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Slow on Memories & Odd Things

At least once or twice a year, my husband and I make a trek to Manhattan to just hang out. My hubby grew up right outside of the city and visiting is very nostalgic for him. In addition to meeting up with friends or relatives, still in the area, we sometimes  go to a play, visit a museum, or go shopping. I usually take a ton of pictures when we see or do something new, but the problem is, I don’t get around loading the pics on my computer. Don’t even ask me about the discovered roll of film I developed a few years ago that revealed my now 26 & 23 year-old daughters at ages 10 & 7 at the Washington Zoo. Yep, I’m slow with taking care of my memories. Last night I finally got around to putting the pictures from our November journey on my computer.

During our last trip, we had some time to kill in between planned activities, so we made a quick visit to Obscura, the shop where the Science Channel’s show Oddities is filmed.

Wow!  Just like on TV! (Photo by me)
Wow! Just like on TV !(Photo by me)

I imagined that Obscura would be chocked full of all of the wacky artifacts and people who I’d seen on television. I pictured that we’d kill a few hours checking the droves of antiquities out.   I imagined wrong.  It had some great stuff inside, but the place was only about as big as a one car garage inside! Still, I saw some familiar faces.

Like this guy:

Hmm...He looks familiar. (Photo by me)
Hmm…He looks familiar. I sure wouldn’t want to find him in a dark closet or corner!
(Photo by me)


I recognized this dude, too!

He could certainly haunt your dreams!  (Photo by me)
I’ve seen him somewhere before, too!
(Photo by me)


And this one made me sad.  Poor little thing! 😦

How mooooving!  (Photo by me)
I’m not a fan of stuffed creatures.
(Photo by me)

And then there were these guys:

Creepy! (Photo by me)
(Photo by me)

And this very nice lady:

No, it's not Evan, but this kind lady was more than happy to show us around! (Photo by me)
No, it’s not Evan, but this kind lady was more than happy to show us around! (Photo by me)

Though the shop was small, and didn’t contain as many oddities as we imagined, it was still quite an interesting little stop on our journey.

Are you timely when it comes to developing or downloading your photographs?  What’s an interesting place that you’ve visited lately?

9 thoughts on “Slow on Memories & Odd Things”

  1. Looks like a very fun shop! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. We can’t seem to get organised with our photos! But its our mission this year to get on top of all of them. Family, travel, oddbods… trying to get them loaded and backed up too.

    1. You’re welcome! Many of the regular patrons of this shop are very colorful characters, and are often highlighted on the show. While we were there a couple of regular customers came in, that I would have loved to take a picture of, but I didn’t get the vibe from them that they would be up for it.
      I can’t wait to see your pictures once they’re all organized, you have a fabulous collection of adventures! 🙂 Have a nice day/night 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  2. I (hang my head and say) take photos on my phone. I haven’t used one with a roll for years. I do have a big digital camera with expensive lenses etc but I’m too scared to take it anywhere lol. I love photos – so does my 5 year old so it’s not uncommon for my phone to be full and it’s time to upload them to the computer. That being said I’m also massively sentimental so end up keeping many on it, saving all to discs and backing those up to a hard drive… Just in case. Needless to say I now have a lot of discs stored – I really should print some.

    1. I’m sort of the same way with not always taking the camera, especially if I know I’m going to be walking around somewhere all day and want to travel lightly. My phone pretty much has a pictorial of my past few years on it because I can’t bear to delete pics from it after I upload them either.
      You should print some of your pics and scrapbook them. I’ll bet your son would like to help. 🙂 Thanks for visiting! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

      1. Great idea! Now we are more settled in the house I’m constantly seeing places for printed photos so I’ll have to get organised. Little man has a photo wall in his bedroom but that could sure do with some updated ones 🙂

  3. Does your husband like to go see a play, the museum, go shopping, etc.. or does he go because you love going and he loves making you happy? What a great man! 🙂

    I love, love, love photo’s! I have an external hard drive that is currently holding 49,320 pictures.I also can not seem to part with any of my photo’s. If having them all on a hard drive is organized, then I am very organized. However, if having my photo’s in folders is organized, well then I’m the most unorganized person you will meet.

    I’d say one of the most interesting places we’ve seen is the Great Wall of China. We climbed and climbed until we reached the top. Standing on one of the landings we got to see one of the most magnificent master pieces of human en devour, truly amazing.


    1. I actually thought of you as I was writing this post, because of your wonderful photography. I imagine that you’re much, much better organized with your pictures than I am. 🙂 Believe it or not, my husband really enjoys going to plays. For Christmas two years ago, he got us nearly front row tickets to see Hugh Jackman; Back on Broadway, because he knows that I’m a huge fan of him. He also enjoys museums as much as I do. The shopping part, he doesn’t mind, too much, but I never press him to shop for very long. He really is a wonderful man!

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