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Just a Quickie!

Hooray for weight loss success!!
Hooray for weight loss success!!

Yesterday, was weigh in, and I lost another 3.5 pounds!!  This puts me at a 27 pound loss at my midway point!  I have a busy day of classes at the bariatric center and a training session mid-afternoon (thankfully between classes).  I’ll write tonight or tomorrow about what I learn.

Next week, I get a brand new set of educational modules to complete, and I’ll be sure to share whatever I learn from them, too.  They always seem to be full of good little weight loss tips and tricks.  I also get measured next week, and I’m really eager to see how many inches have been banished by all of my exercise!

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely first day of Spring!  May you see daffodils blooming and flocks of Robins! ❤

Happy Spring!
Happy Spring!


25 thoughts on “Just a Quickie!”

  1. Fantastic news. You’re doing awesome! The results if hard work combined with a great attitude through it all… Let’s hear a, “Yes”…. Wait let’s make that a “Hell Yea”!!!! Woot woot …. Keep at it and keep sharing! ☺️

  2. My daughter butt dialed me just to rant about one thing or another. These are the types of conversations where the only required words to say are the occasional, awe, oh, and really, are necessary. 😉 Which of course let’s me be able to check my reader at the same time….too much fun!

    Of course I had to remind her that it’s 3:45 AM my time, grr. Way too early to hear rants.

    Have a fabulous evening!

    1. Daughters LOVE to rant! My oldest is the queen of it! As mom’s we’re their ultimate sounding board! I was so glad that my daughter was able to come home to do her med school rotations. When she lived away from home, she called me about 5 times a day every day! You have a good rest of your night and try to get back to sleep! 🙂

  3. Just seen my first pile of daffodils! Suddenly the parks are full of them. Great to have a pop of colour. Have to say I love the photo to your post. The ladies look so happy and cheery! Of course all bodies are grand and fabulous. I was thinking that in Rubens day curvaceous was the rage. He paints such beauty in his ladies. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder for sure.

    1. Rubens was definitely a chubby chaser! I think he would have liked me!

      Believe it or not, that photo was just from the free pictures in my Word program! I was in a hurry and didn’t credit it–although I’d love to say that it was from a recent trip to the beach and that I’m the first girl in the line up!

      Hooray for daffodils! The grass seems a bit greener here and I see some buds on my trees, so hopefully Spring will make an appearance soon. 🙂

      1. Ooh that is an excellent find. Thank you for sharing this great tip. Hadn’t thought about checking out Word resources!

        Hooray for buds. There are some magnolia trees that are looking ready to burst but I think they are biding their time!

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