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Wisdom Wednesday: The Wisdom of “Yet”

Could this be you crossing the finish line? (Photo courtesy of free Microsoft Word clip-art)
Could this be you crossing the finish line? (Photo courtesy of free Microsoft Word clip-art)

Yesterday, was very special.  I hung out with my best friend, helping her do some shopping for her mother who is in the beginning stages of dementia.  She’s the same age that my mother would be if she were still living. I haven’t shopped for a mother (other than myself) for 30 years, and it was difficult to hold back tears while watching her mom’s face beam with delight as she put away her new supplies.

There are some things that are “nevers.”  I will never, in this life, care for my elderly mother. I will never brush her hair, never buy her new clothes, and never get beaten at Gin Rummy by her again. Never.

Please don’t think that I use the example of my mother morbidly, or to make anyone sad, myself included.  I use this example to illustrate the monumental gravity of the word never. Anyone who’s lost a loved one knows that death equals some weighty and permanent nevers.

After, visiting with my friend’s mom for a few hours, I headed to the gym to get the rest of my day’s 10,000 steps in.  The padded track is on the second floor where the exercise studios are located.  As I walked on the inner “slow lane,”  I couldn’t help but notice the runners gracefully sprinting past me in the outer “fast lane.”  Their well honed muscles, their fluid movements, and their oneness with the track, made me yearn to be like them.  As I passed the classrooms, I saw people dizzily spinning at speeds that I couldn’t imagine reaching.  I watch a core class doing TRX Training  that looked virtually impossible.  I spied men and women in an X-treme Aerobics class moving with a pace and steps that seemed unreachable.  Then I found myself thinking a dreadful thought–one that I’ve work so hard to shut out of my mind’s recesses; “I could NEVER do that!”  I didn’t just think it once; I had a never for every activity on that second floor. In fact, I walked and entire lap lost in my own personal Neverland!

Luckily, I mindfully “checked myself before I wrecked myself!”  The next lap, I changed my way of thinking.  “I can’t do that yet, ” I thought, as a runner flew by me.  “I can’t do that, yet,” I mused, as I passed some impressive, suspended push-ups happening in the TRX class.  “I can’t do that yet,” I said, as I glided by the sweaty spinners.  “I can’t do that yet,” I inwardly smiled, as I shuffled past the lithe aerobic dancers.

“YET” is a power word.  It’s imbued with hopefulness and magnificent things to come.  It implies future successes, the meeting of goals, and the crossing of finish lines.  On this rainy Wednesday, in my corner of the world, I implore you to change your weighty, dead-end, final nevers to glorious, hopeful, anticipating YETS!

What exercise goals are you working on?  What will you be able to do physically in the future?  Tell me about it! 🙂


38 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: The Wisdom of “Yet””

  1. This is superb advice, in any endeavor! Both the message, and the way you wrote the message, are so worthy…one of your best blogs to date. And I am so incredibly proud of all you are achieving!

  2. Never is powerful. The finality of that word is cold to me. You’ve experienced it in the examples that you’ve provided and it’s such a moment of isolation. But “yet” is an excellent qualifier. To me, it’s implicit that you WILL. A new hope! We should all use that word when we’re on our journey. Never say never!

      1. It’s cloudy, with rain expected soon. I live in Northern Massachusetts and it’s supposed to be cloudy most of this week. More time for guitar playing! 🙂 I hpe that you’re having a great day!

      2. I am, though I need to get off of the computer and head out into the rain. (Yuck!) I have weigh in and then I need to hit the gym for my 10,000 steps. I have blisters–so it might take me a while. I got some special bandages for them–here’s hoping they work! 🙂

  3. Yes! Thank you, I love your wisdom wednesdays! This post was brave and sweet and wonderful. I think you are doing great. And your post made me want to call my mum, but she called me first. Maybe there was something in the air. 😀

  4. Love this! Many people have told me they could not run a marathon. I’ve always used lots of words to get at the same idea behind this one. “Maybe not today, but with training? Sure you could.” Or, more simply, “Not yet.” Awesome.

    1. Deborah! Thank you for your kind words. I feel so honored to hear from you, know how busy you are with brand, new Littler J! I’m super impressed by you ability to complete a marathon. I may not be ready for a marathon yet, but one day…. 🙂

  5. That made me smile 🙂 a great post xx there’s a hill near me that I kept looking at and wanting to try cycling up that I thought I’d NEVER be able to pedal up…I did it one day and it was tough, but it was okay, and now I fly up it and am finding it not enough of a challenge any more! The power of YET ☺️ X

    1. Hooray for you, Elaine! 🙂 I love it when things that were tough become easy. I’ve noticed that happens at the gym. It lets you know how far you’ve come–it sounds like you’ve come pretty far with your bike riding! 🙂 xx

      1. Thank you, and I have, when I first got it, just 20 mins down the road was an achievement 🙂 you can definitely feel yourself getting fitter and stronger can’t you?

  6. Gosh, there’s a LOT of wisdom in the post, my friend. I had a therapist who emphasized the importance of the word “yet.” In fact, It’s a word I have loved for years, as it says in 3 letters so much about future potential. Another wonderful post! Thank you!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

      1. What a bundle of mishaps in my spelling lol, I am sure you will keep up the momentum. I don’t know know how you have gone so long without real food, it astounds me. The fortitude and determination you have…amazing lady 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m getting ready to begin my journey into real food tomorrow! I’ll be having 4oz. Of lean protein and 1-2 cups of raw veggies, with the rest of my meals being shakes–4 total. Yikes! I hope I can keep up my momentum!

  7. We use the word never way too much. I like how you changed the whole meaning of your thoughts by just adding that little word yet. Thanks for the wisdom!

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