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Friday Fixes: Self-Soothing with Sound


Last week’s Friday Fixes shared suggestions on how to combat emotional eating, food cravings, and overeating by using your sense of sight.  Thisweek’s installment is all about using your sense of hearing as a way to soothe yourself when the desire for unnecessary eating occurs.A huge way that I soothe myself with sound is through listening to music. I love all genres of tunes, but it turns out that I could be even more relaxed and mindfully aware if I listened to music in the correct frequencies.  Most of you know that our brains  produce five different wave frequencies that are measured in Hertz (Hz).


  1. Delta Waves (0.5 – 4Hz) are produced when you’re deeply sleeping.
  2. Theta Waves (4 – 8 Hz) are produced in the early stages of sleep, a during the REM stage of sleep, during guided imagery and during deep meditation.
  3. Alpha Waves (8 – 12 Hz) are produced when you’re in the process of doing mindless, passive activities.
  4. Beta Waves (12 – 25 Hz) are produced when you’re in a state of mindfulness, or awareness.
  5. Gamma Waves (25-100 Hz) are produced during periods of high concentration or consolidation of large amounts of information.

It’s possible to stimulate the brain to reach a state of enhanced awareness or relaxation through the use of music that has frequencies within the Hertz range of alpha, beta, or theta waves. Here are some examples of each type of music. Many examples like these can be found for free on YouTube.

Here’s an example of Alpha Wave music: (There’s a bit of an introduction before the music begins.)


Here’s an example of Beta:




And finally, an example of Theta Wave music:


Another way to achieve a deep sense of relaxation is through guided imagery.  Guided imagery is a program of directed thoughts and suggestions that guide your imagination toward a relaxed and focused state.  An instructor, script, or recorded session is used to lead you through the process. Often you’ll be asked to imagine a relaxing, natural environment ,like the beach or mountains. Throughout the script, positive messages are often repeated.   When participating in guided imagery, it’s very important to make yourself physically comfortable. Some people recline, while others prefer to sit with their feet touching the floor. Guided imagery should never be listened to while driving

This example of guided imagery is also from YouTube.



In addition to taking advantage of your brainwaves in order to self-soothe, relax, or focus, here are several other ways you can use your sense of hearing to thwart cravings:

  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Head outdoors and find a quiet spot to sit and listen to the sounds of nature around you
  • Listen to recorded nature sounds
  • Hum a soothing tune or sing a beautiful song
  • If you’re able, play an instrument
  • Call a family member or friend ( I read a study a few years ago about how the sound of your mother’s voice can lower your blood pressure. This explains why my daughter called me six times a day her first year of medical school!)
  • Read aloud your favorite poems, stories, or affirmations
  • Listen to an audio book

How do you use your sense of hearing to relax?  Is there anything else that could be added to the list?








13 thoughts on “Friday Fixes: Self-Soothing with Sound”

  1. Good information! I definitely need to relax, so I will be investigating these things further. I have noticed too that peppy music does make me more productive. I just don’t think to put it on usually. Just like I’ve heard of many of these suggestions for relaxation, but just don’t do them. But I need to! Thank you

    1. I used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep, mostly due to anxiety when I was working as a teacher. I used a guided imagery CD as a sleep aid and it really worked well. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

  2. Great post! I like to play guitar to ease stress and keep my brain occupied. It does help with eating. Aside from the distraction from eating, I’m less likely to eat something for fear of getting my fingerboard dirty. 🙂

    1. My husband plays the guitar, too! I love listening to him play classical music. Your hands are truly occupied when you play–so luckily you can’t hold food! I wish I had some musical ability. 🙂

  3. I need gamma waves during the week it seems. I love listening to forest sounds, waterfalls, cello, violin anything soft, romantic when I write, even when I write from my dark side. Music is special, uplifting, saddening, relaxing, so many things. Interesting post ~ thank you 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂 It’s funny, I can’t write with music playing. I get too caught up in the beat and tone and can’t concentrate. I do most of my listening in the car and in the evenings when my daughter and I dance for exercise.

      I love the nature sounds, too. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  4. I have my playlist from iTunes that I sometimes listen to as I’m sewing, so don’t know if it’s the music or sewing that is relaxing- I guess both are doing the job.

    1. Yes, thank goodness for YouTube, if not for meditation, for cute cat videos! I’m so glad to hear from you, and glad to see that you’re back to writing. Thanks for visiting me! 🙂

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