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Disappearing Woman Awards Weekend (or however long it takes :))

My blogging buddies make me feel like a winner!!  <3 Photo via Microsoft Word clip art
My blogging buddies make me feel like a winner!!

I’ve been guiltily sitting on more than a handful of honors for quite a few months. I’ve shamefacedly posted articles about exercise, weight loss and bathing suit shopping, all the while knowing that I have some very special people to thank for, and honor with, the awards that they’ve graciously bestowed upon me.  So for the next few days, or more, I’ll be addressing the following amazing bloggers:

Mimi, at PsychologistMimi, for The Light House Award

Kim, at Always Thinking I’m Fat, for The Quintet of Radiance Awards, the Liebster Award, and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Lita Doolan, at Any old world uncovered by new writing, for The Beautiful Blogger Award

Rob, at Weight 2 Lose 2013, for The Sunshine Award, The Liebster Award, The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, and the coveted Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Award!

I sincerely hope that I haven’t missed anyone who’s been gracious enough to honor me.  I usually copy and paste the awarder’s post in a word doc as soon as I get it, but if I’ve forgotten someone, please remind me.

I’ll be working very diligently on my award assignments over the next few days, and wish to send a very heartfelt thank you to all of the fabulous bloggers who’ve nominated me! ❤




4 thoughts on “Disappearing Woman Awards Weekend (or however long it takes :))”

  1. Your cup runneth over! All well deserved, to be sure. And the bloggers who have nominated you are so talented in their own rights that it is triple the honor.

    Congratulations, Hon!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely awards that you’ve given me. I keep being roused from my writing by the word “Mom!?” My oldest has her Objective Structured Clinical Exam tomorrow where she has 14 minutes to interview a standardized patient, perform a full exam, decide what tests to order and come up with a differential diagnosis. I’ve been playing her patient periodically all weekend! She just left for school, so now I can get some writing done! 🙂

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