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Day 10: The Grocery Store Blues

How much fun is shopping for food that you're not going to eat? (Photo by Abras2010 Creative Commons)
How much fun is shopping for food that you’re not going to eat? (Photo by Abras2010 Creative Commons)

It’s day ten, and I can tell that my pants are getting smaller. When I weighed in on day five I’d lost 3.5 pounds.  I’ll be very, very happy with a continuous half-pound per day loss!

This is not easy AT ALL.  The house is still full of five other people who need to eat.  My husband and I clipped coupons this morning and spent hours grocery shopping at three different stores to purchase food and supplies for the family.  The last place I should be is a grocery store right now.  It abso-fucking-loutely drives me crazy to have to pick out and purchase food that I’m not going to get to eat.  My older daughter and her husband are still grieving over their ectopic pregnancy (we all are), so I certainly didn’t ask for their help, and my youngest and her boyfriend were invited to a get-together today.  She doesn’t go do much other than work, so I let her off the hook. Still, it sucks to pick out food that I will most likely have to cook, because of everyone’s work schedule. At least they do help clean up and pay for it!

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve not broken one single rule with my plan. I haven’t even licked a finger that something I’m preparing has dripped on.  Thankfully, using the Optifast products temporarily takes away the problem of managing my caloric intake  However, I wonder if being able to grocery shop and cook will be as simple once I’m through all of this.  Will I go back to my old habits of overeating and buying unhealthy snack foods? Will I convince myself that just one trip through McDonald’s drive thru won’t hurt?  Will I ever see food as fuel, rather than a source of entertainment and comfort?  The cognitive behavior therapist at the bariatric center says that I should ask myself four questions when I’m faced with a food craving:

  1. What’s the nutritional value of the food?
  2. How will I feel 30 minutes after I eat this food?
  3. What is the benefit of eating the food ;how is it serving me emotionally?
  4. Why should I let food have control over my behavior?

Right now, I’m not really faced with huge cravings.  My stomach just does little twists and turns when I smell whatever is being cooked in the house, and most of that food is very healthy.  However, I’m certain that one day when I’m looking face-first into a freshly opened bag of Cool Ranch Doritos that these questions will seem much more apropos!

Losing weight is literally no picnic, unless the featured menu is a protein shake!

How do you handle your cravings? Do you have to shop for and prepare food while losing weight?   Tell me all about it in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Day 10: The Grocery Store Blues”

  1. So you really can’t say, “this meal is finger licking good”! ha ha Just kidding. All jokes aside though, well done on not taking a little dabble of this or that. I can’t imagine cooking for the family and not being able to enjoy any of it. Great job!

    1. Nope, I sure can’t! I try to concentrate on the task aspect rather than the food. My husband really does try his best to help, as do my daughters when they’re home. We’re really trying to switch over to very healthy foods, so that by the time I can eat, we’re cooking the right things. Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement! 🙂

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