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Break out the Seltzer, ‘Cause this Girl is Under 200!!

My pants aren't quite this bad, but they're getting there!
My pants aren’t quite this bad, but they’re getting there!

It finally happened!!  I don’t know if it was the snow shoveling, working out nearly everyday with my daughter, or my past week at the Wellness Center, BUT the scale finally tipped in my favor!  For the first time in ever so long, I’m under 200 pounds!  I weighed in at 197 lbs. yesterday. I’m so excited that I did extra squats and crunches last night to celebrate!

I’m starting to notice the physical change in myself at this point.  My face and neck are thinner and I only have one and one half chins! I’m feeling lighter on my feet, too.  I’m also sorely in need of some new pants.  They’re hanging down really far in the back–so far, that my daughter accused me of “jailin’.”  I had to look that one up on Urban Dictionary, but couldn’t find the definition that my daughter told me about!  Trust me, according to her, you don’t want to be jailin’–unless that’s something you enjoy–if so, jail away!  Who am I to judge!?

I’m going to be on-the-go today.  I’m off to get my hair trimmed and highlighted and then I’m heading to the Wellness Center for a training session, plus swimming.  I also HAVE to clean my house and do a mountain of laundry.  I’m usually such a neat freak, but lately I’ve let things go.

I hope everyone has a lovely, gorgeous day!  I’ll be reading blogs this evening after my house is clean! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Break out the Seltzer, ‘Cause this Girl is Under 200!!”

  1. Rocking!! love this. Thrilled. I’m raising a cuppa tea in your honour to celebrate. I reckon it’s snow shovelling. three cheers for the snowflakes! 😉 hip hip!

  2. HUGE celebration, my friend!!!!!!!!!! So so happy for you! Please say a prayer for us. Been doing a lot of caregiving for my elderly neighbor who is like adopted family. Exhausted, behind on everything, and need to make decisions that are hard, hard, hard.

  3. Proud – holds hand to chest, yay for droopy drawers I say!!!! YAY you!!!… for some reason I have Rocky standing on the steps punching the air in my head now…oh well just go with it. 😉

    1. Lol!! You just gave me a very nice, long ago memory of going to Philadelphia with my mom and dad for a week. My mom had a business meetings there for the week. My dad and I did a bunch of touring together; including a “Rocky” tour, where they take you to all of the places the movie was filmed. It’s one of the few times that I hung out with just my dad without my brother along. I’ve been on those steps punching the air! 🙂

      I just hope I can keep it up for next week’s weigh in. It always seems like when I lose big one week, I only lose a bit the next.

      How did your service go yesterday–and by yesterday I mean the day before yesterday–I always forget you’re a day ahead!

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