk before anyone else.

    1. I know–it’s very sad isn’t it? My husband probably wouldn’t even retire if we inherited a million. That’s why I went with winning hundreds of millions in the lottery for this post. If it was a million, we’d probably pay off our home and debts, and save the rest. I love my kids dearly, but we just put all three through college and have helped them tremendously–so maybe I’d bring them along on a nice vacation with us after all of our things were taken care of. 🙂

    1. Of course dreams come true. 🙂 Now I’m going to tease you just a bit, because your “off the grid” comment made me think of my husband and how besides talking about cars, traffic, and, road routes, they always seem to find time to fit in something about survival. Is the “off the grid” dream for an impending alien invasion, the zombie apocalypse, or just for the independence of not relying on “the grid?” Are there underground bunker and stockpile plans with this? Military type training for your boys? Will you be on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show–since you’ve already been on AFHV? Just trying to see how much competition you’ll be against our family when the asteroids start hitting. 😉

      1. Lol! An alien zombie invasion. Those are zombies who travel 200 light years for dinner. I haven’t been on afhv yet, but they now own the rights to publish it. 🙂

      1. You won’t need a remote. The TV in our “bunker” is always on the History Channel. You won’t miss Ancient Aliens and we have Netflix for all of the old Star Trek episodes–just hope you like Next Generation and Piccard over Kirk–or there might be a break in the alliance!

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