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Oooh, I’m Halfway There!

I’m entering my ninth week on Optifast.  This coming Wednesday will be the halfway mark for me.  I can’t believe how many changes I’ve experienced in just nine short weeks!  I’ve lost a total of 24 pounds,with a 2.5 pound loss at my weigh in yesterday.  I’m extremely eager to find out the total number of inches that I’ve lost when they measure me next Wednesday. The average weight loss for an Optifast patient is 30- 50 pounds in 18 weeks and I seem to be right on track.  After my 18 week stint, I plan to sign up for a six month weigh-in program where I’ll see the nurse practitioner three weeks out of the month and the bariatric doctor once per month.  I’ll probably always exchange one meal and one snack per day for an Optifast product once I’m back on real food. Obesity has been a chronic problem for me, and I think the only way for me to conquer it is to consistently be accountable for, and mindful of, my eating.

Another surprise for me is that I actually enjoy going to the gym.  I’ve had gym memberships in the past, that I’ve quickly allowed to expire with very few visits.  I don’t know whether the Wellness Center is just a great fit for me, or if I’ve finally, after almost 50 years, made peace with the fact that it’s absolutely impossible to escape exercising if I want to be healthy and fit.

In other weight loss news, I finally went shopping for new jeans!  I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I can’t stand the feeling of a belt and my old jeans went from being low riders to completely falling down if I didn’t constantly pull them up.  I’d vowed to not purchase clothing until I lost all of my weight, but the fear of people seeing how old and ratty my underwear is, coupled with a sale at Old Navy caused me to break my promise.  I had no idea what size I’d be in and I finally ended up in a 16 after trying on several 18s that were too large. It’s strange how I always think I’m bigger than what I am when I try on clothing.   It’s been many years since I’ve seen myself in a 16 and my goal is to try out a few more lower sizes in the coming weeks ,and to buy some decent underwear!

Here’s the song that’s in my head right now!

I hope everyone’s week has been wonderful and that you’re all on your way to a fabulous weekend! 🙂




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23 thoughts on “Oooh, I’m Halfway There!”

    1. It was my first time of shopping in a real store in a very long time. Most plus sizes have to be ordered online! It took all of my restraint to not overbuy things, but since I know I’ll be getting smaller that wouldn’t make sense. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement! xx:)

      1. Just brilliant! I don’t know what you’ve read of mine, but I had my own business for six years as an independent image consultant and personal shopper and seeing the joy in lady’s faces when they had been through journeys like yours and could now buy clothes in a store was wonderful! They were literally dressing a whole new body, which sometimes took a while to get used to – the body was often there but the brain took a while to catch up, they were so used to seeing a different reflection or feeling so negative about clothes and shopping, that there was a lot of emotion in those fitting rooms. Including huge joy and pride 🙂 and huge LOVE from me xx
        When you’ve completed your journey or you’re shopping again, feel free to pick my brain xx

      2. Thank you, I certainly may ask some advice! What an exciting, joy-bringing job! My daughters have always told me that I buy my clothing too large, even when I was smaller. I think I’ve gotten so used to trying to cover myself up and hide my fat rolls, that it’s difficult to feel comfortable in clothing that’s not loose. I feel really vulnerable in things that are fitted, but I guess that’s pretty common. 🙂

      3. It is 🙂 all I would suggest that you keep in mind is this: if you wear clothes that are too big, or clothes that are too small, you will look bigger.
        By wearing clothes that truly fit you and suit your shape, you will look slimmer and wonderful!
        By wearing the best colours for you, you will shine,
        Your clothes tell the world a story so your larger clothes are telling a story of their own..
        Your clothes should always celebrate the wonder of YOU :))

  1. YAY for you! Exercise is addictive! We always struggle with kick starting it but the minute we are doing it, we don’t want to stop! Go you – it’s the run to the finish line now 🙂

  2. Yay to the Bon so cuuuuute! And as for you young lady I am so proud of you, shopping for new clothes, how good is that feeling, dropping sizes even better! Next step new lacy, sexy underwear! 😉 keep up the good work lovey. x

    1. Thank you! What’s funny, is that I posted that song and then later, on my way home yesterday, heard it on the radio! I haven’t heard it on the radio for a while.

      I really do need to go underwear shopping! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything lacey or sexy–my uw is very utilitarian! 🙂

  3. This is fantastic news and congratulations on your half way mark! Along with great jeans don’t forget a good fitting bra. With the weight loss you’ll notice gravity working extra hard up there. Whether big or small, a woman needs a good bra. Sorry for the unsolicited advice. I’m uber excited for you. Elaine is correct and some so are some of your other readers in that it will take some time to get used to your new fabulous, “you”.

    A toast to you on your half way mark! With lemon water of course 😉

    1. I went a few weeks ago and did some bra shopping! Though my new ones are feeling a bit loose! My mother always emphasized the importance of a good bra and I’ve always taken her advice! 🙂
      Having to get used to a new, fitter body is a pretty good thing to get used too!
      Thanks again for your kind words! 🙂

    1. I think working with the trainer twice a week really helps. It takes away the anxiety of not knowing how to use certain machines or techniques. I also love swimming in the pool!
      Thank you!

      1. ah say hello to snow for me! Haven’t seen it in a year! Looks prettier than it feels though – don’t miss soggy boots! Enjoy a lovely day ;-D

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