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Day 36: Feeling Deprived?

Are you afraid of not feeling satisfied while losing weight?
Are you afraid of not feeling satisfied while losing weight?

The decision to begin my weight loss journey was a difficult one.  Over the years, food had become a replacement for a number of things that were missing in my life.  Filling my stomach was my way of filling a void that I thought was beyond my control to seal. Giving up the carbohydrate-laden, sugar-filled foods that temporarily gave me a sense of contentment, and replacing them with five Optifast shakes a day for nearly 18 weeks absolutely terrified me.

I had to wait two weeks for my first appointment at the bariatric center from the day that I initially worked up the courage to call them.  During that span of time, I despondently said my final farewells to all of my favorite dine-in and fast food restaurants by visiting and ordering all of my favorite dishes.  I cooked all of the delicious comfort foods that my mom used to make and gorged on their doughy, sugary, buttery goodness. I ate when I was ravenous and when I was stuffed. I ate until I was sick and ashamed. I was like an alcoholic going on the biggest bender of their lifetime.  Except my drug of choice was food and I was terrified of feeling deprived. Deprivation meant that the void that I’d worked so desperately to satisfy would be left empty and exposed.

Now at the beginning of my sixth week of weight loss, I can’t believe the changes that are happening to me.  Yes, I’m shrinking a bit on the outside, but I’m growing exponentially on the inside.  This break from food is allowing me to fill my void with other things; things that are healthy, sustaining, and edifying.  In just six short weeks I’ve lost fears, accepted love, made friends, found opportunities, learned to live in the moment, and reconnected with people and activities that make me a happy, whole, connected and extremely satisfied person. So far, my fears are unfounded; I am not deprived.

If you’ve lost weight, or are in the process, what fears did/do you have about changing your way of eating?  What positive habits have you added to replace overeating?  Please share 🙂

23 thoughts on “Day 36: Feeling Deprived?”

  1. That all sounds WONDERFUL!!!! After years of having a dysfunctional relationship with food, I love that I now write a food blog and celebrate food all day, every day!! When you remove that relationship, there’s room for so much more x

    1. That is so very cool that you were able to change the nature of your relationship with food. I just finished a behavior modification class to continue working on my relationship with it, as well. I’m so glad that I’ve met you here on WordPress! 🙂

      1. The class was great. It was about mindful eating and 10 tips for maintaining your weight loss. I’ll probably blog about the details of it for tomorrow’s post. I lost three pounds last week, I’m attributing that to all of the snow shoveling that I did! I’m having a hard time today finding motivation to exercise because I’m so drowsy. I need to have my cup of tea! I’m allowed two cups caffeinated coffee or tea per day and I didn’t have one this morning. 🙂

      2. Well done, another three pounds?! Fab stuff!!! Mindful eating is very interesting, it’s all part of mindfulness and being aware of ourselves, there’s a lot going in around mindfulness in the UK at the moment.
        When it comes to exercise, all I can say is, even if you really don’t feel like doing it, do it anyway because you’ll feel great :)))

  2. so very proud of you!!! I am a sugar freak..addicted well and truly – my diet, if that is what it is – is non existent. I have maintained my weight fortunately for the last 7 years, 3 years being a gym junkie spurred me on and my daughters wedding. Now I walk every day, I’m almost 59 – I can’t do what I did. I don’t eat breakfast (mybad) I sometimes don’t have lunch., but I’m ok with that and my body is used to it. Sometimes I go a day or day and half without eating a ‘proper’ meal. I know my metabolism, I know when I have to pull back or eat more and I just listen to what my body tells me. I so admire anyone who chooses to lose weight, for whatever reason. So KUDOS to you lovely and forge on!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m forging on as best I can:). I love sugar, too, but I’m going to try my best to stick to getting sugar naturally through fruits, veggies, and healthy carbs. I have a family history of diabetes and I sure don’t want to develop that! Thank you for visiting with your kind and encouraging words:).

