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A Quick Trip to the Motivation Lost and Found Department

I’m usually not thrilled about being wrong, but today I’ve made an exception.  My doctor’s appointment yielded the good news of a 3.5 pound loss since my last weigh in.  Though I’m still not quite believing my success, I’ve learned that doing things right the majority of the time still brings results. I guess all of those beach walks added up to negate some of my overindulgence.

Today marked my 20th week on Optifast and the beginning of my transition to the Weight Wise program where for the next two months I’m monitored through bi-weekly visits and counseling, and am only using two Optifast products per day.  The best part of this transition was getting measured and photographed for my “after” picture.  Unfortunately, my scanner isn’t working, so, I’ve attempted to photograph the print out that I was given today.  Please excuse the quality of the photos.

Who stuffed an extra person under my sweater?
BEFORE: Who stuffed an extra person under my sweater?
I'm feeling much, much healthier in this picture!  I didn't realize that they weren't photographing my face, but I was wearing a HUGE smile!
AFTER: I’m feeling much, much healthier in this picture! I didn’t realize that they weren’t photographing my face, but I was wearing a HUGE smile!

All totaled, I’ve lost 53.5 pounds, so far!  I’ve also lost 11 inches from my hips, 12 inches from my waist, four inches from my chest, and three inches from my arms and legs!   My BMI began at 38 and is now at 28–that’s going to add a few years, or more to my life!

I also discovered today that my blood pressure is REALLY low. I had been on a 50 mg dose of blood pressure medication that was reduced to 25 mgs about a month ago.  Today, after three BP readings that averaged out to 92/67, I was taken off of ALL blood pressure medication!! (My energy level is sure to return soon!)  I also take medication for acid reflux that has been reduced, and my nightly inhaled steroid for my asthma is being reduced next month after allergy season ends.

After today’s results, and after seeing my “before” picture, I’m feeling so much more motivated.  I’m heading to the gym early in the morning to get a good start on my day.  I want to once again thank all of my blogging buddies for being such a huge source of support and inspiration through all of this.  I truly feel accountable to you all and I appreciate all of your kind words of encouragement.

Have a wonderful sleep (or maybe breakfast–depending on your time zone)!





27 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to the Motivation Lost and Found Department”

  1. This is wonderful news! There is an amazing and wonderful difference between your before and after picture too. I can only imagine the smile you must have had on. I looked at my measuring tape to put a picture to the 12 inches off your waist, Yikes! What a tremendous inspiration you are.

    Have you experienced any dryness like itchy skin or hair loss from your weight loss? Do you have to take daily vitamins or supplements?

    I’m sorry if these are too many questions and if you’ve answered them in previous posts you’ve shared.


    1. Thank you so much, Maria! I’m pretty excited about my changes! No problem about the questions. I take a regular Women’s Formula daily vitamin (it’s actually the Target brand of One-a-Day) and I take fish oil supplements from GNC morning and evening. The Optifast has lots of vitamins and minerals in it, too. I’ve been lucky to not experience dry skin or hair loss. I’ve always been one to lotion up after getting out of the shower and my skin doesn’t seem any different. My hair’s always been really thick. With the vitamins it’s growing really fast and I’ve had to get it cut about every four weeks.
      I’m glad to hear from you. Hope all is well 🙂

      1. Sounds like you are covered from all angles. Well, your pictures look amazing. As you know, I love photographs and I’m thinking you’ll be glad to pose and smile for the next family picture. Enjoy your evening!

      1. It truly does. What’s really silly is that our health insurance plan pays absolutely nothing towards weight management. I’ve had to pay for all of my Optifast, bariatric doctor visits and wellness center visits in full, and they weren’t cheap. Some insurances here in the US pay a small amount towards wellness, but not many. You would think that insurance companies would want to keep from having to pay for big things like diabetes and heart disease–because they’ll cover all of that! 🙂

  2. I am so very proud of you. I always was proud of you; but I am ESPECIALLY proud of you today! What an incredible accomplishment…and how drastic seeing the comparison that was invisible during the gradual, daily change. Congratulations, Hon–I love you!

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