Friday Ramblings

Just two of the canvases that were painted for me as an art project at my b-day party!
Just two of the canvases that were painted for me as an art project at my b-day party!

I’m interrupting Friday Fixes this week in order to play catch up. As I write this, my house is empty and quiet, except for the lovely birds chirping in my front tree.  I’m sipping on a huge mug of hot tea and am still in my robe.  It feels like forever since I’ve been this relaxed.  The warmer weather and the green in my yard is an added accessory to this wonderful day and the perfect scene to gaze upon as I sum up my week.  Here goes:

Birthday Bash: My daughters had a small, but awesome, 50th birthday party for me this past weekend. In order for it not to be food-centric, they created a simple art project for us all to do.  I plan to hang the results on a blank wall in our bedroom this weekend.

We all had shakes in lieu of cake–I had my Optifast shake while they had homemade chocolate milkshakes.  I also had my first food in 12 weeks, 1 cup of raw carrots and cucumber slices with one tablespoon of hummus and one tablespoon of homemade salsa.  It took me over two hours to eat it–mostly because I was so busy talking. 😉

Wednesday Weigh-In:  My weekly weigh-in revealed that I lost 1.5 pounds this past week.  I would have loved a higher number, but I’ll admit that I was so busy with other responsibilities that I didn’t make it to the gym last week as often as I usually do.  Any amount of weight loss is good weight loss, so I still celebrate 1.5 pounds!  I am hitting the gym much harder this week.

Nine More Weeks:  After much thought and discussion with my doctor and family, I’ve decided to add an additional nine weeks to my Optifast program, making it 27 weeks long.  At the 18 week mark, I should be 25-30 pounds from my goal weight.  One more round of Optifast will most likely have me close to my ideal weight.  However, instead of having five shakes per day this round will feature four shakes and one small meal of lean protein and a non-starchy vegetable.  I think, given my history of food addiction, this will be a better transition for me.  I feel like I’m learning to replace overeating with other activities and experiences, but going back to food feels a little like asking a recovering alcoholic to work in a bar.  I’ve invested so much in this process that I don’t want to mess up.

More Photos!: My husband was thoughtful enough to get me a camera for my birthday.  It’s actually the first “real” camera I’ve owned as an adult.  I’ve had several cheap instamatic cameras and have used disposable cameras and my various phones to take all of my pictures over the years.  Now, once I figure it all out, I’ll hopefully be able to take some awesome shots!  My hubby loves to hike, and now that I’m more in shape, I look forward to taking gorgeous nature photos as we trek along.

Movies: I actually settled down long enough to watch two movies this week. My daughters were in movie-watching moods and I couldn’t resist their invitations to join them.  Both were Disney films; Frozen and Saving Mr. Banks.  I was vastly surprised by each of them, as neither was at all what I expected. Perhaps, I’ll share my thoughts on them this weekend.

Speaking of weekends;  I hope all of you have an awesome one!!  Do you have any fun things planned?  Tell me about it–I need ideas! 🙂

I know just what this lazy guy will be doing during his weekend! :)
I know just what this lazy guy will be doing during his weekend! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings”

  1. Sounds like a good week 🙂 interesting that it took you two hours to eat your birthday food, maybe it’s just not so important any more? Those are two films that I want to see so be interesting to see what you thought of them xx have a great weekend, looking forward to your post in the morning xx

    1. That’s what I thought about after the fact. I just wasn’t as interested in the food as much as I was with visiting with friends and family. I will warn you to not watch Finding Mr. Banks without a box of tissues close by. Two days later and my eyes are still a bit puffy! You have a wonderful weekend, too! 🙂 Yay! I get to be on your blog tomorrow! 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I can watch that. *everyone now close their eyes* I got emotional watching Steel Magnolias with my wife. *everyone can open their eyes now*. So, I’ll have to tread carefully on that suggestion. Have a great weekend!

  3. I am going to take my cues from that marshmallow of a kitty this weekend. Great blogpost by the way Hon! And ANY weight loss is weight LOSS–I am so very proud of your accomplishments!! And I love you, also!

    Let the weekend begin!

  4. You are so awesome and have come along way, not only in your weight loss goal but in your thinking of food intake in general. So happy you lost another 1.5 and so self satisfying to get through your birthday without being tempted! You are braver than many, so you should be very proud of your achievements – you go girl! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny. I’m glad to lose any amount of weight.:) I’m pretty excited with how far I’ve come in my thinking about food as more of fuel for the body rather than something to gorge on for entertainment or stress relief. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Hope you’re having some good fun this weekend!

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