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Pet Rememberance Day

Is this your side of the bed? Well, I got here first and I'm NOT moving!
Is this your side of the bed? Well, I got here first and I’m NOT moving!

I had no idea that today was Pet Remembrance Day until I checked out Kitty’s blog, Kitty Here or There, Anywhere.  Although I’ve not had a plethora of pets, due to allergies when I was young and living in an apartment that didn’t allow animals for many years, I’ve enjoyed several wonderful feathery, scaly and  furry companions since I’ve been married to my husband.  Our first pet was a lovely parakeet named Ollie, then some beautiful anoles named, Lucy, Bill and Ted.  Our first furry friend was Pixie.  A gorgeous tuxedo cat that I rescued from a horrible pet shop that was going out of business.

Pixie was in terrible health when we first brought her into our home, but with lots of vet visits, love, and affection she soon regained her vigor and became our first furry daughter. However, instead of a subservient daughter, she felt that she was ruler of the household.  Pity to the fool who tried to move her from their seat or bedside.

Apart from her normal feline training, she excelled at many hobbies.  She carved artistic etchings on all of our door trim and created enormous hairball sculptures perfectly placed for stepping on the middle of the night. Her athletic abilities included human tripping and seat racing; it was impossible to beat her to your chair!   She was a champion eater and managed to grow quite plump on weight management cat chow. Her inability to be picked up and moved by humans earned her the coveted Scratch and Hiss Award ten years in a row.  Though she was a bit slow on the stalk, her ability to chatter at birds outside of the window was unsurpassed, and she never met a moth she didn’t eat.

In spite of her natural cantankerousness, she had some sweet, sleepy moments each day when she’d climb aboard my lap for a cozy catnap. In those moments as I’d drowsily drift off with her warm purring figure on mine, she was just the kitty I’d always dreamed of having.

This past October, Pixie lost a hard fight with inflammatory cancer.  Throughout her illness, she still maintained her feisty nature and funny personality.  Her pictures grace our walls and her silly antics are forever etched in our minds like the scratches on our door trim.  My lap is cold and empty without her, but my heart is warm with her memory.

Such a silly girl!  She loved to recline on her back, but don't dare try to pet her tummy!
Such a silly girl! She loved to recline on her back, but don’t dare try to pet her tummy!



21 thoughts on “Pet Rememberance Day”

    1. They really do make our lives better. I’m so very sorry for your loss. English Bulldogs are adorable and very nice dogs. I still have my huge tabby Sophie, and my daughter’s cat, Porchy to keep me company, but neither of them are lap cats.

      1. Me, too. I worked with a woman who repeatedly said that she hated animals–especially cats. She didn’t want them messing up her house. I’d rather have a little fur and a few scratches than be without the snuggliness of a pet! 🙂

      2. I wonder if animals sense this. Today I went to the local pet store to buy supplies for my fishtank. The owner has a French Bulldog there. The entire time that I was there, he was butting his head against my leg with his toy in his mouth, as if he wanted to play. I love that interaction between species. I know it sounds silly, but I felt a connection.

  1. Our fur-baby had to be put to sleep 8 years ago this 14th of July. we have her ashes in a carved box in the kitchen,next to her photo. Miss her still, she was 16 yrs old. My condolences on the loss of pixie, your last paragraph says it all. All our lost loved pets, have crossed the rainbow bridge and merrily playing right now. xx

    1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your furry one. Pixie’s main hang out was our bedroom. She loved to sleep on my side of the bed. I have her ashes in a carved box on my bedroom dresser with her pictures and cards from the vet’s office. I often feel like she still hangs out in our room; which is just where she’d want to be!

  2. Ah, this makes me want to cry. I lost my cat of 18 years about 7.5 years ago, and it nearly killed me. So sorry you lost this sweet kitty. I had no idea about this holiday. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Hug from Ecuador,

    1. I did cry a little bit while writing it. Pixie was a good old girl.
      I’m so very sorry about the loss of your kitty. Our pets become our furry children and it’s so hard to watch them suffer. I found out about Pet Remembrance Day from another blogger.
      Hugs right back to you, my dear!

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