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Days 14 & 15: How Much Time do you make for Yourself?

The clock is ticking!  How do you prioritize your time? (Photo by Phrontis via Wikimedia Commons)
The clock is ticking! How do you prioritize your time? (Photo by Phrontis via Wikimedia Commons)

Howdy, blogging buddies!  This week my doctor gave me the assignment of completing three informational modules from the Lifestyle Educational Series that their office uses.  My first module is about time management, so how ironic, or possibly ingenious,  is it that I didn’t finish yesterday’s post and am combining it with today’s to finally be caught up!  Hey, I’m just following doctor’s orders. ;).

According to the module, time management is essential in making enough time for daily meditation or stress relief, exercise, and healthful meal planning.  In essence, simply prioritizing your time usage will leave you with oodles of time to tame your treadmill and shun chocolate cake.  I’ll readily admit that I rolled my eyes several times as I perused the tips for gaining more daily time, as most of them read like a bad Woman’s Day magazine article on organization.

I was about to deem this module suck-worthy and a waste of my precious time, until I did the exercise portion on Values and Time.    This portion listed 19 different values in random order.  Here they are:

Intimate Relationships       Health     Fitness     Family     Work Satisfaction     Personal Possessions

Fun Activities      Power/Control     Spiritual Values     Life Balance     Personal Growth

Sense of Purpose     Community Service     Friendship     Financial Security     Status/Recognition

Physical Appearance      Creativity     Intellectual Stimulation

(List courtesy of Optifast Lifestyle Educational Series)

First, I had to rank them numerically from most to least important.  Then I had to rate the actual amount of time and energy that I currently invest in each of them as High, Moderate, or Low.  I was done with eye-rolling, this was hard!  I soon found that a few of  the things that I rated as ultimately important, I invested low energy in.  This exercise further confirmed that there are things that I need to stop doing for others in order to concentrate on the things that I need to do to be healthy and happy.  It’s embarrassing to admit, but I often do way too much for my adult daughters in order to make their lives easier–I always have.  They definitely should be doing their own laundry and getting their cars’ oil changed.  It’s not like they even expect me to do it.  It’s an old pattern that I established many years ago after their father and I divorced.  I didn’t have the financial means to provide the extras that their friends had, so I spoiled them by overdoing things for them. By cutting back on what I do for them, not only will I have more time to concentrate on my own health, but they’ll become less dependent on me for little things that they should be doing as adults.

This module really did force me to think about how I spend my time. It also opened up positive dialogue with my daughters about the chores that they need to reclaim.

What takes up the time that you should be spending on your own health and happiness?  Try ranking and rating the above items and tell me your findings in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Days 14 & 15: How Much Time do you make for Yourself?”

  1. Great post!

    I thought this exercise would be easy, not! I wrote list down and marked them in order of importance. I think I’ll have to come back to share feedback. I’ve remarked my list 3 times. It appears that I don’t make enough time for my top 5 items and is it possible that physical appearance is near the bottom? Wow!

    What an eye opener. Thanks again for sharing.


    1. I put physical appearance near the bottom, too, along with personal possessions, status, and control. For me, making any of those ultimate goals would feel like shallow pursuits. Intimate relationships, family, friends, health, life balance, creativity, and intellectual stimulation are my top ones, with the majority of my energy going to family. I guess though if I had true life balance I’d have no trouble doing this activity at all! Lol! I’m eager to see your results. I’m off to find a new computer charger. I shut mine in the recliner and sliced it open :(. Have a great day!:)

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