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Practical Me

Whether he likes it or not, this dude is getting some great exercise! (Photo from  FEMA Photo Library, via Wikimedia Commons)
Whether he likes it or not, this dude is getting some great exercise! (Photo from FEMA Photo Library, via Wikimedia Commons)

It might sound crazy, but I awoke this morning thrilled with the seven inches of snow that Winter Storm Titan had so thoughtfully dumped on my little corner of the world.  First of all, it allowed my husband and younger daughter to stay home today, since the neighboring state that they work in got hit even worse than we did.  Secondly, I was excited by the prospect of making my driveway and sidewalks completely free of the white stuff.  In spite of the fact that I’m a little stir crazy from not seeing actual bare ground for the past few months, I was totally stoked to put on my snow gear and shovel.   So stoked that I did my driveway and sidewalks as well as my elderly neighbor’s.

Shoveling is a REAL workout; one where actual work, besides burning fat and building muscle, gets done and I like that.  Please don’t think that I’m deeming all of the hard work that I do at the gym as worthless, because I know it’s extremely beneficial to my mind and body.  I just prefer the kind of workouts that (pardon the expression) “kill two birds with one stone.”  I’m practical like that, and I always have been.  Just like I enjoy getting useful gifts, like the new blender I got for Christmas,  I like building up a sweat while cleaning out our shed, mowing, or digging in my flower beds.  If I can’t quite have the spring weather that will allow me create the vegetable garden that I’ve been fantasizing about planting all winter, then bring on the snow.  I’m happy to, literally, shovel my butt off! 🙂


What sorts of chores do you enjoy doing for their exercise  aspect?  Are you tired of the snow?

34 thoughts on “Practical Me”

  1. What?! You thought that was FUN?!

    Only kidding dearheart….truly glad I got to spend one more day off with you–whatever the reason!

    1. It’s back to the Wellness Center on Wednesday for a more traditional workout.:) The roads are solid ice here and I doubt that I’ll venture out on them tomorrow. I’ll most likely work out with my daughter at home.

  2. I am like you – much more enjoyable when you are able to accomplish two tasks instead of one. I like running around lawn mowing (or as fast as I can that is)
    Sick of the snow…? erm what snow? 😉 32C here today – I know..sorry

    1. I figured you were enjoying nice weather there! I am a bit tired of the snow, but my husband told me that after tomorrow, we’re in for some warmer days according to the forecast. I can’t wait to spend more time outside, not all bundled up. Hope you’re having a lovely day.

      1. I am inside but about to go for another walk – trying to do 2 a day. Have a Service to conduct Thursday morning, that’s why I’ve been a little quiet of late. Hope your warmer weather arrives – will be amazing 🙂

      2. It certainly will. I’ve been quiet for the past few days, too. I’ve been too busy to sit down and write. I hope your service goes well. I’m sure you’ll make it very special for the family.

  3. well I know one enjoyable exercise…but I don’t think the husband would be thrilled if I called it a chore…. ha ha. Good for you finding the positive aspect in something many of us would avoid doing

    1. 🙂 You’re a cheeky one, and I have to agree!
      My husband has a bad back from a tank accident, long ago, so shoveling often falls into my hands. (or in the hands of the kids) I figure I might as well love it for its weight loss potential! 🙂

  4. I just like knowing I’m moving as I vac and dust and change beds, I always try and grip my stomach muscles as I push the vacuum cleaner round – every little helps!! And at the moment I’m getting lots of exercise playing with my new puppy and chasing him round the garden!!

    1. I do the same thing with my stomach muscles! Changing our bed always causes me to work up a sweat! Our bedroom is more bed than room and maneuvering around to get it done is half the work.

      Puppy exercise is so much fun! My cats would be scared to death if I chased them! Their exercise is getting 16 hours of sleep per day!

    1. I lost three pounds the week of the last snow storm, so I’m hoping that my shoveling definitely pays off! Although, I’m sure you’re in great shape from all of your walking, you just might want to wrangle a shovel out of someone’s hands and take over for them– just to see for yourself what I’m talking about! 🙂

  5. Oh, we could use a little cold in here! I can feel the summer heat already. And summer season in my country is quite nasty.

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