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Ready to Go

sentraWhen I first started on Optifast, I mostly purchased the individual pouches of powdered shake mix to prepare with water and ice in the blender, instead of the ready to drink, pre-prepared shakes.  After all, I was home most of the time and the powdered shakes are a bit less expensive.

Today, I was making my Optifast order for the next seven days (I go to the doc each Wednesday) and I noticed that my need for the ready to drink shakes has increased to over half of my order.  Though it may be costing me a few dollars more per week, I couldn’t be happier.  More shakes on the go, mean that I’m going places and no longer living my inactive, semi-reclusive lifestyle.

Another clue that I’ve been out and about more has been my high gasoline bill.  In fact it’s been so high that my husband and I decided, last week, to trade in my sporty little gas guzzler for a more sensible economy car, which I was lucky to find in my favorite electric blue color.

These little changes are all proof that I’m moving forward.  My bariatric program’s little slogan is “What can you gain from losing?”  Even though I’m still working for my weight loss goal, I feel like I’m most definitely gaining a lot more confidence, mobility, social interaction and best of all, fun!

28 thoughts on “Ready to Go”

    1. Thank you so very much! I have a weigh in today so I really hope all my working out this week shows up on the scale. I know I’m supposed to go more by how I’m feeling rather than the scale number, but I only weigh myself once a week and a lower number is nice to see! 🙂

      1. Sorry about those sucky drivers. We have them here in WV, too. They get too close behind you in their vehicles with gigantic, monster truck wheels! I turn on my windshield washer and squirt them! 😉

      2. Ha ha! So far the biggest difference as far as other drivers go is how bright they have their lights, I’ve already had a few huge truck things behind me with their lights on and I can’t see a thing – the height difference doesn’t help either lol

  1. So great more vavavoom is coming to you. I feel sure that this incredibly long Winter can’t have helped any of us get out and about!! Your writing is pristine. You are such a master at creating an even tone in every one of your posts. I learn a lot from reading your work. Enjoy your new found get up and go! Keep writing lots of brilliant posts though 😉 😉 happy weekend

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