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Back to my New Normal

I’d like to tell you I spent last evening exercising and eating right.  I’d like to, but I can’t. After five months and eleven days of following Optifast to the letter with absolutely no cheating, I purposely plunged off of the wagon and straight through the doors of my favorite seafood restaurant.

Deciding to eat a “regular,” uncensored meal was a choice that I didn’t take lightly and one that my dietician didn’t discourage during our last meeting. After all, vacations aren’t weekly occurrences.  I just wasn’t completely sure that it was something that I wanted to do.  Would indulging, and possibly overindulging make me feel like I’d failed?  Would eating at  a restaurant be the gateway meal leading to old habits that I’ve tried so hard to break?

I ordered a good glass of wine and my husband ordered a beer. The waiter brought our salads with homemade ranch dressing on the side, and a basket of the restaurant’s special hushpuppies. I slowly sipped my wine and carefully dipped the tines of my salad fork into the dressing before I gently stabbed my romaine.  The hushpuppies were crispy and sweet and by the time my entrée arrived, I was noticing the first signs of fullness. My plate was adorned with a lemon wedge with its edge dipped in herbs nestled by a well-portioned, broiled crab cake, six perfectly broiled scallops and a serving of steamed, baby string beans.  It felt amazing to have no restrictions.  I’m sadden to say that it felt normal, sipping wine, chatting with my husband and actually eating the foods whose aromas had tempted me for so many months.  As we finished with a homemade brownie and cup of coffee for dessert, I realized that though it was delicious, it wasn’t the food, I’d missed.  It was my husband’s blue eyes across the table and the way our feet touch underneath of it.  It was the ready laughter to his silly jokes and the friendliness of our waiter.  It was the relaxation that comes with taking a break from something that requires constant thought, monitoring, effort, and willpower.

Reflecting on my experience today, as I sip a delicious strawberry Optifast shake (and they honestly are delicious) mixed with my 1/2 cup fruit serving of blueberries, I’m glad I indulged. One unrestricted meal won’t cause me to gain the weight I’ve lost back.  I was certainly satisfied by eating the foods that I craved, but I also realized that the main thing I was seeking was for my meal time to be more relaxed and natural.  That’s something that I think will only come through fully accepting that I have to eat differently than I used to if I want to be healthy.  I have to embrace the fact that this change in eating isn’t a break from reality–it IS my new reality.   The good news is that it’s doable and manageable. Today I feel focused, back on track, and ready to return to my “new” old way of eating.


If you’ve made a dietary change, how long did it take you to adjust to a new way of eating?  Do you still crave some of the unhealthy foods you once ate?  Do you “cheat” every once in a while, or have you lost your desire to?

Most importantly, are you all disappointed in me for veering away from my plan for one evening? 🙂 





15 thoughts on “Back to my New Normal”

  1. It had taken me a while to get to the point where my new way of eating was more routine. I do indulge in some foods that aren’t consistent with my plan, but tend to have them when on vacation or a special day. That makes me appreciate those vacations, and also provides a regulatory effect on those foods as well. It’s lunch time here and reading your description of your dinner has made me very hungry! 😉

    1. I’m back from visiting young Spock. His ears are fixed but I have green blood all over my favorite tank top. 😉

      That’s good to know, and you’re right about vacations having a regulatory effect on those foods. I tried to include a pic of my dinner, but my media library is acting up.

  2. No disappointment here! I’m on day 14 of my second Whole30, with every intention to keep it going after the initial 30 days. The difference is, I’ll occasionally allow myself a treat. (Hellllo, lemon cupcake!)

    The craving part of your post had me smiling. It’s been a lot easier to adjust to this way of eating this time around, but I did have a mad desire to eat yesterday. I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted to eat. It surely wasn’t anything my eyes landed on, and I saw some good food. Apparently, that’s common at this stage. Phew.

    1. Thanks 🙂 ! The cravings are still plaguing me, but I’m grilling up a veggie burger now and having a salad with it. Lemon cupcakes–I love them, too! Good luck with Whole 30! 🙂

  3. Your meal sounds delicious, but the experience even better 🙂 I think, for myself, I will always struggle with wanting to go back to my old ways. I can’t imagine it not being a struggle at times, but I hope I’m wrong and some day my new lifestyle will be so desirable I never have cravings or wants again. But for now, it’s still a struggle sometimes. I find healthy food very delicious, so I think it’s odd that I crave some unhealthy foods. And even some of those I’m not even that fond of.

    1. I hope we’re both wrong about those cravings never going away! I love healthy foods too, but my downfall is carbs and oddly (since I usually get sick from it) ice cream!
      It’s just a one day at a time thing, I guess!

      By the way, I just got back from climbing the dunes!!

      1. I’m trying to write about it now, but I can’t get my photos to show up. They show up in my media library, but not on the post. That happened with this post, too. I had a lovely shot of last night’s dinner to show!

  4. OMG! not disappointed at all!! Firstly, I think you fully deserved it, secondly, I think you needed to test yourself. And you did 🙂 and look what you learnt. And I completely agree, for me, going out to dinner with my husband is never about the food, it’s about having him all to myself, across the table, with our attention on nothing else but one another, I could be eating cardboard and I’d still love that time with him ❤️
    The other key thing that I think you now know, is that one meal does not ruin everything, you can have that treat knowing that all is not ruined, yay!!!! Such amazing lessons xx

    1. You’re so right! My husband is such a sweetie and dinner out with him, alone, is always such a nice experience. I’ve missed it.
      I went right back to my plan yesterday with no problems–except for a craving for ice cream! Which is really silly because I usually get sick from it!
      And you’re right about one meal not ruining everything. In the grand eating scheme of this week, I’ve most likely burned more calories than I’ve consumed with all of my swimming and walking. I’m not one to lounge on the beach–I love to walk in the surf.
      Today, it’s rather chilly here, so we’re off to look at the local art galleries. My fingers are crossed that the sun will make an appearance, but sun, or not, I’ll probably still jump in the pool, since I can usually tolerate the cold pretty well!
      Thank you for your words of encouragement. Have a wonderful rest of the day and evening! 🙂 xxxx

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