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I walked along the windswept shore among the broken fray.

The angry sea, she call to me and begged for me to stay.

The cloudy sky, he beckoned,  too, and filled me with his lies.

I trudged a few steps closer, despite the wise gull’s cries.

‘midst stormy waves, and blowing sand, I stood there all alone,

Then thought a bit, and changed my path, and headed back towards home.

~ by The Ravenously Disappearing Woman

This poem was inspired by my very windy evening beach walk.  After I writing it, I realized that it could be interpreted as a seaside version of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.  I assure you, it’s not as dark as all that!  This vacation has been relaxing, amazing, refreshing, and deeply laced in temptation. My husband and I love it here, so there’s the temptation to chuck life as we currently know it; say goodbye to family, friends, and his very secure job and start over in this new, fresh place. That’s not at all like responsible us, but it’s so very tempting.

There’s, of course, the continual temptation of food here.  Everywhere I look, a restaurant sign or billboard beckons.  I actually had a dream last night about putting my mouth on the nozzle of  one of Sweet Frog’s frozen yogurt dispensers and sucking down the sweet stuff until my stomach nearly exploded.  I had a similar, but very awake, dream about spending the day eating McDonald’s French fries.  These are not healthy thoughts.

It’s not quite time for a move, and definitely not time for me to slurp up the contents of  a frozen yogurt machine, or consume a heart attack’s worth of greasy fries.  I need routine and accountability.  I need to hug my kids, pet my cats, and sleep in my own bed.  So, after one, last, perfect sunny (or even not-so-sunny) beach walk today, it will be time to pack our bags and head back towards home tomorrow.

What are you tempted by?  Have you ever wanted to start over in a new place?  How well do you handle temptation? Tell me about it.

The path to the shore from our rental condo.  This picture looks calm, but the wind was really blowing! (photo by me)
The path to the shore from our rental condo. This picture looks calm, but the wind was really blowing! (photo by me)






11 thoughts on “Temptation”

    1. Aw, it’s probably very hard to leave from a visit with your mom. It’s not my home in WV that I miss– it’s the people in it. Once my hubby has full retirement we’ll be ready for a move here. My kids are also considering relocating here, too. Then, it will truly feel like home. :)xx

      1. Wonderful! I don’t have a place that is a family home, as in a place where my bother and I have lived with my Mum, the last time we all lived together anywhere was in 1983! My ‘home’ now is my home with Graham and Ben and Bob, where my Mum lives isn’t home sadly 😦 x

      2. The last time I live at “home” with my parents and brother was in 1982! After I married Gary, my hubby, and we all moved in together is the first time I’ve felt at home since I was little. We’re both very lucky to have that, aren’t we? 🙂

  1. Your photo is a visualization of your temptation. That path is the seductress, tempting you to stay. Great photo! I met a man in Bora Bora who was Austrian by birth. He told me that he went to Bora Bora over 40 years prior and never went home again. I’d love to do that, but I have too many stings still attached where I am. Once my child rearing days are over, I do believe that I will indulge in some wanderlust.

    1. Thanks, Rob. You have no idea how many people I’ve met here who’ve never returned to their former life. I’m too steady and realistic, however, today we met with the nicest realtor/temptress who showed us the cutest little cottage. We’ll find our way back here eventually–I know it!

  2. Hon, I agree with W2L completely, about “the path.” And we know we are home, here. Perhaps starting tomorrow, we could somehow think of the next 51 weeks as some sort of vacation (a weird, survival-camp sort of sabbatical?) until we can again return “home.”

    I love you where ever we are!

    1. 🙂 Good thinking about the survival camp. Should I run towards the cornucopia for the bow and arrows, or should I just run to woods to find water? I’m glad we’ve formed an alliance! I love you, too!

  3. When I visit Arizona, where we want to end up retiring, I always want to stay. I dream of living there all the time. I love the winters there and how close it is to so many things. How much better the lifestyle can be there with so much sunshine and a warmer winter. I know summer will not be nice, but there’s mountain getaways within a few hours. And there’s always home here which is beautiful in summer and all my kids live here.

    1. My husband spent his teenage years in Scottsdale, AZ and his dad still owns a townhouse there. He loved it, but you’re right the summers are brutal–especially since his parents loved the warmth and never turned on the AC! I hope you find the perfect place there someday! Maybe you can talk your kids into moving there, too! (That’s what we’re trying to do with ours:) )

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