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Surviving my First Holiday on Optifast

Hooray, for healthy foods! (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
Hooray, for healthy foods! (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

When I started my weight loss program, I made sure to begin it after the Christmas holidays.  Knowing that I would be giving up solid food, after my first bariatric appointment, on January 16th, I went gastronomically crazy in the weeks prior. I hit up Famous Dave’s barbecue place three or four times. I ate McDonald’s twice–even though it made me a little sick afterwards. I made it to burger night at Glory Days Grill three Monday’s in a row. I munched on potato chips, Doritos, and candy like they were going out of style.  I also cooked all of my favorite comfort foods; chicken pie, roast beef, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, and had more desserts than you could count on both hands.  I thought my food frenzy would bolster me in the weeks ahead, as if food could possibly be the solution to my problems.

Three months,and 40 pounds later, this weekend’s Easter holiday was celebrated much differently than usual, and it was far more satisfying.  The “Easter Bunny”–yes, he still visits my adult kids–brought tiny packs of organic jelly beans and movie theater gift certificates instead of mounds of chocolate.  Instead of cooking Easter dinner solo, I had my husband and daughters’ help.  In lieu of the normal carbohydrate and sugar laden foods I’d usually prepare, we had baked, low-fat, unglazed ham, fresh green beans sautéed with shallots and garlic, fresh asparagus and tomato salad, and baked yams with assorted, healthy toppings on the side. Everything we created would be permissible on my eating plan.

Since I’m still drinking shakes, I flavored a vanilla one with coconut extract, made a huge cup of unsweetened cinnamon apple tea, and joined my family for dinner conversation.

After dinner, I took a took a very brisk, two-mile walk and did some arm and ab work.  It feels amazing knowing that I can survive a holiday and that my family is even happier with healthy holiday foods and treats.

Hope everyone’s weekend was great! 🙂  Happy Monday!

17 thoughts on “Surviving my First Holiday on Optifast”

    1. I would have never been mentally prepared to make it through the Christmas holidays on Optifast. Now, I’m pretty certain that I could do it. I’m finally at the point where I’m really noticing a difference in how I feel and look, so I don’t want to mess up! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and hugs right back to you! 🙂

    1. The holidays are tough, but luckily, I rarely feel hungry on these shakes. I think the trick is to keep really busy and to not cook or bake particularly aromatic things, like bread. Thank you so very much! 🙂

      I drink 4-5 shakes per day. Sometimes I have an Optifast bar in the morning instead of a shake. I’ve seen where you can buy them on Amazon or Ebay, but you really should consult a doctor before you begin. I get blood work and EKGs done routinely and see the doctor once per week with this. The low amount of calories can throw off your system–especially your electrolytes. It’s important to drink 2000 ml of water per day with it, too.
      Thank you for your kinds words! 🙂

  1. This is a great progress report, and timely. That feast you made may have been “healthy;” but I don’t feel like we were missing a single thing–it was magnificent, and thank you!!! When you do start eating solid food again, we will all be in the healthy club right along with you. And loving it. And loving YOU!

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