      1. you are welcome lovely. I tried a juice diet for a week, veg and fruit juices by day 3 I could have murdered anyone, day 4, I settled. I lost 3kgs erm 6.6 lbs? but as we know as soon as you eat solids again… back it crept 😦
        No you certainly don’t want diabetes…shakes head 🙂 Hang in there I have faith in you!

  3. Good for you! What a journey! i feared failure–did’t happen. I feared feeling deprived. Many I did feel that way sometimes, but more often I felt empowered and excited about the good. Finding joy in movement again has been huge. Who knew being so sedentary was actually stealing my joy as well as contributing to me packing on the pounds? One of the things that helps me is remembering that when I try to fill the empty or upset places with food it is actually self-sabotage! Earlier in my weight loss journey I would take walks when I felt upset or when I needed to avoid eating for a while. I also love no calorie/caffeine herb teas. And the biggest thing that helps is filling half my plate with salad then adding in the other stuff.

    1. Walking when you’re feeling upset, or when you need to get away from food is a great idea. Soon as we thaw out here, I plan to get outside to walk much, much more. I’ve been going back to my bedroom and popping in a workout dvd when I’m feeling that way, too. The salad on the plate before the other food is a great idea–I’ll use that! 🙂 Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  4. Fantastic… another 3 lbs is super news! I personally am a carbohydrate junkie. I love potatoes and rice. I can probably cook potatoes 100 different ways and eat it them everyday. Horrid I know. I’ve also tried having my coffee without sugar and that just didn’t work for me.

    We’ve made a few decisions that work great when we are not at school. Instead of eating because its breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I now encourage my family to eat when we are hungry and not necessarily when the clock says it’s time.

    I’m excited to see your next post on your class.


    1. Thank you! I’m a carb junkie from way back, too! I remember looking through some old elementary school papers that my mother had saved, before my dad sold their house. I’d written an entire essay, in the third grade, on why mashed potatoes and gravy were my favorite foods! (what a little nerd I was!)

      Eating when you’re hungry is a great idea, but don’t let yourself get too hungry. It’s been stressed in my classes that we really should be eating 3 small meals and two snacks per day, at about 3 hour intervals, to keep ourselves from being so ravenously hungry that we overeat at meal time.

      I can’t drink coffee without creamer, and since I’m only allowed coffee with stevia sweetener, I’ve completely given it up and switched to plain tea. I’m going to stick with tea even after my fast is over, because I’ve discovered that I like it better.

      Thanks for visiting! I always look forward to your nice comments! 🙂

      1. Plain tea? Wow! What kind of tea do you like that can be drank without a sweetener?

        Green tea is a staple here. In fact my students have refillable containers and are allowed to drink tea and hot water in the classroom.

        Tea houses and tea shops are everywhere. I’m not sure why but jasmine tea is always pushed on foreigners.


      2. I just drink regular orange pekoe, green tea, or Bigelow Plantation Mint. Sometimes I have herbal like, Lemon Zinger or Blueberry. I don’t make it strong at all. I think if I made it full strength, I might need some sweetener. I’m not a fan of Jasmine tea, but my daughters do. 🙂

      3. I’m heading out to a water town this morning and I know there are ancient tea shops in the alley’s. If I find the one I’m thinking of open, I plan to take a picture of how they have their tea set up to show you. It’s very interesting. The locals and even our young translators believe that there is a tea to help ever type of sickness.


      4. Of all the rotten luck, we went out to TongLi but no tea shops worth photographing. I was looking for old time shops not the modern cute ones… I’ll make sure to share a few pics when I do get what I’m looking for.

        Have a fabulous day!

  5. Yay!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 This is so AWESOME!! I wish more people who battle weight problems could realize that food IS their drug. It was mine as well and I was headed on a downward spiral when I looked in the mirror and said it had to stop. So happy for you and your renewed outlook. It’s SO refreshing to break out of those chains!!!

    1. It really is! Using the Optifast to quit unhealthy food “cold turkey” is really a help. You learn so much about what your unhealthy triggers are and almost automatically replace them with something good. I’m glad you realized what food was for you and found a way to break the cycle. Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂

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