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Day 13: Adult Birthday Parties! YAY!

(This is yesterday’s post that I’ve just finished up this morning.  I was too sleepy last night to finish!)

I don't personally own chinchillas, but if I did, I'd dress them up in birthday hats!  (Photo exclusively by Melissa Wolff licensed by Creative Commons)
I don’t personally own chinchillas, but if I did, I’d dress them up in birthday hats! (Photo exclusively by Melissa Wolff licensed by Creative Commons)

I just realized that my title will probably conjure up some racy spam, but I’m not gonna change it.  Why should I?  Everyone who lives in my house is a full-fledged adult and we seriously do throw fabulous birthday parties for one another. It started a few years ago when my oldest wistfully mused that, “Birthdays are no longer fun once you’re an adult.”  I called BS on that and asked her what theme she’d like for her 23rd.  She jokingly requested a Ninja Turtle party, and that’s exactly what we had–complete with green ooze punch and cupcakes that I decorated to look like Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo.  Since then, there have been a myriad of themed birthday parties in our house; wrestling, modern art, steam punk, etc.

Today, was my oldest daughter’s birthday, and we had a “Famous Scientist” themed party where I served “Archimedes Meaty Meat Sauce & Pasta” and “Louis Pasteur’s Pasteurized Cheese & Crackers” for just a few of the food choices. Though I prepared the food for everyone else, with the help of my learning-to-cook husband, I had a chocolate Optifast and a delicious lime slushy that I made by putting two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lime juice in the blender with 16 oz. of ice and 8 oz. of water.  It was refreshing and gave me something to chew while everyone else was eating.  I took my counselor’s advice and concentrated on the social interaction of sharing and being with my family and friends, rather than looking at it as a time to gorge myself with food.  I was only minimally uncomfortable while I was cooking, but I am developing the habit of not tasting and nibbling while I cook. My propensity for obesity is a long-term, chronic situation, just like the asthma that I’ve had since childhood.  I have to view it in that way so I don’t become lax about following the guidelines that I’m learning to keep myself healthy.   Family and wonderful conversation aside, the best part of the evening was putting “safety glasses” on the cat!  They were attached to the drinking straws that everyone used.

"I beg of you, please take them off! I am not a scientist! " says kitty. (Photo by me)
“I beg of you, please take them off! I am not a scientist! ” says kitty. (Photo by me)

In other news, today was my weekly weigh-in at the doctor’s office.  I lost five pounds this week which makes drinking only 800 calories per day feel totally worth it!  Woo Hoooooo!  She also gave me some homework to do, which I plan to blog about later today.

Have an excellent day, all of my blogging buddies!  Do any of you do themed birthday parties even though you and your kids are grown?  Tell me about them in the comments below. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Day 13: Adult Birthday Parties! YAY!”

  1. First, congratulations on your 5 lb weight loss, that’s fantastic woot woot! What a great idea to have themed birthday parities for adults. You won’t believe this but it’s true, we really don’t celebrate our birthday’s in a fun way anymore. We haven’t in years! It’s just not something we ever think about. For birthday celebrations we usually go out and have dinner and drinks, how boring is that? Hmmm… Even for my young daughters ages 13 & 15, we’ve not really celebrated in a party fashion. Their birthday’s are coming up in a few months, I think I’ll put this idea on the table and see what their take is on it. How fun!

    One last thought: If I could have a birthday themed celebration, I would go with my little pony. The thought of having the big burly men in my family and friends (big and burly too) wearing a pink hat’s and drinking out of cute straws makes me bust out laughing now. The photo image that conjures is enough of a motivation to do it. Have a wonderful day.

    Ok, second to the last thought: Eating flavored ice while delicious aromatic food was around me would have been very difficult for me. Bravo and kudos on your determination and commitment. Two weeks down and your doing very well. The finish line is over there ———————>

    1. 🙂 I love the My Little Pony! My husband would totally wear a pink hat. My daughter has still has her HUGE collection up in the attic. I tried to get my niece hooked on them, but she wasn’t that interested. Since I’ll still be drinking Optifast on my birthday this year, my husband and I are either going to see a play or go to a museum. We live right outside of DC, so there’s always something to do there that doesn’t involve eating (though there are also plenty of things that do!).
      Thank you so much for your sweet words. I’m trying my best to follow all of the rules. I can’t wait for the finish line! Have a great evening. 🙂

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