Day 16: Saturday Switch

Board games are a great activity to do without food! (Photo by Patrickpedia)
Board games are a great activity to do without food! (Photo by Patrickpedia)

Today, like most of my Saturdays, was a day of errands.  First, I got up early this morning to get a much-needed trim  from my friend who’s a stylist.  I was delighted that she invited me to start walking with her several times a week at a nearby fitness trail.  By the time I got home, my husband was up and ready head out with me to get some things accomplished.  We went to Best Buy for a new computer cord, Target for some toiletries, and Wal-Mart to buy rock salt for the sidewalk (we’re getting more snow). We looked around at the bookstore for the heck of it, and soon it was lunchtime.  Normally, this is the part of errand day where the hubs and I find a restaurant, throw back a couple of sweet teas and chow down on some barbecued ribs or chicken parm, or insert delicious food of your choice. My husband had eaten something before we left and we sat in the car together as I slurped down a shake to go and drank a liter of water. “I’m not sure what to do for fun on Saturdays now that we can’t eat out,” I confessed.  So we sat in the car and brain stormed food-free entertainment like visiting the enormous used book store in a neighboring town, hitting up the Smithsonian Museums, swimming at the wellness center’s indoor pool, or having an Alien movie marathon– to name a few.  Before we drove home, we slipped into TJ Maxx where I looked at jeans that I’ll one day fit into.

It’s not easy to change old habits, but it is fun and exciting to create new ones with the people who you love!

What do you do for fun that doesn’t involve visiting a restaurant?

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Saturday Switch”

  1. Atta girl!
    Personally I like walks with the pooch or bike rides with said pooch sitting in the front basket. It does help if you have a really nice place to walk or ride and it sounds like you do. As a life coach in a previous life I learned that the trick on changing old habits for new is hard wire repetition. Just as you learned bad habits by hard wire repetition.

    1. I’ve often thought that getting a dog would force me to walk each day. My two cats beg to differ with me on this subject! I do have several nice places to walk if the weather would just cooperate to keep them ice and snow free! 🙂

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