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Wisdom Wednesday: Perspectives on Wisdom

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Today’s Wisdom Wednesday post is brought to you by Amelia from snapshotsofawanderingheart.  Amelia is a young blogger who describes herself as “caught in that tenuous age in my life right between the endless possibilities of youth and the realities of adulthood.”  What an exciting place to be!  I think it’s equally exciting to  share Amelia’s perspective on wisdom!


Wisdom is:

To me, wisdom means choice. I’m not implying that if you make bad choices, you are unwise, or if you are unwise that you always make bad decisions.

Wisdom is knowing what life to choose. What mindset to apply to all of your life.

Wisdom is having the foresight to choose not prosperity, but contentment. It is the ability to find happiness in every situation, because life is a series of rises and plummets. It seems no matter how high you get, the next fall is of equal or greater horror.

Oddly, it is fun to be miserable. Happiness can only entertain people for so long, before we start looking for something to feel sorry for ourselves about.

Only with wisdom can we see that and overcome it. To choose to be happy despite the circumstances and despite the selfish pleasure to be found in it.

To find the kind of life you want and then daily dedicate yourself to it. Not to pick a job or a house or a car but more than that. To choose what kind of person you want to be and stand with it. That will kill self-consciousness.

To choose the person you want to be with and not falter. To never give up on that person. To never let foolishness inspire petty arguments. To decide to never stop putting the other person first. To not take the easy way out. But to choose to honor the forever pledge. That will inspire love.

To choose to be happy with your status and your job and your future. No matter what they are. Not to prevent growth but to conquer discontent.

In one of its many facets, wisdom is finding the courage to just live and be happy.

If you would like to participate in Wisdom Wednesdays, please email me at I’d love to read stories of how life’s situations have helped you gain personal wisdom.  I welcome writers of all ages and experiences. 

6 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Perspectives on Wisdom”

  1. Amelia, Thank you so much for participating in Wisdom Wednesday! I love your post and think you’re a young lady with a very good head on your shoulders. It often takes most people half a lifetime, or more to figure out what you already know about life.
    Thank you so much again! 🙂

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