Sorry for the Delay!

I apologize that my Friday Fixes post on self-confidence isn’t here this morning. It’s only half-finished.  Perhaps my own self-confidence is more abundant than the amount of free (non-sleepy) time that I had yesterday evening for writing!

I hope all of my blogging buddies are having a lovely day.  I’m now off to the DMV (YIKES!)  My car’s dealership sent in the wrong form to transfer my tags, so now I have to go take care of it before my temporary tags expire on Monday! Oh, well, perhaps I’ll walk laps around the inside of the building while I wait for my number to be called! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Sorry for the Delay!”

      1. You are brave! DMV followed by an auto inspection. My last inspection turned out to be around, if my memory serves me correctly, $500.00 plus. New brakes, wipers and an oil change on top. 🙂

      2. Luckily, my car is new, so it didn’t take long, but I’ve certainly had my share of expensive inspections in the past. We had really hard rain here today, so I got a free car wash from nature! 🙂

      3. Very nice! Usually it rains AFTER I wax my truck. Or get a haircut. It’s a series of life long coincidences. We’re expecting lots of rain tomorrow. I did lots of yard preps today in advance of it.

      4. You’re really organized with your yard work. I still haven’t planted anything, and am relying solely on the flowering trees and bushes to make mine look nice. At least my yard is small!

      5. My father was a perfectionist with our yard when I was a kid. We don’t have the greatest soil (clay) here, so our lawn is hard to maintain.

        Did the sleepover yesterday end at a decent hour?

      6. No! It ended 24 hours after it began! Then, today another stopover. I posted about it and my frustration. It seems that when people know I’m on vacation, they think that I’ve got nothing to do!

      7. I hope your kids actually sleep during sleepovers. Mine never did. They were always relatively quiet and considerate, but I can’t fall asleep when I know people are awake and wandering through the house.

        My kids were in high school when I stopped working due to my youngest daughter’s health. Once she was stabilized and doing well, I sort of fell into doing a lot for others, too. I think part of it was because I felt sort of guilty for not working–even though it’s very easy to stay busy all day long managing a household.

        At least your kids are probably thinking “my dad is the greatest’ because of all of the fun they’re having with sleepovers!

      8. Thank you! My boys do think that I can move mountains. 🙂 They didn’t sleep, and my kids are really cranky without a good nights sleep, so there was an aftermath to the sleepover. I think that I’ll place a moratorium on sleepovers until they’re in college. 🙂

      9. Oh that you could place that moratorium! There’s no way to get out of them! I think it’s nice to have the kids friends come to your house so you kind of always know what they’re up to. My house was a central hub like that–I think it was because we always had the best food!

      10. You’re right. I was just a bit cranky that my plans got muddled up. I really do want them here, especially as they get closer to the adventurous age. I don’t know what I’m going to do when girls start showing up. I so want my house to be like Full House, but it’s probably closer to Married with Children. lol

  1. Mine is definitely like Full House–it’s certainly full! Don’t worry too much about the future with your kids. I’ve found that you grow and develop as a parent as your children grow. You’ll be ready for the time when the girls start showing up!

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