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Wisdom Wednesday: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

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I’m thrilled to announce that today’s Wisdom Wednesday is courtesy of the lovely Elaine from Foodbod.   Even though I’ve been living on Optifast for the past eight weeks, I can’t help but sneak over to Elaine’s place to take a gaze at the delicious vegetarian dishes that she creates.  Elaine’s blog exudes her excitement about life, as well as her healthy relationship with food.  While I LOVE her food posts, I think it’s extra special when she veers out of the kitchen and writes about her life.  Her Wisdom Wednesday post is a wonderful example.


‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea’; ‘a stitch in time save nine’; ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’…there’s endless sayings that we hear every day, and often without knowing what they truly mean, or believing them even if we do!

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’…we hear this every time something goes wrong or upsets us, it gets pedaled out in amongst the pleasantries that people say in times of sadness or disappointment, as much because they dint know what else to say, whilst we try to understand what has happened and why, and at the time, we don’t always want hear it!!! There are probably many times that it’s been said when it has seemed like absolute rubbish, how can it possibly be the case that something good will come out of whatever bad has occurred?!

But I’m here to tell you, that good things can come out of bad; amazing, wonderful things can be the result of the most painful, heartbreaking occurrences. It can happen. It’s happened to me several times.

In the last few years, the most wonderful things have occurred in my life; each one as a direct result of the most awful things happening. In the last four and a half years I’ve lost my Dad, my Grandmother, been burgled twice, been very ill, watched my beautiful best friend, Caroline, die of a swift, vicious, rare form of cancer, and lost my lovely, most faithful friend, Nog, my dog.

Some of these things have obviouslphotoy been more heart wrenching than others, each one being upsetting in it’s own way; when we were burgled, I was so angry, I wanted to lock my world up completely and not let anyone near it; when Caroline died I was so heartbroken that I never felt that I would ever be happy again; I felt like no one in the world should ever smile again, ever; and that if I did smile, I really shouldn’t. When Nog died, I cried and cried for days wandering around my empty quiet house, hearing his footsteps everywhere.

And in the midst of these despairs, if anyone had told me ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ I would quite happily have punched them!! What a stupid thing to say! Or think! How could that possibly be the case?! Nothing was ever, ever going to be better!

But it was, every time. In the case of losing Nog, my Mum jumped on a plane from Abu Dhabi and came and spent a week with me, just being here.  A wonderful week of doing nothing but being together; such a gift. When we were burgled the second time, the bike that was stolen was replaced with one that I could actually ride and now I love cycling through the countryside every day. I literally smile as I cycle, even up the hills!

And when Caroline died, I made the decision to do what she now couldn’t: I made the decision to stay at home and be a Mum. Lots of things fell into perspective when she died and I made it my mission not to let her death pass without it creating change and meaning in my life; I closed my business and I dedicated my life to my husband and son and our home. And it was the best thing I have ever done. Our family has thrived on the change.

I’m not suggesting that if you are in the midst of a painful situation that it’s okay, I know it isn’t, and I know how much you are hurting. I know you feel like you will never want to smile again. All I can say is that I try to tell my son that whatever feels horrible right now, won’t feel that way forever and it might even have a silver lining.

Time will tell…

If you would like to participate in Wisdom Wednesdays, please email me at I’d love to read stories of how life’s situations have helped you gain personal wisdom.  I welcome writers of all ages and experiences. 

22 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”

  1. Thank you so so much for enabling me to write this piece and share these thoughts with your readers, I hope I am able to make at least one person smile and know that life will get better 🙂 xxxx and thank you for your lovely words at the top, I love sharing my blogworld with you x

    1. Thank you, so very much for guest blogging for me! 🙂 Your words are wonderful and your message rings true. I’m certain that you’ll make more than one person smile! I love sharing my blogworld with you, too! It’s wonderful that we found each other to communicate with! 🙂 xxx.

  2. Reblogged this on foodbod and commented:
    The Ravenously Disappearing Woman invited me to write a post for her Wisdom Wednesday series and this is my piece..I hope that you read it and like it…feel free to share it with someone who you feel might need a lift right now….x

  3. Elaine a lovely write ~ thank you for sharing this with us. My girlfriend has a mentally disabled daughter who is now 27 years of age, both her and her mum are heard to continually say “Better Tomorrow”…for what happens in the moment, the hour, the day…will change. We just have to open ourselves and hold on to it. I am sorry about all the losses you have had. Changing your direction and thinking produced that silver lining and the colour suits you 🙂

  4. Elaine, this was a beautiful piece. Your writing is expressive and very eloquent. I’m sorry for the difficulties in your life and I celebrate your endurance and strength!

  5. Absolutely! I have lived this too and you’re right…at the time it seems like things will never feel right again or go back to “normal” and in some ways your life does change massively – of course it does- but the ripples that come from the bad…well like you say they are gifts…even if you may not see it that way at the time 🙂

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