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Day 31: Reconnecting

Nothing feels better than a hug from an old friend! (Photo from Microsoft photo art)
Nothing feels better than a hug from an old friend! (Photo from Microsoft photo art)

Yesterday, I received an invitation to a 50th birthday party being given for one of my closest childhood friends, by her mother.  The phone number on the RSVP line was like a wormhole, whooshing me back in time to kindergarten.  At five years of age, it was the first friend’s number I’d ever memorized, and nearly forty-five years later it’s still the same.

Lately, reconnecting with old friends has become a big priority.  Now that free time has been granted to me, since my children are more independent, that forever yearning in my heart for lengthy phone conversations to catch up, hear old stories, and share giddy girlfriend laughter, begs to be answered.  Perhaps it’s my own impending half-century mark arriving in April, but I’ve been picking up the phone more, sending emails and snail mail, and letting more people back into my life.  I’ve been tossing aside my worries about what others will think of what I look like, or how they might judge my successes and failures, because none of that matters. We all get a little  more wrinkled and wiser and accepting as time goes by–and thank goodness for that!

Do you have old friends that you’d like to catch up with?  What’s keeping you from making the call?


12 thoughts on “Day 31: Reconnecting”

  1. I think you are right, as we get… As we mature, we realise those friends that have taken a place in our heart. I have a girlfriend I have known since I was 5, we connected for some years, but now no matter how many calls etc, we can’t get back what we had. It would be nice if all those that we had a connection with remained in our lives, but sadly we can drift apart. What do they say you can count the number of true friends on your hands the others are acquaintences… time makes us think though, both forwards and backwards, more so as we age.

    1. I agree! I live an hour away from the town that I grew up in. My husband, who lived all over the country while growing up, is always amazed by how many people from my childhood that I’m still in contact with. There are those that I’ve stayed close with and those that I’ve drifted away from, as well. I do think that as we get a bit more mature, we crave those old connections. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. How lovely! I recently sent out invitation emails to lots of old family friends to my mums upcoming 70th birthday party and it was so nice to catch up with people I’ve known all my life. I’ve moved so often that I don’t have many old or life long friends so it was nice to share old memories xx

    1. It will be so nice for you to see everyone at your mum’s upcoming party. My husband is the same way. He lived all over the country and then lived in Germany and Japan a total of 18 years while in the army, so he has no childhood friends that he keeps in contact with. He does have army buddies that he’s in regular contact with.

  3. I’ve been avoiding some childhood friends because we lost one of us and am afraid to lose anyone else. It’s hard to be close to someone and then lose them, when you have known them most of your life.

    1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. That must be so difficult. I’m sure your other friends are feeling somewhat the same way. I lost both of my parents at a rather young age and had that same feeling of being afraid to connect afterwards. I especially felt that way about being close with my maternal grandmother after my mom’s death. It took a bit, but I’m glad my need for her love and warmth overshadowed my fears. She lived to be 98 and I don’t know what I would have done without her. I hope you’ll get to the point of feeling ready to reconnect with your friends. Loss is hard, but for me being without the emotional support of those that were still here was hard, too. 🙂 Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day :).

  4. Moving halfway across the world has reconnected me with my love of ‘snail mail’. I’ve never been one to have many friends…I have a few REAL friends and people that I care about and for me that is all I need. I have a best friend whom I have known for 23 years and we both know we will always be there for one matter the distance or time passed – its friendship like that that warms your heart but you’re right…its easy to let contact slip a little so tomorrow (when time difference suits) I shall give her a call 🙂 Great Post

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re inspired to call your friend. I’m the same, I have a handful of really close friends who’ve known me since either kindergarten or college. The great thing is, no matter how long we’ve gone without talking, we seem to pick up right where we last left off. I has to be hard to move so far from friends and family. I hope we Americans are treating you right :)!

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