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Days 32 & 33: No Excuse Exercising

How active are you?
How active are you?

The week before last, I mentioned the wonderful educational day that I attended at the bariatric center.  With all of the snow and other craziness associated with being cooped up in my  house with five other people, I’d forgotten to write more about it.

Elsey was the perky little lady about my age who taught our class on exercise. When she first bounded into the room in workout clothing, I was terrified that she was going to make us lumber out of our extra-wide steel-reinforced seats and burst into high-impact Zumba, or, at the least, make us attempt one of those pesky squat-thrusts like in 9th grade gym class.  Thankfully, she did neither.  She did, however, discuss “no excuse exercising.”  I looked around the room and then down at my own protruding tummy, we certainly looked like a roomful of excuse makers where excess movement was concerned.  I readied myself for a speech about the evils of chronic inactivity, but instead Elsey shared some easy ways to add fitness opportunities into our daily routine so we couldn’t make justifications for not exercising, like lack of time, money, or space. Here’s a great list of suggestions that I got from her lesson:

  • Walk briskly around the house while talking on the phone.(Just make sure you tell the person on the other end why you’re breathing heavily!)
  • Make several trips when putting away things. (When I distribute clean laundry , I separate my trips by clothing type and I run to each room to make my deliveries.)
  • March in place while watching TV.
  • Use hand weights or resistance bands while watching TV.
  • Do crunches or stretches while watching TV (I do crunches during commercials).
  • Walk briskly, or run, around the house during commercials. (Lot’s of TV suggestions–what was Elsey implying?)
  • March in place while sorting the mail.
  • Walk or bike to do an errand instead of driving, if you live in town.
  • Play outside with your children or pets.
  • Park a few blocks away from your destination and walk the rest of the way. (I’ve started doing this one, too.)
  • Pace the sidelines while watching your kids athletic games (I wonder if the coach will think you’re up to something?)
  • Take a few laps around the mall before and after shopping.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Stand at your desk as often as possible when working or talking on the phone.
  • Walk during your lunch break at work.

I also learned that to maintain your weight you should get in 30 minutes of physical activity per day and 60 minutes if you’re trying to shed pounds.  Fortunately, studies are showing that all of the activity doesn’t need to be done at one time.  I usually always work out with my daughter each evening, but I’m also trying to integrate more activity in my day by implementing some of these suggestions, even though running around in my small house shakes the lamps and rattles the china in my china cabinet! 🙂

My very favorite type of exercise is swimming.  What’s yours?  Do you have any helpful activity hints to add to the list?


23 thoughts on “Days 32 & 33: No Excuse Exercising”

  1. They sound like good tips!! I cycle most days for the sheer fact that I love it, I love being outside and I love the feeling of flying through the air and it’s when I do my best thinking and planning recipes 🙂 I also dance around the kitchen as I cook which has the added benefit of making me smile xx

    1. That sounds like so much fun. The only good place to cycle around my place is on a biking trail that runs along the Potomac River. I wish we had a safe biking trail to get around town, but that doesn’t seem to be a priority with the town and state gov’t. My daughters and I often dance around the kitchen when we cook together, too. We get loud and silly! 🙂 Good to hear from you, hope your day is going great! 🙂

    1. Hi Paula! Thanks for visiting! 🙂 I have to agree with you about swimming. I still do it every chance I can get, but I don’t like having to fix my hair afterwards either. I know it sounds prissy, but I try to keep my head out of the water as much as possible! 🙂 Have a nice evening!

  2. My exercise routine is built around attending classes. The social aspect keeps me going: 2 days of Zumba, 1 of Yoga, and 1 of Aerobic Dance/with a touch of Turbo Kick. My newest resolution is to spend more time at home on my feet, to be less sedentary: sort drawers or closets rather than watching the tube or curling up with a book.

    1. I think attending classes really works well, too. I took an aerobics class 3 days per week for many years (in my thinner days!) and it really worked. The social aspect and structure are both nice. That’s a great resolution! I’m trying to do the same. I should adopt your closet and drawer cleaning plan, my bedroom closet is a wreck!

      1. Come June we will have been in our house for 20 years. I hope we will down size sooner rather than later. That is double motivation to sort and cull.

    1. My daughter does, too. I’ve yet to really delve into it–other than a DVD here at home once. I’ve just joined the hospital wellness center and they have several types of yoga offered there. I’m eager to try water yoga. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! 🙂

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