Just Catching Up: AKA the Most Boring Post You’ll Read Today!

Hello, Friends!

These lovely creatures live at a petting farm that I didn't visit this weekend!  Not BAAAAA-D!
These lovely creatures live at a petting farm that I didn’t visit this weekend! Yes, I feel BAAAAAAD for being so boring! (Photo by me)

I haven’t written in the past few days.  I’ve seemed to only have the inspiration to comment on the blogs of others.  Since I can seem to conjure anything profound, I’ll just tell you what I’ve been up to while not posting. Knowing how busy and exciting your lives are, I’m almost ashamed to recount my previous days.  Be warned; this is a boring post!

Friday, must have been pretty insignificant, because I can’t for the life of me remember what I did, other than go to the gym.  Should I be worried that I can’t remember? 🙂

Saturday, was a blast because I talked my daughters into going to the gym with me.  I put

Warhol's famous Campbell's Soup cans at the entrance to "The Modern"  at MOMA in Manhattan.  Nope, I didn't eat there this weekend either. (Photo by me)
Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup cans at the entrance to “The Modern” at MOMA in Manhattan. Nope, I didn’t eat there this weekend either. (Photo by me)

them both through my normal workout routine both on the gym floor and in the pool. It was gorgeous outside that day, so few people were at the gym, and we had the whole pool to ourselves.  My husband was delighted to have the house to himself so he could watch “guy” movies in peace without the chatter of three women talking through the entire movie. After recovering from our workout, we finally watched the second Hunger Games film, Catching Fire.  It was excellent, and extremely close to the book.

Sunday, was snail slow.  It was dreary and overcast.  The kids went off to do their own things and my husband and I parked our butts

in our recliners and napped and played on the internet.  No one even cooked, and pizza was ordered for the first time in months.

By the way, I DIDN'T get this tattoo while I wasn't posting!  (Photo by me)
By the way, I DIDN’T get this tattoo while I wasn’t posting! (Photo by me)

Yesterday, we got ten gorgeous inches of snow.  Luckily, it melted on the roads and sidewalks almost as quickly as it landed, so we were still able to be out and about.  I was sort of sad that things melted before I got to shovel, because I believe that shoveling leads to better weigh-in days, but I can’t have it all!  I went to a doctor appointment with my daughter and to the grocery store. Exciting times!

Today, I’m heading to my friend’s house to hang out, go walking, and just have fun. 🙂

If you made it through this post, you’re probably wishing for a nap!


What interesting things have all of you been up to?  Or, were your past few days as dull as mine?



Are you ready to sprawl out in a comfy spot and take a nap?  (Photo by me!)
Are you ready to sprawl out in a comfy spot and take a nap? (Photo by me!)

25 thoughts on “Just Catching Up: AKA the Most Boring Post You’ll Read Today!”

    1. Good question! 🙂 Yes, it’s mine. The picture is a bit ambiguous. It’s on my inner right arm right before elbow crease (or right before the antecubital fossa–I just asked my daughter what she would call the “elbow crease” because I thought there might be a better way to describe it–I thought wrong! I guess that’s my anatomy lesson for the day). Hope you’ve had a nice day! 🙂

  1. Sounds like a pretty relaxing and Uneventful weekend. I’m wondering the same as Elaine, is that your tat? Your husband sounds like mine, any chance he can have a little down time from girls is A-ok by him ha ha. Have a fabulous week!

    1. My poor husband with my stepson away at college, he’s in a house of estrogen! Luckily, he’s coming home this weekend, so he’ll have someone to watch the History Channel and old war movies with–and someone here who can actually challenge him at chess (I suck!).
      Yep, the tattoo is mine. The four birds represent my two daughters, me and my mother (she’s the bird flying over–watching over us all. I got it two years ago, shortly after the anniversary of my mother’s death. She died at the age of 48 and I had just turned 48. I think that pic was taken a few days after I got it. My oldest daughter has the same tattoo on her left bicep.

      You have a wonderful week, too! 🙂

  2. I kinda long for this weekends, some weeks are flat chat then we do nothing and it’s a ‘sigh of relief’ – I am glad you vegged – I didn’t take a nap reading and I am glad you explained the meaning behind the tattoo to another reader – a beautiful tribute to your mum 🙂

    1. Oh goodness, I didn’t see this comment! Sometimes it really is a relief to just sit around and do nothing. I’ve gotten used to being on the go and it’s hard to slow down. I really like my tattoo, too! I got it on my arm so I can look at it. It’s easily covered by a cardigan, if I ever have to keep it covered for a job.

      1. There’s a tv show here called Ink Masters. It’s a competition where tattoo artists compete for a large monetary prize plus other perks. One of my former third grade students is competing on it. I’d love to have him tattoo me, but I’ll bet after being on national tv he’ll be booked for years! He’s extremely talented.

      2. some are extremely beautiful and I know I’m just being an old fuddy ruddy but I just wished she wouldn’t get it done… yes I am sure once he makes a name for himself, there would be a long waiting list!

  3. Those lazy days with the hubby are great aren’t they? When we had kiddie-free days and nothing else planned we would sit together and watch a box set or play a video game for far too long…just because we could! Those days were always pizza days for us too 🙂

  4. Hi First time visiting your blog. Hopefully, I haven’t commented twice…began another comment, and it became one of those moments where what I am writing disappears and I have no idea where in “Computer Never NeverLand ” it has gone to? Anyway, I just wanted to say I enjoyed your post. We also received some late winter snow…not quite as much as you did…I live near Philadelphia, across the river in South Jersey. We have definitely had enough of it this year…it’s pretty…but it is getting old. I’m longing for Spring.

    1. That same thing has happened to me when posting. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words.

      We were lucky to get rain last night and I awoke to only a few snow piles here and there–I hope this the last of it, too! I’m ready for sunny days and flip flops!
      Just like West Virginia, where I live, NJ seems to get a bad rap and I don’t know why. Everyone I’ve known from NJ is so sweet. Southern Jersey is very nice. My husband was born in Montclair and grew up in Nutley up North. It’s nice to meet you! 🙂

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